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  1. How old is Jonah ? I’ve never thought to push my children out of the house like Amber & Trent are doing to Jonah ( 3 Months!) Jonah is working and seems interested in the podcast . GF Ashley is definitely NOT on the same page .My sons graduated college and saved money while trying to get their careers started (obviously if my child was well into adulthood and being lazy I’d put down some ultimatums) Jonah obviously has some obstacles, some not in his control ( pandemic ) liz seems to have more on the ball than Jonah and seems like she’s determined to get away from Amber (
  2. A) One word : s e x After multiple years in jail, he was prolly thinking with the little head . Dylan might have thought she’s a little nutty, that might be fun for awhile. Except she’s not fun nutty, she’s very BAD nutty. 🚩🚩🚩never ignore🚩🚩🚩 B) Forget the pretty eyes & cuteness, Dylan IS A PERP. I hadn’t considered he may be planning to steal from the Aunt. Maybe Heather is even in on it. Excellent @realbeauty ! This is VERY possible! Putting up with Heather & having her get him thrown back in the Big House might not be worth sticking around for A or B C) maybe Dyl
  3. Entertaining season finale 👍 ugh —>Upton
  4. Nooooo Dr pimple popper moved to the app and is off TLC? That stinks!! Thanks a lot TLC ** speaking of Dr P P .... I’m not a fan of the scars she leaves on some patients, some are Gnarly!
  5. Did Garlick at least pick a resort that has some fun activities for his 2 sons ? ( remember them Ick?🤬) So then at least the boys can go off to KidsClub while their horn dog Dad BANGS ANOTHER WOMAN IN THE NEXT ROOM 🤢disgusting 🤮
  6. Only Danielles sister in law seems to be trying to talk sense to her about all the negatives of the garlick/bert situation. WTF is up with Danielles parents & brother? How could they let their daughter & grandkids go along with garlick’s humiliating degeneracy? Get New jobs fellas! The mother can’t even seem to complete a thought. Ridiculous RUN DANIELLE RUUUUUN
  7. Danielle expresses concerns Garrick steamrolls her. she flattens like usual. Dumb girl
  8. Mike probably bought it in elementary school at a Mothers Day Boutique the school would hold every year for the kids Natalie is INSANE. She has some kind of severe personality disorder, she goes into EVERY situation NEGATIVE . Mikes a dick sure, but i HATE Natalie
  9. Let’s see how many insults Natalie can dish ! Uh Natalie .... you know you’re with Mike for a child .. and YOURE ODD!
  10. Agree!!! She was barely coherent when she left the facility. Plus with her being a smoker , the chance of blood clots and staple leaks- keep her a nite! This bullshit with a surgeon calling Mykull about her boob size and Grangela bitching - i have no words ( grangela- you’re gonna lose weight dumb dumb and you’ll have DDsize on a normal size frame)
  11. DNR


    When Matt offered the farm as their wedding venue and Chris said hey that sounds like an idea , we can pick a date , there’s parking........ amy threw Chris the LONGEST piercing DEATH STARE i have ever seen in reality TV
  12. When Garrick said “we just can’t turn around and stop this” YES! Yes you could! Danielle is obviously not cut out for this polygamy lifestyle. But, Garrick can’t stand Danielle ( he prolly hopes she’ll leave) garrick is just a cheater, looking to get some strange thru using God & polygamy RUN DANIELLE RUN you deserve so much better than this thoughtless mouth breathing punkazz turd
  13. Haha yes!!!! I nearly fell out of my chair laughing when the skies opened up and she was ordering Dave around from her wheelchair 😂😂 Angie is like an obstinate teenager it’s unreal
  14. Another week of horrible rude AngieJ ? I can’t take it regular size Angie is bad enough but yet another week of SUPERSIZE ANGIEJ part 47. 🤦‍♀️ UGH
  15. Gnite PrimeTimers! you make this hot mess bearable! 😂🤣😂🤣
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