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S01.E09: A scintillating conversation about a lethal pesticide

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While Joyce takes it easy in New York, things back at Bottom Dollar only get harder for Doug, whose vision for Minx clashes with everything Joyce’s magazine stood for. Bambi helps Shelly get in touch with her sexuality.

Original Airdate: April 14, 2022

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What was the photographer's problem exactly? "This doesn't feel like Minx". Okay, so what? Things can evolve.

I also didn't get why it was not allowed to publish a magazine with a fully erect D on it, I guess some sort of legislative reason.

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I don't think back then they could. I think that came around with Larry Flynt. I think Rico's (?) issue was that he was already ticked Joyce was out and was blaming Doug based on the Dick Cavett show, and that it was kind of a tacky photoshoot. It's a men's magazine for women; they didn't need the nude elves in there. Doug kind of knew that though. While Rico's opinion is valid, his behavior was unprofessional. He's an employee and has a job to do. Don't want to? Find other work. They're all kind of lucky Doug didn't just fire everyone. 

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