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S03 E11 · I Wanna Be A Pirate

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2 hours ago, Back Atcha said:

Ethan doesn't have a mind of his own?  If Ethan won't explain what he wants or needs, there's no one to blame but himself.

Olivia has only the power that others give her.  Sadly, in their two years of marriage, she has had to make a lot of decisions that Ethan should have made himself...or given his opinion.  We've seen his temper; he's capable of making his wants/needs known.  He has to unlearn much of the damage of his formative years.  It can be done.

Yes Ethan was definitely affected by Kim & Barry’s shittt parenting . He clams up when he should be vocal - you’re right it’s frustrating for Olivia .  They both have their issues and couples therapy will help them learn to communication skills .  They’re good people at heart , hopefully they won’t throw in the towel before they can learn to communicate better and improve their relationship.  Ethan doesn’t want to end up like Barry , ruled over by Kim.  If Ethan can communicate his wants,  needs , thoughts , Olivia can back off a bit . 

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8 hours ago, DNR said:

Ethan doesn’t want to end up like Barry, ruled over by Kim.  If Ethan can communicate his wants, needs, thoughts, Olivia can back off a bit. 

Yippee!   It was fun to see that clip again where Ethan tells Barry he's the the "head," but Kim is the "neck that turns the head."  Of course, Kim's last comments let us know that she's right again...as always.  Wonder what next season will bring--wonder where everyone will be.  Wonder if there will BE a next season.

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