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S&L Quotes: Thanks! My Mom Made It For Me!

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Started a rewatch and realized we need a place to put all the fun quotes from this show! Here’s a few to get started.


Episode 1.01 —

Kid: Cool Costume!
Superman: Thanks! My mom made it for me.

Lois: You like baseball?
Clark: Uh, of course. I mean, who doesn’t like America’s pasttime, Miss Lane?
Lois: It’s Lois. What’d you say your name was again?
Clark: Uh, Kent. Clark. Clark Kent. (Clark bumps into Lois) Sorry.
Lois: Hmm. Never met a Clark before.
Clark: Oh, uh, I’ve never met a Lois before. Actually, there was my first grade teacher, Lois Hannigan, so I guess technically — (hurrying to catch up as Lois walks away) uh, technically you would be the second…

Lois: You don’t think Jonathan’s got something?
Clark: The tests at the Fortress said it was unlikely.
Lois: He’s about to be starting quarterback at one of the most competitive high schools in the nation… as a freshman.
Clark: Yeah. Doesn’t mean he has powers.
Lois: Have you seen him throw a deep route?

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Episode 1.02 —

Clark lands at home to find Lois on the porch pouring from a bottle of wine.
Lois: Hey.
Clark: Did you know your dad was stockpiling kryptonite?
Lois: This bottle doesn’t stand a chance, does it?

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Episode 1.03 —

Lois: We have been here for a week and somebody’s already tried to blow up my car.
Clark: Look, the folks in Smallville, they’re good people. Don’t let what happened today change that. Besides, it’s not like it’s your first Molotov cocktail.


Clark:You going somewhere?
Lois: Yeah, turns out Mrs. Powell’s isn’t the only worker who’s gone missing. There’s three other employees I can’t account for. 
Clark: So you were right?
Lois: Looks like it. We’re meeting in New Carthage to go over it all. So um, I’m gonna to need to borrow your truck.
Clark: You gonna to bring it back?
Lois: 50/50.

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9 hours ago, Chicago Redshirt said:

So far you are focusing on the Lois and Clark interactions, but there's a ton of great Jonathan lines and Sam and JHI have a few good quotes too. I may swing back through the series to supplement some of what's here.

Please do! I’m just putting in a few from each episode — I tended to focus on Clark/Lois in the early episodes, but I’m sure I’ll get around to others eventually. Everybody’s free to post what they like.

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Episode 1.04 —
(I know some of these are from the same scenes, but there were several moments I liked for multiple reasons)


Clark: Babe, I’m so so sorry I missed the vote.
Lois: I know. It’s okay.
Clark: No, it’s not. And you’re covering.
Lois: Don’t super-spy on my pulse rate or whatever you do —
Clark: You clench your jaw when you’re mad.


Lois: Okay, fine. I’m mad! And I know it’s irrational because I understand that there were lives at stake, but this was so important to me. And we lost the vote, by the way, and now I’m feeling guilty for wanting you to do something you said you would do! (sighs) When we started dating, I knew what I was getting into. And I don’t get mad about you missing date nights or anniversaries or family dinners because of some idiot with a nuke, but lately, with everything that’s going on with the boys and my dad constantly in your ear, it feels like I’m really far down on your list of priorities.
Clark: Is that honestly how you feel?
Lois: Right now, in this moment that I might regret tomorrow, yeah, I do.


Lana: You and Clark are obviously great.
Lois: I don’t know. Sometimes it feels like the older we get, the more we take on, the more the… romance and the marriage gets lost in the shuffle.
Lana: Let me tell you something. Clark is my oldest friend. I’ve known him for as long as I can remember. And yes, we dated in high school until he up and vanished. And then I find out he moved to Metropolis, and I was like, “Wait, what? Clark in the city?” He comes back to visit, and he’s a whole new guy. Confident, self-assured, stands up straight, razor sharp. It didn’t take long for me to figure it out. It was you. (Picks up shot glass) You brought out the best in him Lois, and that’s not getting lost in the shuffle.


Jonathan: What happened to Tag…
Jordan: Don’t try to tell me it wasn’t my fault. You saw the video. My heat vision, it gave Tag those powers —
Jonathan: No, that’s not how it works.
Jordan: Yeah, you don’t know that.
Jonathan: You’re right. I don’t. I don’t know how or why any of this is happening, okay? And the truth is, um… I’ve honestly been really jealous about all of it. And I’m sorry about that. But Jordan, look, I do know this. You would never hurt anyone. Ever. So whatever happened, it was an accident, okay? It was an accident.


