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S01.E05: One of Us Is Cracking

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Probably my favourite episode so far. Nothing creates drama like a group beginning to turn on one another and not trust each other. Great to finally see the police doing their job in a police station. Stakes always feel higher when being interrogated in an interrogation room as opposed to the principal's office.

Simon is proving to be quite unlikeable, to the point that I'm happy he died cause as the show is presenting him there isn't really much to sympathise with him as he comes across as a spoilt kid.

Again a few things I had forgotten from my read like Maeve sexting Simon and Cooper breaking a guy's noise.

The actor's are really growing on me to the point I'm not noticing how old some of them actually look, or maybe that's because Vanessa wasn't in the episode haha.

I liked the ending where just for a moment the show decided it was no longer a murder mystery but a slasher film.

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Really enjoying this show, which is rare because I also really liked the book! Most of the characters are as I pictured them, and the one who doesn't exactly look as described (Nate) gets the character spot on so it works anyway. The only one that I don't quite love the casting for is Kris, he was a good character in the book but I don't think the actor is very strong here and it takes me out of scenes because I can feel how hard he's acting. It might stand out to me more because all his scenes are with Cooper and I think the guy who plays Cooper is really really good.  

Simon was slimy and easy to dislike, the actor does a good job of showing that and then making you feel guilty because he's still a young man who died. 

So far I think they're doing a very good job with this adaptation and it's fun picking up little things I forgot since I read the book, like most of the stuff with Maeve. 

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Maeve is one of those people who thinks that she is cleverer than everybody else, and that makes her dangerous.

It was nice of her standing up for her sister, but handing the police the backup of that computer was unbelievably stupid.

Bronwyn with her book smarts and Nate with his street smarts both agreed that destroying it was best – and they were entirely right.

I did feel for Maeve when she spoke about Simon, though. I feel that was a trap that anybody – or at least a lot of people, young vulnerable girls – could have walked into.

Simon was repulsive. Their world have been a better place without him, if it hadn't been for the mess he left them with.

On 10/17/2021 at 8:48 PM, SallyAlbright said:

Most of the characters are as I pictured them, and the one who doesn't exactly look as described (Nate) gets the character spot on so it works anyway.

The actor who plays Nate is so, so, so good! Every time I look at him I think what a find he would have been as Lestat in Interview with the Vampire.

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