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Jeff's Marathon Diary: Clara-fied

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One of the best things you can say about the Cybermen is that they pretty much had to be the inspiration for Star Trek's Borg. Both races are self-replicating cyborgs with the intimidating ability to turn their enemies into themselves, but the Borg's heterogeneous swarms of undead mecha-zombies pulls off a much creepier vibe than a bunch of guys in uniform silver suits.

The Borg were a melding of the Cybermen and Fred Saberhagen's Berserkers. Saberhagen's book provided the framework for the ships and the Cybermen the insect-drone-like structure of their "society".

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I've been really enjoying your take on the "Matt Smith era" of Doctor Who. I have very few friends who watch the show, and all of them started before I did (for some strange reason I decided that my first time tuning in would be for the Christmas special last year, and then I had to spend the next seven months jumping backward a lot (and out of order) to get caught up), so it's been fun reading along with someone else who was coming in fairly new to "NuWho."

As for all those questions -- is Thomas Thomas (or anything like him) gone for good, what's the deal with Clara, where the heck is River Song -- I can't wait to read your entry next week. :-)

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