Gen. Lane: Look, I may have misspoke.
Clark: “Misspoke”? You cannot tell the boys not to come to me for help!
Gen. Lane: My point was to help them see the life-and-death stakes of your job.
Clark: My job is I’m their dad. That’s my job.


Lois: Stop! Stop it! This is the same toxic “honor above all else” crap you used to pull on me when I was a kid.
Gen. Lane: Lois, please. This isn’t about us.
Lois: No, it’s about you and your parenting choices, and how they sucked then and they still suck, and we’re not gonna be applying them to our boys.
Gen. Lane: I made a choice to dedicate my life to the armed service.
Lois: You could have done both. That’s what Clark is doing, and I see him struggle with it every day, so how dare you tell him he can’t be the father he is ‘cause you never bothered to give it a go. You keep pushing us, you won’t be welcome here anymore.


Lois: You’re in very good standing with me right now.
Clark: If you play your cards right, there may even be a massage in it for you.
Lois: See, now you’re just spoiling me.
Clark: Well, you deserve to be spoiled, to know beyond any doubt, no matter what’s going on, or what I’m up against, this — my time with you — is what gets me through everything else. You’re my first thought of the day, you’re my last thought at night. And I love you.

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Jordan: Mom, can you stop being an investigative reporter for just one second, and... I don't know, be surprised?


Lois: Jon, if there's anyone in this family who gets what you're going through, it's me. I know what it's like to be in the orbit of someone who can juggle semitrucks, and you want to help out. You want to save the world, and all you can do is just stand there holding the wrench. And I know the fear of being vulnerable, and I will teach you some ways to handle that. But right now, I just want you to know that we're on the same team. We are the extraordinary humans in a family of superpeople, and we have to stick together.

Jonathan: Why'd you build those weapons to hurt my dad?
Sam: Your father's the most powerful being this world's ever known. My job is to keep us safe, which means being prepared for any scenario, no matter how unlikely. You and I, we're not like your dad, or even Jordan.
Jonathan: He's my twin brother.
Sam: Yes, but the minute his powers surfaced, you and him began walking two very different paths. 
Jonathan: That scares you, doesn't it? 
Sam: It does. 
Jonathan: You know, I think you're wrong. I think you're wrong about you and I being alike. 
Sam: How so? 
Jonathan: I could never be scared of my family, no matter what powers they might have. 
Sam: Jonathan, you haven't seen the things I have. 
Jonathan: Yeah, you're right. But in the end, I don't think that would matter 'cause I'd still trust them, and you'd still be a coward.

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Episode 1.05 —

Clark: First breakups are rough. I  pretty much crawled into an REO Speedwagon rabbit hole.
Jordan (confused): Speedwagon?
Clark: Never mind.


Clark: Hey. I’m sorry about Eliza.
Jonathan: It’s not about that, Dad. I wanna move back. I lost all my friends. I’m probably never gonna play football again, and — and now, what? You just expect me to drop my life for everyone else’s?
Clark: Look, I know, I know. A lot has changed. But I promise you, it’s all gonna work out. 
Jonathan (scoffs): You don’t know that!
Clark: I get it. There was a time in my life when I felt just like you. 
Jonathan: Yeah, well, I’m sure. When was that? When you were, I don’t know, lifting an oil tanker or maybe flying laps around Saturn?
Clark: Jonathan —
Jonathan: No, Dad! I’m not like you, and I’m not like Superboy over there, okay? And this town? It is my kryptonite. I hate it.


Sarah: Wow, you can’t go one weekend without partying like idiots? It’s kind of pathetic.
Jonathan (reaching for Sarah’s arm): Sarah, hey look, you need to relax —
Sarah (pulling away): Don’t touch me! 
Jonathan: Hey, we’re just kidding.
Sarah: Don’t talk to me like that!
Jordan: Look, uh, he’s — he’s having a really rough day, that’s all this is, okay?
Sarah: Oh, you’re having a rough day? You have no idea what real problems are like. For people who don’t come from a picture-perfect family like you. You all can just get drunk and act like total idiots and think that there’s never any consequences?
Jonathan: Yo, Sarah, we were just — we were just kidding. I’m — I’m sorry.
Sarah: Save it. Have fun. (to Jordan) Talk to you later.


