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S02.E02: Episode 2

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I've watched S1 more than once and wondered who tf Marcia was, but I guess she's Richard's housekeeper? "We know what an espresso is, Richard - let us live" "No crackly socks" she was fun!

I don't fault Shona for making notes about what she wanted to talk to Charlotte about - when you get upset, you forget! The Charlotte-Shona-Vish situation isn't great. I hate that I'm just waiting for something bad to happen. 

Shona and Aine scenes are always the best. Their interactions make the show 90% of the time. "This lemon macaron tastes like actual pure cock..." "Macaroon" "Macaron!"


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Okay, I feel like I got more answers in this episode. Aine isn't faking anything in bed with Richard. And Shona slept with Charlotte - We only ever saw them kiss last season, right? You know that love triangle situation is not going to end well. I suppose it's just a matter of how close to the wedding Shona comes clean about her relationship with Charlotte. To Aine or to herself.

Speaking of the wedding, my favourite thing in the episode was their mother on video call in the bridal shop. That conversation made me laugh and reminded me of my own family. I loved that Shona had to angrily say that she wasn't going for the Neither Here Nor There look for her wedding day!

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