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S04.E04: Bird in the Hand

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With the All-American game approaching Spencer is feeling uneasy until an old friend says something to him that makes everything suddenly click. Olivia applies for a coveted summer internship with the L.A. Tribune Online, but her test assignment takes a different turn than what they asked for. Jordan questions why no one sees him as great and the answer he gets takes him by surprise. Coop feels betrayed by Layla when she learns Layla is looking for a new artist and makes some hurtful accusations. Meanwhile, Billy discusses a new opportunity with Laura that might just be too good to turn down.

Airdate: 11/15/2021

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Toledo coach couldn’t be more shady if he were made of oak.

I’m not going to watch your dumb spinoff, show, no matter how interesting you try to make Simone.

#55 from Texas is not a linebacker in any shape or form.  He has the body of a defensive lineman for sure.

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I'm figuring there's some loophole, that Spencer can't play for a Division I school only.  Then he will end up at a junior college with Jordan, and Billy will get a coaching job there as his next move.  I know he said he wants Spencer to be on his own, but it's probably either that or not be on the show anymore.  I was surprised that, even with the trash talk, Cam was pretty nice by his standards.  The petty coach from Toledo State could have tried to recruit him as Spencer's replacement, unless they're planning on him and Spencer being on the same team.  Jordan's whining was getting on my nerves, but at least he helped the tiny wide receiver get in the game.

I'm glad Coop and Layla are in a better place for the moment, though that probably won't last.  For some reason, I thought the new rapper was going to start saying bad things about Coop in her freestyle, though that probably wouldn't go over very well on Coop's album.  And another scene with Coop and Asher.  It was nice that she got him to watch the game, though I wouldn't blame him for not wanting to listen to Jordan.   J.J. was probably there too, just not seen, unless he's out of town again.  He was on the show more when he was a guest star.

My station had a test pattern up for the first two minutes, but I don't think I missed much because I knew Olivia's assignment from the press release.

If it seems like they're pushing the spinoff now, just wait until February, when it's on right afterwards.  They'll probably mention it five times in every commercial break!

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