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  1. I just discovered the site CAMEO. Famous people record shout outs for $$$ ( more famous / more $$$). Andrei & Elizabeth, Annie & David are on the site ( prolly more 90dayers) A few shoutouts ordered and they can bring in a nice chunk of change every week
  2. @seasons ! Oh my ! I immediately headed over to Andrei’s IG . Did not disappoint 😍 thanks for the heads up!
  3. Maybe juhnelle & Lurch could do a season of Marriage Boot Camp like Farrah and Amber . Other than that those two fools are unemployable
  4. -❤️Mmmmmm Alexi is a tall glass of water Yum yum -❤️Andrei is looking handsome to me too 😍 never thought that before... Annie Dean & Tarik still my fave pillow talkers
  5. *Annie makes me laugh out loud every week *Tarik & Dean a close second *Kalini a surprise, getting some funny lines in about drunk darcey **On a shallow note : andrei looked kinda hot
  6. Lmao Laura’s dress & makeup/hair .... Liam’s hat & 2 sizes too small ‘tux’ & camel tooth necklace 😂 Aladin seems to have some style, his comments had me lulz’ing. Do the guests look at Laura with younger Aladin and think - he’s going to America! I’m sorry, I’d be dressed in black if i were watching my son marry some geriatric broad...what’s the end game.... ** is it that Aladin is gay and can’t wait to get to the US and come out ? Paul....no words.
  7. Ugh mama June’s teeth 🤢 whoa doedoe looks semi attractive in those pics
  8. My fave so far has got to be Annie. She makes me laugh out loud with her comments.
  9. Some of the names the panel throws out are pretty hilarious at times 😂
  10. Poles police reports say otherwise lol but really yeah Ronnie seems like he could raise a hand and commit some dv
  11. I laughed out loud when Deavan said it’s Jihoons turn to “support this family”..... Taeyang is like 2 months old lmao. It’s not like she’s been doing it alone for years ( I’m not including monster toddler, she’s not jihoons kid) And isn’t it BOTH your jobs?
  12. I envision karines house in flames tonight
  13. My son & daughter in law called me to tell me i was going to be a 1st time grandma a few weeks ago & i cried like a baby ( sadly , there was a miscarriage 😢😢). At least a new baby brings Daniel a little excitement of a sibling in his South African nitemare
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