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S08.E09: The Troll

Quilt Fairy
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On 8/6/2021 at 10:01 PM, Blackie said:

I loved Theresa's parka, or was it pawka, or was it pokka.......anyways it was great, I wonder what it was made out of. If she can get 1400 calories a day out of roots and berries, that is not too bad if she doesn't have to walk to far to get them . and then just spend the rest of the time in your warm shelter.

I hope Colten eats both of those fish with in 2 days and doesn't ration it out. At this point, regain some energy and then put your net out again, it worked!! (although in previews it looks like there is boat trouble), why doesn't he bring his boat up on land at night? I wonder if he will ever be able to get himself clean. I am looking forward to seeing him in the after interview!

It is tough for Biko, not getting any fish, at least Clay still has deer jerky.

How many episodes in total ? 10? Is next week the finale? Has it been down to 4 on the finale episode before?


On 8/6/2021 at 10:01 PM, TVbitch said:

Theresa said she was getting 1500 calories a day of roots and berries. Really?! Cuz that would be a big bucket of roots and berries. She seems in great spirits, and she is tough as nails. But the accent thing was annoying me, too. She mostly has it in the voice-overs where she can think about it more. She doesn't need it, she's bad ass as is!

Next week is the last episode, right? I guess they start dropping like flies.  


On 8/7/2021 at 2:54 PM, Quilt Fairy said:

I know she said that, but she definitely mis-spoke.  At best, a half a can of berries (and she did say half a can) would give her 150 calories.  She wouldn't be starving if she was getting 1500 calories per day. 


On 8/7/2021 at 11:27 PM, rmontro said:

I was expecting Biko to tap, with the title of the episode being The Troll.  But he didn't, even though he seemed close to it at times.

I don't think she's faking it.  When I was younger, I used to intentionally change the way I formed my letters, like the e's, g's, j's, k's, m's, n's, r's, s's, etc., often in the same word.  I don't know why I did that exactly, I just liked exploring the options.  It interested me that there were different ways to make the same letter.


I'd be fine with any of the four winning it, I don't really have a clear favorite.  I kind of like Theresa, because of her shelter, but I think Clay wins because of the deer.


Yeah, there's no way.  It's not unusual for people to live very long term on 1500 calorie diets.  But her diet isn't very balanced.

I wonder if she misspoke and meant to say kilojoules. Most of the world uses that instead of calories. 1500 kilojoules would be about 400 calories. 

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if you know anything, thee re's plenty to keep  you occupied. There's 10 days worth of net weaving, 2000 sq ft, out of the cotton rope hammock, but you have to know to TAKE the hammock.  There's 2 days of making the pontoon outrigger raft, but you have to know to take the reflective 12x12 tarp and the big roll of duct tape.  Chilko is so restrictive on the hunting and trapping that I'd not bother to take the bow or the snarewire. I'd rather have the ration of pemmican and the ration of chocolate. That's 10,000 calories and those foods are so high in fat that you can mix them 50/50 with diced, boiled and fried cambium, for 20,000 calories. That's enough to let you eat 3000 calories per day on days 3, 5, and 7. By day 9, you''ll either be catching the needed average of 4 lbs of fish per day, or you'll know to hole up and just wait on day 45, when  you can use the 2000 sq ft of netting you'll have made by then. You can troll the treblehook trotlines from the raft as you row it, with the hooks on poles, spread apart far enough that they cannot be entangled. You can also make a fire-hardened bow and arrows good enough for bowfishing, and maybe 10m rabbits.  It's very easy to fletch arrows with 2 pieces of the duct tape.

Since Carleigh almost died on season 3, they now make you show them a bowel movement per week (via the go pro) or they pull you from the show. So you've got to eat 2000+ calories all in one day, once a week, so you can produce that BM That's about the only reason to bother with mushrooms, berries, etc, cause they dont give back as many calories as you spend finding and harvesting them.

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