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The adventure series is set in a world where archaeologists are cooler than rock stars, with Andy Samberg providing the voice for the protagonist, Rip Digman.

Samberg co-created the series with Neil Campbell. CBS Studios and Lonely Island will produce.

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S01.E01: Pilot

Disgraced archaeologist Rip Digman attempts to make a comeback with the help of his overachieving student, Saltine, by searching the world for a lost treasure: Hammurabi’s Hat.

Premiere Date: March 22, 2023     Comedy Central     9:30 PM
Melissa Fumero as Bella

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I thought it was just... bad.  The "jokes" were incredibly predictable, as in I could basically say the "punchline" when the characters did.  The previews were pretty much accurate - a dumb goofball Indiana Jones knockoff (I know "he's his own different character!" like he says when asked about snakes, but, well... no).  It feels like they were trying to do an Archer imitation, but had really poor/obvious joke writers.

I won't be back for episode 2.

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S01.E02: Et Tu

Rip, Saltine, and Swooper travel to Venice to look for a historical batch of confetti, but find themselves embroiled in a mystery involving secret organizations, curses, gondoliers, and the knife Brutus used to kill Caesar.

Premiere Date: March 29, 2023     Comedy Central     10:30 PM

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S01.E03: Fear of GAWD

When Rip accidentally destroys the Ten Commandments, humanity devolves into chaos, forcing Rip to hunt for the back-up set of commandments. Meanwhile, Quail Eegan’s new A.I. device gains sentience.

Premiere Date: April 5, 2023     Comedy Central     10:30 PM

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S01.E04: The Arky Gala

Rip and Saltine attend the Arky Gala, the most glamorous event of the year, where Saltine makes an unlikely friend; their reverie is shattered when the gala is taken hostage by a ragtag group of criminals.

Premiere Date: April 12, 2023     Comedy Central     10:30 PM

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On 3/30/2023 at 4:59 AM, Galileo908 said:

You know, subverting tropes, and loudly announcing how you're subverting those tropes doesn't lead to good humor.

I kinda liked the snakes thing. That was so over the top that is came back around for me. But for the most part, you are right.

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20 hours ago, PurpleTentacle said:

I kinda liked the snakes thing. That was so over the top that is came back around for me. But for the most part, you are right.

I like that his motivation for getting money is to keep the snakes happy. 

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S01.E05: The Mile High Club
While searching for Amelia Earhart's plane, Rip and the gang find themselves taken aboard a floating airship in the sky, where Swooper finds a great new opportunity; Agatha finds romance; Rip and Saltine find a lot of trouble.

Premiere Date: April 19, 2023     Comedy Central     10:30 PM

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S01.E07: The Puff People
When Rip gets a hot lead on the Holy Grail, he heads off by himself in search of a mysterious realm. Saltine reluctantly teams up with Zane to track down Rip and return him to safety.

Premiere Date: May 3, 2023     Comedy Central     10pm

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