Lois: You talk to Jonathan?
Clark: Um, yeah, he wants to move back to Metropolis.
Lois: He said that?
Clark: Yeah, among other things.
Lois (sighs): Here he comes.
Clark: And he’s been drinking.
Lois: What? (to Jonathan as he approaches) You’ve been drinking?
Jonathan: What?
Lois: Your dad can smell it. I can smell it. The whole town can smell it.
Jordan: It’s — it’s not that big a deal.
Clark: Excuse me?
Lois: Okay, both of you, call a rideshare and go home right now.
Jonathan: Yes ma’am.
Jordan: We were going anyway.
Lois: Go faster!


Jonathan: Hey. I just wanted to say that I’m really sorry, and I promise that —
Clark: Stop. It’s okay. This is your one “get out of jail free” card.
Lois: It is?
Jonathan: Wait, seriously?
Clark: Jonathan, I told you, I know how you feel, and I do. When I was just a couple years older than you, I did leave home. 
Jordan: Why?
Clark: Lots of reasons. The main one was that I needed to become someone else. Someone I thought was more important than Clark Kent. And to do that, I had to leave Smallville.
Lois: And he never came back. 
Clark: I still think about that decision. That time that I gave up with my mom, I never got it back. She only had so much time to give, and she sacrificed it for me. Jonathan, you have your own path. And it might not feel like it right now, but I know it’s gonna lead to great things. All I’m asking is that you give Smallville a little more time. If, after that, things still aren’t working out, then we can discuss other options.
Jonathan: Okay.
Clark: Okay. 


(After the boys leave)
Lois: Softy.
Clark: I know.

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Episode 1.06 —

Lois: I hate the internet.


Sarah: Oh hey guys. (Jordan turns toward her) Oh my god, what happened to your face?


Jordan (eyeing the large wood log): Am I somehow supposed to crack this in half?
Clark: Nope. Just punch it.
Jordan: Don’t I need gloves or something?
Clark: You trust me?
(Jordan looks at the log, then rears back and punches ineffectively)
Jordan: Ouch. Thanks, Dad.
Clark: Yep. Yep. Okay. No, I thought we’d try going on instinct, but obviously that was the wrong approach.


Sarah: Getting a sitter?
Lana: I’m trying. But nobody we know is available for tomorrow.
Sarah: What’s tomorrow?
Lana: Your dad’s taking me to dinner. We’re celebrating my new promotion.
Sarah (scoffs): Wow. Dad finally got over himself long enough to think, “Maybe I should congratulate my wife.”
Lana: Were you listening to our conversation?
Sarah: It’s not that big of a house.


Jordan (standing over Cutter after his block): You like that, Cutter?
Clark (watching from the sideline): Hey, Jordan! Get over here.
(Jordan jogs to him, Clark grabs Jordan’s face mask to bring him in close)
Clark: Rein it in, or you’re done.
Jordan: Just making a block.
Clark: That’s not what I’m talking about, and you know it. You understand me?
Jordan: Yeah.
Clark: Good. Go sit down.


Jordan: For the hundredth time, I’m fine.
Clark: No, you’re not. You just detonated like a bomb in the middle of a high school football game in front of a crowd full of people.
Jordan: I could have controlled it, alright? I just let it go ‘cause you were there.
Clark: Yeah, but what if I wasn’t? Jordan, sit up and look at me. Do you understand how dangerous this could be? Tell me exactly what happened. Were there — were there any symptoms, any signs, something that would have made you think this was coming?
Jordan: Look, Dad, I think you’re thinking about this too much. I just — I had a moment, alright?
Jonathan: Jordan… that’s not 100% true.
Jordan: Jon.
Clark: What?
Jonathan: Jordan, he needs to know. Look, the first time that he had one of these episodes or whatever, I mean, it stopped. It seemed fine.
Clark: The first time?
Jordan: I had a migraine at school. It wasn’t a big deal.
Clark: And you didn’t tell me?
Jordan: I didn’t tell you ‘cause I knew you’d overreact. I knew you’d stop me from playing the game.
Clark: Yeah! And I would’ve been right!
Jordan: So I’m just supposed to be punished for something that isn’t my fault? This was my shot, Dad. This was my chance to show the d-bags at Metropolis who I am. You remember how they treated me, right? 
Clark: Jordan, I know. I know. And I get it, okay? I know what it’s like to be picked on.
Jordan: Yeah, but you get to grow up, and you get to be Superman. Who am I? I’m a weird kid with headaches. I just — I wanted to be good at something. That was all.
Clark: That’s not what your powers are for, Jordan —
Jordan: Dad, I’m not you, okay? 


