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S01.E05: The Baby

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As Natasha and Mrs. Eaves remain trapped in Barbara’s summer solstice ritual, the baby’s complicated origin, connection to Mrs. Eaves, and trauma-filled path to Natasha are revealed.

Airdate: 22 May 2022

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I think in their attempt to explain the baby's origin story, I got more confused.  I understood the story, but not what happened with the baby.  Did he develop the ability to transport himself out of survival necessity, after everyone else was gone?  Or was he born with that ability?  Was the view of the inside just showing that he was being created, or that something else was developing in there?  Is he inherently evil, or did that come from circumstance?

I did think it was interesting that the only sounds we've heard him make that sound like a word was "mama," that the only time we've seen him cry was when his mother was rejecting or leaving him (and with Natasha, when she was trying to leave him in the field - unless I'm forgetting other times), and also, unless I missed it, I don't think we've heard his name.

And what's his mission?  To stay 5 months old until he finds a mother who actually wants him?  And if so, then why did he make Natasha's sister choke?  She was nuts about him.  I hope there is more clarity by the end of the season.

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more and more questions
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I think the baby's powers came from his creepy, repulsive father.  Helen seemed pretty normal to me, but that guy's weirdness knocked my sox off.

I'm not trying to find meaning or metaphor in this series, which is new for me--I'm usually Mrs. But What Does the Dog with the Broken Leg *really* symbolize--but enjoying it as if it were a Victorian ghost story.  I love it.  I don't care what The Mother stands for; just give me more!

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