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  1. This whole season has felt like that. Other than The One Big Thing that happened halfway through, nothing really happened this season. Just a whole lot of people standing around talking. If they could have condensed the whole season down to one episode, it could have been a really exciting first episode of an actual, interesting season.
  2. I thought this season was just bad. _ Too unfocused with so many plotlines. - The supernatural stuff was dull & repetitive. Far too much "let's all chant in unison while making constipated faces" to solve problems. Also nothing really seemed as *dark* as the first couple seasons. Where was the creepiness earlier seasons had? - They really ramped up the CW-ness of the show, too, it seemed like. Sabrina's lonely, no wait now she's casually dating, no wait she just needs to be alone, no wait she'll go to Build A Boyfriend, no wait a new guy shows up, no wait Nick is her One True Love for eternity! - On a semi-related note, they really leaned into Sabrina's Mary Sue-ness: all the boys want to date her, all the girls admire her, the adults defer to her, she's always right, not to mention making her Class President out of nowhere & even winning Battle of the Bands (that "Sweet Child of Mine" cover was painful). Plus all the supporting characters just turned into tools Sabrina could use as needed. Ambrose was basically just Magic Google this season. -The massive plotholes others have mentioned. The worst to me were the disappearing Endless & Sabrina M's body being so beat up (from what exactly?) she died but then completely healed moments later so Sabrina S could inhabit it - And finally, what was truly unbearable: WAAAYY too much singing!!
  3. Ambrose seems to be in a perpetual terrified state, but also with a mild concussion.
  4. That's always been my problem with the Steve romance. And sort of similarly the Thor-Natalie Portman romance. They knew each other a few days/weeks at the most. You can say that 60 years to an immortal is nothing, but then what is a few days or weeks? Less than nothing. To be consistent, it's barely even a one night stand. It's a brief hookup in a club. The idea that this blip on their immortal radar is *soooo* deep & meaningful is hard to buy into. For me, at least.
  5. Can you name a couple of examples? I can't think of a single one.
  6. Die they seriously fly a fighter jet from Washington DC to Cairo? A few seconds of googling tells me that trip is roughly 18 times longer than the range of even today's fighter jets.
  7. I think they just wanted to leave it ambiguous about whether it was rape or consensual, not for any fear of people realizing Homelander is a terrible person.
  8. This show is just cliche after cliche after cliche. I've seen these exact plots, these exact characters, so many times before. They even did a "72 hours earlier..." episode! It was so formulaic I could pretty much call every major plot point well before it happened. Except the very end I guess, just because it was so dumb & contrived that I would have expected it to get laughed out of the writers' room. It's like they thought they could substitute sex, drugs, & elevator music for an interesting plot.
  9. You're absolutely right. For some odd reason I hadn't thought about that. Which is, I guess, what they were counting on. The whole plot, while entertaining, falls apart towards the end.
  10. This one part though: when he tried to do that, his "wife" knocked him out & implemented Operation "FUN".
  11. Agreed. That whole post [clipped for brevity, but agree with all of it] sums up my feelings, but... just to pile on: There was one twist too many. In the last episode I was expecting another "twist" - i.e. "this Good Guy is really a Bad Guy" - but the one that happened was just silly & over the top. Made no logical sense. I enjoyed the season as a whole but rolled my eyes multiple times during the last 20-40 minutes of the last episode. Just a silly, convoluted way to set up another season, not a logical conclusion to what could have been an excellent first season. Also, agreed: Jessica just behaved how the plot needed her to behave. She kills Sam out of the blue but not John Cusack?!? Makes no sense. They sacrificed plot continuity & character development to set up a Season 2 in the last episode. The Network's Directive "Must Have A Season 2" > Logic was on full display in the last episode, & really diminished what was otherwise an awesome show up to that point. EDIT: Constantinople said: Exactly! This. I could never view her as a "hero" after that.
  12. Ugh. Only 3 episodes released? Way to kill the whole point of streaming Amazon. Guess I'll check back the weekend of 10/9 & just pretend that was the release date all along.
  13. My guess is that once Pat is incapacitated Mike figures out how to use the robot. The titles of these episodes fit.
  14. IMO they're using Back to the Future rules for time travel so far. What your past selves do in the past can (obviously, 'cause shown) affect the present but you (& only you) remember the old timeline. However, The Commission knows what the Original Timeline (What Happened Happened rules) is "supposed" to be & works to correct it, or at least that was their mission, before they became corrupted, & now we're almost in Avengers:Endgame territory where multiple timelines exist. It's always easier if shows establish "the rules" of time travel up front & stick by them, but this show seems to be playing fast & loose with their "rules". I'm enjoying it thusfar, but if Number Five now has a new power where he can just go back & undo stuff, future seasons may become problematic (they'll probably need to contrive a reason to sideline/depower him). Which, again, so far so good, but it's always tough when you overpower your protagonists even if it's cool when it initially happens. EDIT (couldn't figure out how to insert a quote into my original post but didn't want to double-post 🙂 ): I HATE cliffhangers where plot points hinge on them, but I'm fine with shows using semi-cliffhangers to set up the next season. Like "we resolved this season's main plot but OMG here's something new we have to deal with!!". I'm kinda in favor of that.
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