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The Smallville Dictionary

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The Smallville Dictionary:  The Key to Unlocking Abbreviations, Nicknames and Other Weird and Wonderful Silliness.


VOLUME 1: A to G


AA: Aaron Ashmore, who plays Jimmy "James" Olsen
AlMiles: Al Gough and Miles Millar, exec. producers of Smallville
AM: Allison Mack (plays Chloe)
Anvil: foreshadowing of the future Superman mythology. Often used ironically (Lois hates reporting, Clark is afraid of heights).
AoT: Annette O'Toole (plays Martha Kent)
BALLS: The "Back Alcove of Lex Luthor Surveillance." It's Lana's secret spying room. See also, "ROLL"
Barndoor: mode of sudden Lightswitch (origin: Lois suddenly became interested in journalism when she was hit by a barn door)
Big Dumb Alien (or BDA): Clark
Bizana: Bizarro + Lana
BlueK: Strips Clark of his powers
Bo: Jonathan Kent because actor John Schneider use to play Bo Duke on long-running show "The Dukes of Hazzard."
Boobstein: Lois. A play on journalist Carl Bernstein's name. Coined by poster Dread. See also: Woodhard
Castville: fanfic where the Smallville cast writes the episodes, due to AlMiles firing the writers.
Caves of Contrivance: For a while they were going to the caves every single time for every single plot-point and everything seemed to revolve around, "What do I do now?... oh, I know! I'll go to the caves!" So Omar coined the term.
Chamber of Clark Kent (or CoCK): Lex's infamous Clark-room, seen in Season 3's "Covenant"
Chimmy: Chloe and Jimmy (relation)ship
Chlark: Chloe and Clark ship
Chlex: Chloe and Lex ship
Chloevage: Chloe's cleavage
Chlois: theory that there is going to be a surprise twist ending revealing that Chloe is Lois Lane, the future famous Daily Planet writer
Chloogle: when Chloe conveniently figures out the mysteries by doing computer research at her desk; pejorative term associated with lazy writing
Chlue: See Chloogle
Clana: Clark and Lana ship
Clex: Clark and Lex ship
Clexana: love triangle of Clark, Lex and Lana
Clois: Clark and Lois ship
CRClark: Clark/Superman played by Christopher Reeve
DCClark: Clark played by Dean Cain
'Dillo: Coined by longtime poster Cyb, who defines it as: " ... started when during an online chat a bunch of friends and I were watching the season 1 finale. During the opening scene, the camera takes this long loving pan up Lex's body, and the wind from the helicopter is blowing his pants tight against his legs. Among other things. The sighting of a large hump caused me to exclaim, 'It looks like he stuffed an armadillo in his pants,' or something along those lines. It just kind of took on a life of its own... so to speak."
DOMOS: Dirty Old Men of Smallville. Also known as TPTB.
DP: Daily Planet
ED: Erica Durance (plays Lois)
EDLois: Lois played by Erica Durance
Egypt: Used when referring to one's self as being in willing denial over crappy plots. "'Denial' (the Nile) ain't just a river in Egypt."
EJ: Eric Johnson, who played Whitney Fordman in season 1.
Fanwank: A story made up by a fan or fans to explain or fix something that was wrong/lacked continuity/etc. in the series.
FOS: Fortress of Solitude.
FoTW: Freak of The Week, the format used in earlier seasons of the show, in which there was a person with meteor-rock capabilities in every episode
GayLE (or GAYLE): the Gayest Look of the Episode
General, The: Lois Lane's father, mentioned about as often as Lana's parents in the early seasons. Sometimes spoiler-tagged as a joke.
Goughlar: Al Gough and Miles Millar, exec. producers of Smallville (usually negative)
GreenK: green kryptonite, makes Clark physically sick
Grois: Grant and Lois 'ship.
GroisGate: The controversy (both on the boards and in the show) surrounding Lois and Grant's interoffice relationship.
Grulian: Refers to Lex's cloned brother Julian, who went by the name of Grant Gabriel, lover of steak.
GSoK: the Gay Stones of Knowledge that were a part of Season 4; sometimes SoK


