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  1. Coltee seems drunk during his big speech to mommy you psychos punished Larissa enough
  2. Coltee looks like he’s transitioning in the Talking Heads with those C cups
  3. Yay🎉 next weeks the Tell All , should be an extra fun Live Chat!
  4. I could not make it thru these couples without LIVE CHAT !!
  5. Does Andrei think a money fairy is gonna drop $15k on them ?
  6. I have to Mute the Roos&Pow segments. I have 2 sons and i could not imagine my daughter in law not allowing me to hold my grandchild .... except my sons aren’t wimps like Roos and that shit would not fly
  7. Uh huh yeah Jay.... try not to mess up a fourth time . Good Luck with that ! Trashley you’re a F#%!#ing IDIOT
  8. OF all the “pillow talkers” , i enjoy Annie the most . She’s entertaining
  9. But do Laura & Jenny really have any substantial savings to swindle ?? And where are they going to work in their new foreign country to support Aladdin & Sunit (?) ??
  10. When Liam said “I’m afraid I’ll never see my mother again” , i was also thinking ‘dead in the desert’ not just it’s a huge expensive trip ..... i wonder if Liam meant both. I’d be terrified if my mother/daughter/sister were going off on a plane to the Middle East all alone to be with a young STRANGER.
  11. I could watch that on a reel and laugh for hours 😂
  12. I didn’t see the first couple of episodes but Laura sent Aladdin some Catfish pics in the beginning right ?? Sorry but there’s No Way a 29 year old is attracted to her
  13. I can’t think of Drasilla’s mothers name but What the hell.... the kid acts like a wild animal and the mother acts like it’s some big mystery why she’s misbehaving . You haven’t TAUGHT her to behave you dumb b*tch. That Korean guy is in for a nitemare
  14. I have to laugh at Laura(?) saying she has to leave her 20 year old son and live her life . Little DNR just graduated college and is home and started working in his field ...... i make him breakfast and pack his lunch every day ... he’s 22! 😂😂 If her son Liam were a bit older and she was going to go live her life now I’d be sorta ok with it(Qatar? Yikes!) it’s a little soon for that - to me - maybe for others Liam is over 18 so it’s fine.
  15. I’m finding Annie to be the cutest & funniest on the Pillow Talk episodes