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S24.E03: Welcome To The Jungle

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Also, some of these teams seem to have watched their previous seasons and actually learned something about how they came off...is that possible? I actually think the "Beauty Queens" did in their second season. The teams that are gone were among the more annoying and had no shot, but they've been less obnoxious than in their first Races. Rachel...well, maybe even she didn't want to watch Big Brother, but she has either been getting a very nice edit this time, or she's way more low-key than before.

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This episode made me very angry because Big Easy was not allowed to do the waterfall task because he exceeded the safety regs. I know there have been other racers (Charla, Luke) that have been unable to do specific tasks but it just seems wrong to me. What if it had been Chester and Ephraim (who I would rather have seen back than some of these 3fers) they were just a few inches less than Big Easy's height but I believe I read the weighed more (as football players), what if neither racer could do it? what would happen then? it's not their fault the task was poorly designed? I would hope in that case that they wouldn't be penalized.

Loved the gnome's little life jacket.

Sorry to see the U-Tubers go, they were also probably the inspiration for a later (much hated) season.

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