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S02.E06: ISSUE #206: 36 Good Hours

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Thoughts while I watched the episode...

WTF Nicole is giving up?

I love that Brayden actually struggled to be good.

Nicole and Tevin’s coffee date was cute. I love that talk about mental health. It makes Tevin a bit more three dimensional not the plot convenient perfect guy that walked into the story at the right time.

Ugh I expected but still hated how that snake went over Suzanne’s head.

Why is Pat here [in this season]? I would have loved for this plot about a Cure to have gone to Kat and Janelle. Pat’s presence is just so irritating because after exactly one episode of remorse, he went back to being slimy. That he knows about Brayden and is keeping that secret to save his own skin says it all. So what is the point of him?

OK, that battle between Brayden and Dion was awesome! Triangle of Justice activate! I love Jonathan getting his own bad ass moment. Also “sorry your friend turned out to be a demon” was funny!

And of course, Pat chooses to go full evil. Well if this means the Crooked Man jumps into him and out of Brayden, then I’m good with that.

Dion’s grief at his mother on the death bed was so heartbreaking.

Nicole had better not f—king die.

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I thought having Pat actually still be terrible, and only be trying to appear good to get forgiven was a great commentary on how that type of person operates in real life. The "good" was a manipulative attempt to win access to the women and the power he was always feeling entitled to. And when he later said

it's hard to be good

, that was perfect-- of course that's the reason! It's not that he can't, it's that he doesn't see the value so he doesn't bother. It's a choice. We saw Dion and Brayden struggle with the same thing all season, and how choices are made every moment, based on what you really want the most.

I loved that Esperanza had developed the ability to tune out unwanted thoughts from others. I'm sure she's gotten a lot of negative comments directed at her, so she developed that ability. And Jonathan being able to feel for Dion when his friend turned out bad-- that was so touching; real caring and empathy, not jealousy and resentment. 

The grief scene nearly killed me. 

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