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  1. That's part of the problem right there. They ended on a cliffhanger. This show hadn't earned that Better shows have squandered their audience on a cliffhanger, but this show was just so.. meh... that they meandered to a cliffhanger who really cares?
  2. This show was aggressively boring. It just tried so hard to have nothing interesting ever happen that it's kind of remarkable. Plus it was just a nonstop checklist of cliches. I even said some lines at the same time as the character ("You remind me of her.") because I'd seen this all play out before in other stories.
  3. I saw this & was not impressed. It was just so... small. Like nothing really happened or mattered. I like "crime drama" movies, but they have to be *BIG* to capture my attention. I can sympathize with the "criminal" easily enough, but in this case, who cares? Like in Goodfellas or The Godfather, that's interesting because it's so high stakes. But here? Oh my! They got six months probation! It's just such a petty crime. *shrug* Like watching a pickpocketing racket.
  4. This was the same for me. I don't normally even pick up on such things, but it was so *blatant*. For those wondering, watch how there's only one of them (Carrell/Malkovich) in the same camera shot. Even when they're supposed to be talking to each other. And when they are "in the same scene", it's the back of one of them's head. I think the porch scene is the only time where they're actually talking to each other & the camera shows both their faces. Them interacting was so obviously a green screen that it took me out of every scene where they were supposed to be talking to each other that it was all I could focus on. Better CGI or an actually engaging story could have pulled it off & made me not pay attention, but I'm still 99% sure they were never on the set with each other, because it was so shoddily done that I was like, come on, they aren't both there. Still, it's the least of this show's problems. It's... just not funny.
  5. Sadly the most amusing thing for me was how far the show went to pretend that Steve Carrell & John Malkovich were ever actually in the same location. Seriously, start watching for all the camera tricks.
  6. I finally got to see this & it was... just kind of there. Not really bad but nothing special either. The fights were ridiculously over-choreographed ("ok, now you throw a half-hearted elbow but you do a backflip like you got hit by a canon while you tumble, do a leg sweep, & tap this guy on the ankle so he can fall down dramatically while you..."). And the sets reminded me of Batman & Robin - weird props & glowy stuff, like what are these places possibly used for when big battles aren't happening in them? Plus I liked that the villain's name was Black Mask, called that because he occasionally wears a black mask, & his power is... wearing a black mask! A mask which doesn't even stop a punch from an off-balance Harley leaning into his car. Also it just wasn't funny. Like at all. No good jokes or memorable lines or banter. Just Harley doing the most generic Harley stuff. I did like Crossbow Killer Huntress though - she was entertaining.
  7. It appears to me that they're reacting to the idea that "THE PRODUCERS THROW IDOLS AT THEIR FAVORITES!!!" by showing more & more footage of people fruitlessly searching before finding one.
  8. That's the thing! I believe they thought they were making a Serious TV Show. They had no idea they were making a ridiculous, over-the-top, every-trope-in-the-world show. But they did. The fact that they played that scene, & every other scene, like it was real drama, is what makes it awesome!. Which is also what make is hilarious, once you switch to that mentality while watching it. Took me a few episodes - wish I'd been in that mentality from the get-go. Like, you can't fake this - you probably couldn't actually make a good parody of these types of shows without people tuning out nowadays. You kind of have to hook people in or else you get Not Another Teen Movie (which was fun, but I'm saying you knew it was a parody going in - probably wouldn't work as a 10-ep Netflix show). They turned into the skid SO hard, taking it SO serious at every turn, thinking they were making an actual show, that it became hilarious to watch because they took it so serious.
  9. I was hoping this show wasn't as CW-ish as it looked from the previews, & it kind of was, kind of wasn't. It showed promise in the first half but went full on CW towards the end, complete with "I know we just hooked up for the first time two days ago but I'd die without you!" type conversations. It was still really entertaining in a so-bad-it's-good way. Once you stop investing in the story & just sort of sit back & laugh at all the one-dimensional characters, insane situations, crazy coincidences, last minute improbable escapes, & absolutely cringe-worthy dialogue, it's really entertaining. Plus I swear each episode is from a different genre of TV with no care about what's come before - you get an action/adventure episode, a high speed chase episode, a coming of age episode, a mystery, a comedy, even a horror episode. The sheer ridiculousness of it all is amazing to behold!
