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  1. I mean, can you cite an instance of that? Bill has always been on the side of civil rights, I feel. He gave a million dollars to Obama's campaign, so that's clearly doing something. More than I could do. What he's doing now, on his show, is (IMO) trying to get Dems to dial it all back a bit on the cancel stuff. It's because he believes, & I tend to agree, that it turns too many people away from the causes he supports. He's also trying to push the idea of not demonizing people who *just aren't there yet* - to persuade them, not demonize. Again, I hate to get all personal anecdota
  2. I see it a different way. He supports all the stances that "woke" is supposed to represent. He's never said otherwise. There's really nothing to debate there, so he doesn't. He's open to learning new terms as we saw this week (but not getting browbeaten for not already knowing them) & is accepting of them when explained to him, although if I had to hazard a guess, he's not exactly down with the idea of people having even one spirit, much less two. What he rails against, constantly, are the extreme examples where it goes too far & doesn't allow for forgiveness, or personal growth o
  3. And he did, didn't he? But he showed no symptoms. Had to cancel a show (or two?), but no actual symptoms. I think it only reinforced his view that being "relatively healthy" is a big factor in hospitalization/survival. I don't think he's wrong to emphasize "general unhealthiness" as a factor, much like I didn't think Michelle Obama was wrong to do so. I also agree with those who point out it's not an easily, or quickly correctable condition. It's frustrating that both get pushback for even bringing it up - both from the right & the left (& normally I hate both-sidesing an is
  4. I don't trust those types of "early reactions", for any movie. They're always over-the-top positive, even for what later turn out to be terrible movies & flops. I've literally never seen an early reaction, for any film, that was like "meh, it was OK.". So I'll wait for some general audience reactions before deciding to see it now or just wait a month & a half.
  5. This is probably it! Just kidding, but I found that especially funny. :)
  6. This is not that surprising, really, IMO. Putting aside the writing (I'll get to that in a moment), we only have to look at the WWE for a parallel (which is a surprisingly good analogy to super hero movies). When a Hero makes a heel turn, they are more universally reviled than the "standard" villains. The audience feels betrayed, particularly when the character turns on their other beloved "heroes". Conversely, when a villain makes a Face turn & goes through redemption, it's much easier to get the audience on their side. See the Loki Disney+ show: he didn't actually go through the
  7. You're not wrong, but the people forget how shaky the MCU was at the beginning. When people lament the lack of Black Widow or Hawkeye solo movies, they forget that even the first Cap movie was one of the lowest grossing MCU movies ever (I think it actually was the lowest until Black Widow). Iron Man was a surprising hit at the time it came out. Iron Man 2 was not really well received but made a decent amount of money. Thor 1 & 2 did well, but didn't exactly break the bank. I'm glad they are finally giving the "lesser" Avengers their own spotlight, but doing so earlier would have b
  8. That's encouraging.
  9. I enjoyed the season 2 premiere. A lot of callbacks to season 1, with some good setup for season 2. My one complaint would be that as much as Courtney's studied the JSA she should know anyone who could wield The Lantern isn't a bad guy. Like if you ran across someone holding Mjolnir. Just an excuse for a "the good guys fight before they team up" scene. The only thing that worries me is the inevitable CW-ification of this show. The lack of goofy romances, love triangles, & teen angst were a nice plus to season 1.
  10. I'm starting to feel like I'm some sort of dirty version of the Farmers Only match app at this point (kinda redundant, I know), but... Kel Varnsen, I'd like to introduce you to Sam Wilson, goes by Falcon sometimes, or Captain America might work in your search if you limit it to the last few months. If you're not interested in him, I could recommend Agent Coulson, but his exact location in the multiverse is tough to pin down. Everett Ross is available, but he may or may not be chasing after the One Ring. Also, if you're feeling ambitious, Nick Fury might be your type, but he's... ha
  11. Definitely disagree with this. I like that when the discussion has gone off the rails (as happened in this episode) or just petered out (as happens in other episodes), Bill pulls his Moderator Card & goes "ok, next topic". IMO, he's good at recognizing when a topic has been run into the ground & they need to move on. I also like that he covers several topics, & does a Hard Stop on any one topic monopolizing the whole show. Not saying you're wrong, just that I differ in how I like how he moderates things in that specific respect.
  12. I noticed that, too. He kept doing that thing, in conversations, where it's clear the other person has something they desperately want to say, where they're like "Well I th-" but the initial speaker keeps talking & making points, & then they're like "Well I th-" & but the initial speaker keeps elaborating & doesn't pause, & they're still like "Well I th-" several times, until finally the initial speaker pauses or completes their thought (or just runs out of breath) & then finally the person waiting gets to say "Well I think..." & can *finally* just voice what t
  13. You're not wrong, but Nance did the same thing. He was dismissive, condescending, & as has been pointed out above, went full ad hominem. They both tried to whatabout-ism* each other, & Nance pulled the "you have no experience so can't comment" card (which would honestly disqualify most of us from ever criticizing the chef at a restaurant, or any director of a movie if valid). I thought they were both terrible. Bill was, oddly, the most reasonable one on the panel. * I do wish someone on the panel had called Shapiro out on how he pointed out Nance was painting all Republicans w
  14. Hawkeye, I'd like you to meet Spartan Girl. Spartan Girl, this is Hawkeye.
  15. But by that logic those of us with no experience being on or hosting a talk show shouldn't be discussing what was said.
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