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S01.E07: I Think I'm a Sex Addict

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I dunno.  I am not a fan of Nico and Kimberly.  It feels like it is expected.  There are no surprising beats there.  But you know young healthy people need to get their groove on.  Good for them.

I do like her evolving relationship with her co-workers,  They are a fun pair.

Speaking of ... I like Kimberly with Canaan.  And yay for the Black Affinity group.  I was wishing for the show to  show a few more of the college subcultures beyond Greek life and Athletics.   Hopefully we'll see more.

I was happy for how the scene played out for Bela when she was tapped for the Cattulan. It felt authentic and a real win for her.   I liked how validated everyone made her.  I am hoping she becomes an agent of change with Pervy dude.

Leighton's growth has been nice to see.  I am loving her growing friendship with Whitney.  And Her scenes as the women's center and her acceptance of her relationship.  Obvs she still very closeted and that is going to be a plot point and possibly a bone of tension between her and Alicia in future. 

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