  10. Just watched it on DVD. I liked how Abrams was clearly like "D'oh! We forgot to copy the prisoner rescue on the Death Star in TFA!" & decided to do it here. A couple guys run through corridors blasting cameras & Stormtroopers to rescue a prisoner while the Jedi goes off on a side mission. I'm just amazed they didn't wind up in a trash compactor.
  11. This is on HBO now & I rewatched it out of, well, quarantine-boredom, but one problem I identified is there's too much "now I strain to invoke my power!" going on. You know how Professor X points to his temple? There's a lot of that. Jean, Magneto, Charles, there's only so much "aargh, I put my arms out to my side & make a constipated face!!!!" that a superhero movie can endure before it becomes laughable. The big mutant battle near the end* consisted of mostly "I stand in a pose & make a constipated face while CGI happens!!" This movie was just awash with constipated faces. I mean, among the other problems, of course, but that bit stood out to me. * EDIT: in the mansion, not the train, although the train definitely had some "I stand & make a face while CGI happens"
  12. I'd say Michelle's not over Wendell at all & so won't vote him out until she gets either a groveling apology or a hookup. Wendell's just using Michelle as needed. Probably not much different than their relationship really.
  13. I'm not doubting you, but could you provide evidence of this? My Google-fu did not turn up anything to support this. Quite the opposite - Live+7 ratings put it at #51, below a CW show (Flash), right around the Joey Tribbiani show Man With A Plan. https://variety.com/2019/tv/news/live7-ratings-for-week-of-may-6-agents-of-shield-premiere-sees-solid-gain-1203226802/ EDIT: And that was for the last premier episode
  14. Both of the above are totally fair. "Different definitions of success" is a perfectly valid point of contention. Longevity based on past success is one definition. Latest success is, I contend, one definition as well. A show (or a comic) can be a past success AND a current failure (look at The Walking Dead). The two are not mutually exclusive.
  15. I added the bracketed numbers above - I honestly couldn't figure out how to break your post up while also multi-quoting. Apologies for editing your quote. [1] - I agree with your analysis. However I think they "peaked" a bit with Endgame. I think that MCU = "must see" is kind of done. It is for me, anyway, & I'm a comic book geek. They need to build that back up. I'm obviously going to eventually watch everything they put out, but I'm no longer going to automatically see every movie in the theater. [2] - AoS I address below. [3] Yes. Very few titles have sustainability. Even top tier titles. Remember when Wolverine had like 194 titles every month & appeared in every comic to boost sales? Punisher? Ghost Rider even? Almost everything fails. But that's not really the issue. Some things never even succeed. #1 Collector's Item Edition!!! can work on any character - but success requires long-term sustainability. Most comics fail, as do most TV shows. I agree - I think we're on the same page (cut the rest of your post for brevity 'cause I agree with it). I inadvertently stepped in poop with this topic that I wasn't intending to. I think they're adapting a story that wasn't popular sales-wise, involving a character from the movies people in general don't much care for - Portman's Jane. That was my take on this. It's just that this one had "buzz" so my stance was apparently controversial. Will the people buzzing about it pay to see it? I'm not so sure those groups overlap. They didn't for the comic. Oh, sorry, I didn't mean to disparage the actress playing Laura *at all*. She was awesome. Sorry if I came off as doing that in any way. Re: Agents of SHIELD... https://tvseriesfinale.com/tv-show/marvels-agents-of-shield-season-six-ratings/ The ratings were bad. I like the show! I watched from Episode 1. I tried to convince friends (heck, even family!) of mine who dropped it that it got so much better. They still didn't watch. Ratings dropped from 8.3 million in Season 1 to a little over 2 million in the last season. Good for a CW show sure, just awful for any of the "big" networks. It's not a ridiculously high standard. It's just a standard. Not Top 10, but what about Not Even Top 100? Hell's Kitchen Season whatever it's on had 4 million viewers (it was the #100 show when I Googled the 2019 list). I honestly think if AoS didn't have the Marvel/Disney support, it'd have been cancelled several seasons ago. Which would have been a shame for me personally 'cause I like it, but understandable.
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