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Q-Force (Queer and Present Danger!) 
A misfit squad of LGBTQ+ geniuses who solve cases on their own terms for the American Intelligence Agency.

A new adult animated comedy, Q-Force, which premieres on Netflix September 2nd.

10 half-hour episode series 


Sean Hayes is Steve Maryweather, AKA Agent Mary, was once the Golden Boy of the American Intelligence Agency (AIA), until he came out as gay. Unable to fire him, the Agency sent him off to West Hollywood, to disappear into obscurity. Instead, he assembled a misfit squad of LGBTQ+ geniuses. 

Wanda Sykes is an expert mechanic and gadget guru, Deb. When not on assignment or pretending to work at Pep Boys, she’s spending time with her wife and her 16 trauma rescue pitties. Gadgets aren’t her only speciality - she’s the heart and soul of Q-Force. 


Matt Rogers is Twink a drag queen master of disguises - the fun-loving, full of energy, genius with a side of drama and daddy issues. 


and Patti Harrison is Stat, the team’s resident hacker. Brilliant and guarded - there’s no secret she can’t expose except her own. 

Together they make up Q-Force.  

But, after a decade of waiting for their first official mission from The AIA, Mary becomes hell-bent on proving himself to the Agency that turned its back on him, and decides to go rogue with Q-Force. After finding their own case, and solving it on their own terms, they get the reluctant approval of The AIA, and are officially upgraded to Active Secret Agents in the field. But, that approval comes with one major caveat-- they must put up with a new member of the squad: straight-guy Agent Buck. 


David Harbour is Agent Rick Buck. Long-time rival of Agent Mary, Agent Buck is assigned to keeping Q-Force in check and the status quo of The AIA boys club in place. Will more time with Q-Force bring out the ally in Agent Buck? 

Gary Cole is Director Dirk Chunley, head of the AIA and as straight and stiff as they come. 

Laurie Metcalf is V, the Deputy Director of the AIA and the highest-ranking woman in the Agency. She’s the chief badass in charge with a soft spot for Agent Mary. 

Gabe Liedman is Benji. Sweet and charming love interest of Agent Mary, Benji is often in peril due to his proximity to Q-Force. 

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Not going to lie, I had pretty low expectations being that I generally hate spy-themed shows and most animated shows in general. So far, it's pretty amusing and entertaining. I hope it gets a second season.

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I was kind of hoping the show would be more episodic in nature so that we could get to know each character better. Since the episodes were so short and they all dropped at once, the serial nature wasn't that bad. I didn't like the extremes of normal versus fantastic (like flying cars and sentient robot A.I.'s that don't need a power source) the show bounced between. Shorter, more reality based story lines might have made me think higher of the show. For some reason I always felt there should have been more members of the Q-Force team. Not a bad show, but they could have taken way more risks with their humor, it seemed like they were too worried about offending someone. Sometimes you need to leave a few scratches on the guardrails.

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I'm loving this so far with just one episode in.   I was looking forward to this when I saw the previews and was not disappointed.    

Definitely need something lighter after watching Clickbait and The Squid Game simultaneously.

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On 9/6/2021 at 4:10 AM, AnimeMania said:

I was kind of hoping the show would be more episodic in nature so that we could get to know each character better. 

I'm glad someone else articulated this because I felt the exact same way. My biggest complaint with this show would be the pacing, the stakes escalated way too quickly. But I guess that's what happens when you're forced to tell a complete story in just 10 episodes, with no guarantee that there will be a second season.

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