Red-eyed Superman (to DOD military who’d just shot him with kryptonite rounds): Stand. Down.


Clark: Doctor said the cast comes off in six to eight weeks.
Lois: Could’ve been worse.
Jonathan: Yeah. And he also said that “maybe” I get full range of motion back, so…
Jordan: Jon, I’m so sorry.
Jonathan: Just — just shut up, please.
Jordan: I — you know I never meant —
Jonathan: Okay, but you did. You did, Jordan. You — you got emotional. And then I tried to step in the middle of it like an idiot, and now I have a broke-ass arm, and I am probably never gonna play quarterback again. So thanks. Thanks a lot.


Jordan (to his parents): You guys know I would never mean to actually hurt him, right?
Clark: Jordan. Jordan. That has nothing to do with it. He’s upset, and he has a right to be. I told you, your powers come with responsibility, and I need you to get that.
Lois: Honey, we know it was an accident, we know you’re sorry. Jon knows, too. He just needs a second. But your dad is right. Things are different now.
Jordan: Yeah I know. I know they’re different.
Clark: Do you? Because you made a big point at the hotel of saying you’re different from me. But you’re not. That anger you felt that made you want to use your powers the way you did tonight, I have those feelings too.
Jordan: You do?
Clark: Yes. But I keep them in check. Otherwise, I risk losing the trust of the very people I’ve sworn to protect. When I first showed up in Metropolis as Superman, there was a lot of talk about what the world should do with someone who had powers like mine. And it took me a minute to realize that other people were more afraid of what I could do than I was. So what I had to do, more than anything, was earn their trust. Prove to them that, no matter what, I would never use my powers to hurt them. 20 years later, every time I use my powers, that trust is tested. Every time. Just today, in fact. The thing about trust, Jordan — once you break it, it takes a lot longer to heal than a wrist.


Lois: Probably not the best time to tell you I almost got killed tonight.
Clark: What?
Lois: I got into the mine, with the help of this supposed journalist, Marcus Bridgewater, and he led me to something called X-Kryptonite. Have you ever heard of that?
Clark: X-Kry — No. No. Wait. Back up. What do you mean you almost got killed?
Lois: Leslie Larr came after us. Turns out she has powers, too. She tried to heat vision us, and then Marcus zapped her with this, like, high-tech ray gun.
Clark: Why? Why does a journalist have a ray gun? That makes no sense.
Lois: He’s no journalist. I need to figure out who he is and what he has on Morgan Edge. 


Lois: I happen to know that we have a ton of rocky road in the freezer, and I can’t handle it all by myself.
Jordan: You think I’m six?
Lois: No. But I will say that I have, as recently as this morning, kind of wished that you were.
Jordan: I don’t know how to fix this. I don’t know what to do. I hurt Jon… bad. I can still hear his bones snapping. He’s my brother and I did that to him.
Lois: It was an accident.
Jordan: And Tag? That was an accident too, right? 
Lois: It’s not your fault.
Jordan: Mom, I just had to look Sarah in the eye, and all she wanted was the truth, and I just had to lie to her… to the one friend I even have. You know, I - I think… I think some stupid part of me actually thought that powers would bring me closer to people, but all they really do is bring me farther away.
Lois: Come here, kid. (hugs Jordan)
Jordan (crying): I just want it to end.

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Episode 1.07 —

Clark: You can do this.
Jordan: It hurts.
Clark: I know, but you’re gonna have to work through it, okay? One sound at a time. Come on.


