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  1. ICantDoThatDave


    I wound up with the same overall feelings about the show (mediocre to below average) but for the opposite reasons. I felt like way too much time was spent on CW Teen Drama, driving, long conversations, & it just ground the pace of the show to a halt. Plus there was a lot of "they're about to be caught! no they escaped by... oh, running away again". The basic premise has been handled a lot better by other shows/movies - River Tam in Firefly/Serenity, X-23 in Logan, Eleven in Stranger Things. They need to pick a lane & either lean into the humanity, adjusting to real life, fish out of water aspect (which it sounds like you'd like more) or else focus on the enhanced, what makes her special, action sequences (which is more of what I'd like). I'm not saying either preference is better or even that it should be 100% either way but trying to strike a 50/50 balance doesn't seem like a good approach, especially when both aspects are handled poorly like they were here.
  2. ICantDoThatDave

    Spider-Man: Far From Home (2019)

    I don't think that was "obvious" at all. I think we were meant to find it cringy. I identified more with Peter's discomfort with it than anything else.
  3. ICantDoThatDave

    Murder Mystery (2019)

    I figured it was either him or the Maharajah. To quote Dwight Schrute from The Office: "It's never the person you most suspect. It's also never the person you least suspect, since anyone with half a brain would suspect them the most. Therefore I know the killer to be ... the person I most medium suspect."
  4. ICantDoThatDave

    S02.E10: Level Up

    Any writer who has one of their characters say to another "You are the strongest person I know" should be banned from writing dialogue for life.
  5. ICantDoThatDave

    Avengers: Endgame (2019)

    Oh, I know that's how they explained it in the movie. I just think it would've been "cleaner" to stick with "what happened happened & still has to happen", keeping one timeline. Trimming the branches.
  6. ICantDoThatDave

    Avengers: Endgame (2019)

    That's why they should have had everyone realize they couldn't kill Thanos in the present & HAD to send him & Gamora back to 2014. Then Nebula tragically realizes she has to wipe her memories & take her past self's place. All to preserve the timeline.
  7. ICantDoThatDave

    Avengers: Endgame (2019)

    Now you know how Sharon Carter must have felt.
  8. ICantDoThatDave

    The Marvel Cinematic Universe: The Avengers, etc.

    Just make Galactus a Celestial. The existing films have laid the groundwork for how powerful they are plus you don't even have to explain why he's giant dude in purple armor.
  9. ICantDoThatDave

    S08.E06: The Iron Throne

    A few weeks ago, I thought they were heading for a happy ending, & I would have been fine with that, but this was a fitting ending.
  10. ICantDoThatDave

    Avengers: Endgame (2019)

    They should have had them make the (agonizing) realization that they had to send Thanos & Gamorra back to the past in order to not break the timeline. Probably with some sort of mindwipe. Then Nebula realizes she has to go back with them, knowing what's in store for her. Which would also nicely mirror the comics. Loki can only be gone long enough for his TV show then return to the end of Avengers 1. Which would only leave the lesser problems with Steve having been with Peggy all this time & no one knowing, which is (relatively) easier to handwave.
  11. ICantDoThatDave

    S08.E01: Winterfell

    That was just more tell not show. We didn't see how that happened, How did Sansa outsmart Littlefinger? What did she do? What was her reasoning? Did Bran help? Did she have Arya spy on him? We were just told it happened somehow and witnessed the aftermath. A lot of stuff apparently happened offscreen in order to keep the audience in the dark, but it prevented us from seeing in place of being told. It'd be like if Jon walked outside of Winterfell and was confronted by the Night King. Then the next scene he walks in & tosses the NK's head on the floor. We get Brienne whispering to The Hound "He's the greatest swordsman I've ever seen!" But we, the audience, don't actually *see* him fighting. If Sansa's the smartest person Arya's ever met, we need to see why or that line's just laughable.
  12. ICantDoThatDave

    S08.E01: Winterfell

    I freeze-framed it and it looks like a short spear which can eject the tip as a projectile. Presumably made of dragonglass.
  13. ICantDoThatDave

    S08.E01: Winterfell

    I wish they'd stop having every character telling us how smart Sansa is and show her doing something smart or thinking up a brilliant plan or something.
  14. ICantDoThatDave

    S01.E17: Chapter Seventeen: The Missionaries

    Well, they were Devil Ex Machina'd onto her, so that would be appropriate.
  15. ICantDoThatDave

    Captain Marvel (2019)

    I don't like Cinemascore because *everything* gets a high rating. Jurassic Park Lost World got a B+. Indiana Jones & the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull got a B. Thor: The Dark World got an A-. Iron Man 3 got an A. It suffers from too much grade inflation. Or, to quote The Lego Movie (which got an A) "Everything is awesome!"