VOLUME 2: H to P


Hal/Hal 2.0: Refers to the Jor-El artificial intelligence, after the computer in 2001: A Space Odyssey.
ICONIC!: Sarcastic declaration referring to sudden or unexplained developments in some of the show's "Superman" aspects. Origin: PS3 used the word "iconic" in some of their pre-season 8 interviews.
ILL: Iconic Lois Lane
JA: Jensen Ackles, played Jason Teague in season 4.
JG: John Glover (plays Lionel Luthor)
JL: Justice League: Green Arrow, Impulse, Cyborg, Aquaman, and Black Canary
JS: John Schneider (plays Jonathan Kent)
Karex: Kara and Lex 'ship.
KK: Kristin Kreuk (plays Lana)
Knob of Sexitude (or KoS): that little bump on the back of Michael Rosenbaum's head that all fangirls want to lick
Lana-fu: Lana's sudden and incredible mastery of the martial arts
Lexana: Lex and Lana ship
Lion-El: used to indicate a Lionel possessed by, or influenced by, Jor-El
Lightswitch: Term used to describe sudden, unexplained skill development, character change or behaviors. From an episode: "The road to darkness is a journey, not a lightswitch." (Example: Lana getting a scholarship to art school in France at the end of season three, despite never doing art work prior to that)
Ln'C, L&C: The '90s TV show, "The Adventures of Lois & Clark"
Lollie: Lois and Oliver ship
Lollipop: Omar G.'s name for Lana and Lex's unborn "child" in the Rage recap.
LV: Laura Vandervoort, who plays Kara.
Magnificent Bastard (or MB): Lionel Luthor
Mary Sue: (or Sue) A pejorative term used to describe a fictional character, either male or female (though male characters are often dubbed "Larry Stu" or some other rhyming male name), that exhibits some or most of the clichés common in fan fiction, making the character itself something of a cliché. (Definition from Wikipedia)
Mind-whammy: When magic, Kryptonite, or other tricks are used to change a character's personality for an episode. Also "whammy."
Mionel: Martha and Lionel ship
MM: Martian Manhunter
MR: Michael Rosenbaum (plays Lex)
Mulana: Season 4 storyline in which Lana got super powers in China because of an ancient witch's curse
Nois: Chloe's cousin, Lois Lane, played by Erica Durance; pejorative term to indicate that poster feels that the character doesn't live up to the name, is "not Lois"/no Lois Lane
Offscreenville: Magical place where Lex and Chloe became enemies, Lex turned evil, Bizarlo became a reporter, Lana stopped loving Lex ... where a far better show is airing
Ollie: Oliver Queen aka The Green Arrow
OOC: Out of Character (example: Clark on RedK)
Pancakes (or pancake parents): Lana's parents, who were squished flat by the meteors in the pilot. [sarcasm]Lana doesn't talk about it much, so some people might not know, so you typically would use spoiler tags to impart this piece of information. Since it is such a deep secret unknown by many.[/sarcasm]
Peep, The: Lana. After the gooey pink Easter candy of the same name.
Peepex: Lex and Lana ship; used negatively
Pie: Long ago, Cyb commented that too many fic writers were writing Lex like a 13-year-old girl. She then wrote a fictional diary of Lex as if he were a 13-year-old girl. Another fan, no longer involved in the fandom, decided to do a reciprocal one for Clark, in which he acts like a 13-year-old boy. This had a memorable entry in which Bo was trying to talk to Clark about the danger of using his powers and hurting people, but Clark was more interested in the fact that there was pie for dessert. "Yay, pie!" became a catchphrase and the idea that Clark is obsessed with pie became fanon.
Pink, The: Lana. Inspired by her past passion for the pink palette.
Pink Script: A copy of the script for "Phantom" that was printed reportedly found in an airport trash bin and leaked on the internet before airing. "Pink" refers to the paper color.
Pod!Chloe: A boring passive version of Chloe. Possible causes include dating Jimmy Olsen, or the show shifting focus to Lois Lane
Pretty, The: Tom Welling
PS3 or PSSS: The new show running team of Peterson, Souders, Slavkin, and Swimmer.

VOLUME 3: Q to Z


RedK: red kryptonite, makes Clark rebellious, horny and fashion-conscious
Retcon: Retroactive continuity. When the writers make up new backstory that supports whatever new plot development has caught their fancy. This may be at odds with the existing timeline, facts, or simple common sense.
RoLL: "Room of Lex Luthor." Lana's secret spying room. See also, "BALLS"
SCIENCE!: A reference to Zor-El's corny yet dramatic use of science. Or, SCIENCE!
SDK: Steven De Knight, one of the writers for the show
The Sexy: Lex or Michael Rosenbaum interchangeably
SilverK: silver kryptonite, makes Clark go Captain Paranoid on everyone
SJIII or SJ3: Sam Jones III, played Pete Ross in seasons 1-3
SoK: the Stones of Knowledge that were a part of Season 4
Squirrel, The: Lana. Refers to an early habit of scrunching her nose when angry, or possibly to, as some posters might put it, "stealing men's nuts."
StAS: Superman the Animated Series, the Timmverse cartoon of Superman
Stompy: a horse, who became a fan favorite after dancing on Lana in "Shattered" and sending her to a hospital; full name: Stompy the Meteor Horse
SuperBrat: Kara, Clark's cousin from Krypton
SV: Smallville
SWF/SWFing: From the movie Single White Female. Used on the boards to describe a character who starts taking on traits of another character.
Tears of Suck (or ToS): Chloe's meteor power (also Green Tears of Suck, or GToS)
THLois: Lois played by Teri Hatcher
The Horrible Red Jacket (or THRJ): that damned jacket Clark seems to love wearing All. The. Time.
TW: Tom Welling (plays Clark)
TWClark: Clark played by Tom Welling
UCC: the Unholy Cult of Chlois, a name coined for the fanatics who support the Chlois theory, originally used derisively but taken over with pride
___+ville (e.g. GreenArrowville): used when someone other than Clark and Lex is getting too much attention on the show
VoTW: Villain of the week
Woobie: (named for a child's security blanket) That character you want to wrap in a blanket and feed soup to when he suffers so very beautifully. Woobification of a character is a curious, audience-driven phenomenon, divorced almost entirely from the character's canonical morality, as witnessed by the woobification of Lex Luthor. (Definition from TV Trope Wiki)
Woodhard: Grant. A play on journalist Bob Woodward's name. Coined by poster Dread. See also: Boobstein.
WoW: Wall of Weird
Zoner: Short for escaped criminals from the Phantom Zone, as coined by Chloe in "Reunion."

Here is a flash from the past.  It was originally compiled and defined by the fans many years ago but we can add to it to make it more complete.  Just add your suggestions in a post below.  The information on this list is as much a part of the Smallville viewing experience as the show. 

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Thankfully it was a community project so one person didn't have to come up with everything and it grew over time too.

Yes, there are some sacred things on that list like the Chloevage and of course, Stompy.

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Funny, it took me awhile to figure out what BDA was, as I came late to the other forums. But I always thought it stood for Big Dumb Ass. But I like the actual definition better. Because more often than not, Clark WAS DUMB.

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Hee! Your definition should have been the correct one as the seasons passed. He really did go from just dumb to such an incredible ass. And no, I didn't mean to compliment Mr. Welling for his fine posterior . ;)

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