Sarah: You’re lying to me.
Jonathan: About Jordan being sick?
Sarah: You know what happened last night with Tag, and you’re acting as though Jordan not coming to school isn’t — kinda weird.
Jonathan: Well yeah, Sarah, Sarah, hey look, I know what happened with Tag, okay? And I’m sorry, it’s really messed up. But Jordan had nothing to do with that.
Sarah: That’s not what Tag said.
Jonathan: What? ‘Cause of some stupid video? Did you even watch it? Seriously, look, I mean, there’s absolutely no way that Jordan gave Tag powers or whatever. And also, truth be told, the reason that Jordan’s not at school is because Tag jumped the other day. And it totally messed him up, and now he’s having these terrible headaches.
Sarah: That’s why he had bruises on his face. Why didn’t he just tell me?
Jonathan: I don’t know. I guess he didn’t want you to worry. See? He’s not such a bad guy.
Sarah: Yeah.
Jonathan: And also, yeah, I broke my wrist. Thanks for asking. It really sucks.


Sarah: Look, I came over here to apologize. I didn’t mean to accuse you of lying, or Jordan of… I don’t know.
Jonathan: That’s — it’s cool.
Sarah: No, it’s not. I’m really worried about Tag. He’s my friend, and you and Jordan are the only people who know what really happened, so…
Jonathan: Yeah, I know, it’s a lot keeping a secret like that. I know.


Lois: Alright, I’m gonna meet Chrissy, see if I can establish any connection between our guy and Lex.
Clark: Yeah, I guess it’s still our only lead.
Lois: Maybe not. You said the voice int he RV called him Captain.
Clark: Right, so he’s military.
Lois: Which is why I want you take that [case] to the DOD for processing. (Clark looks at the case and chuckles) What?
Clark: Nothing. Just, it has his prints. You know, you’re really good at this.


Jonathan: Jordan, Jordan, hey —
Jordan: Jon, I think someone’s trying to kill Dad.
Jonathan: What? Where?

Clark: The DOD has John Irons on lockdown. We’ll start the interrogations tomorrow.
Lois: I should’ve figured it out sooner.
Clark: Lois, come on, you can’t be that hard on yourself.
Lois: I’m supposed to be this incredible reporter, but I got fooled tonight, and someone almost murdered my husband.


Lois: If it wasn’t for the boys, you might’ve died tonight.
Clark: I got lucky Jordan’s hearing clicked when it did. 
Lois: With everything this family is facing, we can’t rely on luck. You’re right, Clark. We’re not protecting the boys by keeping secrets from them.
Clark: So what do you want to tell them?
Lois: Everything.


Jordan: Feels like everything since we got here has just been a big secret. I just - I want it to go back to normal so bad.
Jonathan: To be fair, Jordan, I mean, I’m pretty sure normal people have stuff that they’re hiding too.


Jordan: Tonight’s probably been the most scared I’ve ever been in my life. 
Jonathan: But, gotta say, it was also pretty awesome. (laughs)
Jordan: Yeah, okay, you did total that truck.
Jonathan: Pretty sick. Bro, I don’t even have a learner’s permit!
Jordan: Or know how to drive!
Jonathan: I know!
Clark (walking into the room): — Which was incredibly reckless and dangerous and irresponsible and absolutely… necessary. You both saved my life tonight, so I think I owe you a pretty big thank-you.

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Episode 1.08 —

Lois: We have been having some life changes, pretty major life changes. Don’t get me wrong, life has always been complicated. I’m good at complicated, but today I kind of got blindsided and… just somehow felt like everything was slipping through my fingers. I lost my temper… and I am worried that if I can’t pull it together, I’m at risk of hurting someone I really love more than I already have.


Lois: We’ll figure this out. We’ve been in similar situations.
Clark: Learning that the man who’s trying to kill your husband is your other husband from another world? It kinda feels like new ground to me.
Lois: I meant the part about having to clean up the mess caused by an evil version of you.


Kyle (to Sarah): If that feeling of wanting to sing is greater than the fear of getting up there, then you got to try it. I mean, the fear is just short pain. Regret, that — that lasts a lot longer.


Lois (to Jonathan once Clark rescues him from the van): Are you okay?
Lois (to Jonathan once they are back inside the house): Are you out of your mind?


Lois: Jonathan, look at me. Look at me! I let you come with me because I trusted you. I trusted that you were responsible enough to know what’s at stake, to know how dangerous this all is!
Jonathan: So now, so now you don’t trust me?
Clark: Okay, let’s calm down.
Lois: You knew there was a risk! I know you did, and yet you went in anyway, alone, behind my back! What — to find weapons? You almost died, not because you were unarmed, because you were reckless and stupid! And if you had died, the only person that would’ve been to blame is yourself. Get out of my face!


