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S02.E07: Under Open Sky

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While Hazel takes Herb on a critical father-daughter camping trip, a suspicious Jasper makes a startling discovery.

Airdate: 05.19.2022

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I kept thinking that Herb realized that Hazel wasn't really his Hazel and would push her off the cliff or something. I was really surprised that they went through with his death, but with this show, he can come back at any time.

It was nice of Herb to leave Diane to Bennett. He must have noticed the attraction as well. I agree that Diane will probably teach Bennett a thing or two.

Hearing Zelda confess her love for Jasper gave me life!

I half expected a soap opera-esque moment where we'd learn that Jasper was Fiffany's long-lost nephew (the child her sister had with Ignacio). Weird, right? Yet with all the twists and turns we've seen so far, it would have been the least of this show's sins, IMO.

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