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S02.E06: The Truth About Unicorns

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So among other reactions, I like Harlan?  Is that wrong?  He doesn’t really seem like a villain currently — ambitious and not necessarily trustworthy, yes, but not malicious and sometimes funny.  I feel for Baba Voss of course, and Harlan surely would like to get rid of him and be King to Queen Maghra (and a backstabbing plot by Harlan is probably coming) but I am enjoying him for the moment.  I also really enjoy Toad.  He and Harlan add some wit to the show that is a nice break from the drama and brawls.

Do you think Kofun is any safer (ie more “special” and thus of more use to Sibeth) than Boots or Sibeth’s other lackey?  Of course she’ll turn on anyone but I wonder if she’s trying to get pregnant with a sighted child again and reconfigure the narrative around the specialness of royal sighted blood using Kofun in a way she couldn’t with Boots by capitalizing on the incest.  (Eww, but it’s there)

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