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S2.E07: Suzanné Hayward & Leon Hines

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Really good episode. I was curious at first why it was all about Mia and not about Marcus, but it perfectly set up and kinda explained that BRUTAL break-up.

That was stone cold, Mia! She broke Marcus's heart on her birthday after the surprise party he organised for her! As he was reaching to give her the key he had had made for her! We needed an entire episode to make some sense of that fuckery.

So he is the perfect boyfriend for her. And maybe she loves him. And she cheated on him and broke up with him because... What? Someone has to be the screw-up like her Dad and it's not going to be Marcus so it has to be her? Or she can't deal with a man who doesn't let her down? Or she's pushing him away before he has the chance to hurt her like her father did? I don't know exactly but it's clear that her parents did a number on her, the problem is in Mia's head, and Marcus is just like an innocent victim taking the hit.

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