Clark: Are you okay?
Lois: I’m fine, Clark.
Clark: Okay, okay. I’m going to mark that as a no.
Lois: He could’ve been killed.
Clark: I know, I know. And it was scary, and — I don’t know. Do you think maybe you were, like, a little harsh? Do you want to talk about what you saw in the RV earlier?
Lois: I said I’m fine, Clark.
Clark: Okay, okay, okay. Look, I know you can handle anything, but it is okay to ask for help. And I want to be that person for you always, but I also understand if I’m not right now. What about the woman you talked to before, your dad’s friend?
Lois: Dr. Wiles.
Clark: Is she still at the DOD? Just think about it. I’m going to go check on Jonathan.


Lois: Look, I get how important it is to grieve the loss. I read all the books, all the websites. I’m just one of those people that copes better when there’s more on my plate, not less. It helps me focus.
Dr. Wiles: I just wonder, given the emotions you describe and the way you reacted to Jonathan, if you needed more time to process your grief.
Lois: I used my vacation days, I allowed myself the time.
Dr. Wiles: Lois, why did you yell at Jonathan?
Lois: He put himself in danger.
Dr. Wiles: That’s why you lost control?
Lois: I told you, he scared me.
Dr. Wiles: That’s it? Nothing else?
Lois: What else do you want me to say? That he was only there because of me, and that if he gotten hurt or worse, it would’ve been because of me? I can’t lose another child because of me.
Dr. Wiles: Lois, we respond to grief in many ways, but you have to realize, this — 
Lois: Is this the part where you tell me the miscarriage wasn’t my fault? Because the guilt that I feel is real. I never stopped working. 
Dr. Wiles: Work, exercising, having sex, lifting something heavy, that’s not why you lost your child.
Lois: You don’t know that.
Dr. Wiles: The majority of miscarriages are caused by a genetic issue.
Lois: Yeah, I know, but —
Dr. Wiles: Lois, you have control over your life in a way most don’t, but the things you can’t control, you have to learn to accept them and let them go. Your miscarriage wan’t because of something you did or didn’t do. It was something that happened to you.
Lois (sobbing): I was so excited to meet her.
Dr. Wiles: I wish there was a shortcut, but you have to allow yourself to go through the grieving process, no matter how much time it takes because when you don’t —
Lois: Yeah, I know. I saw what can happen when you don’t.

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Episode 1.09 —

Lois: Why is Edge here? I mean, why Smallville?
Chrissy: Definitely not for the briyani.


Lois: Clark, you are Martha Kent’s son. She was helping people here way before Edge showed up. They will listen to you.


Lois: Clark are you here?
Clark: I’m in the kitchen.
Lois: We got a problem. Morgan Edge is ramping up that program of his. (sees Clark’s bruised body) Oh my God, what happened?
Clark: I went to stop this bank robbery, and I got hit!


Lois: All my life, your job was your number one priority. Accepting that wasn’t easy, but I learned to live with it, and somehow even grew to respect it because I believed that you were trying to do the right thing, and I honestly naively thought that once I had a family, you might change,  start putting us first, but I was wrong. Knowingly and willingly endangering the lives of the people I love — I can’t forgive that. So when this is over, I want you to leave and never come back. You’re not welcome here anymore.


Lois: I should’ve protected him.
Jonathan: Mom this isn’t - this isn’t on you.
Lois: I’m your mom. My one job is to keep you guys safe and I keep failing at it.
Jonathan: No, no, you don’t.
Lois: You were almost gunned down in John Henry’s RV —
Jonathan: That was my fault.
Lois: Got into a car accident —
Jonathan: That was also my fault.
Lois: I feel like I can’t turn around without one of you being in mortal danger. Why is it so hard to keep you safe?
Jonathan: I don’t know. Just… just part of being a super family, I guess.


Clark: I’m sorry, Jordan. Your life right now is completely changed because of who I am. Everything that’s happening to you, you didn’t ask for any of this. 
Jordan: I didn’t, but you didn’t ask for what happened to you either.


Gen. Lane: It’s true. Everything you said is true. I wasn’t the best father. I was gone a lot, and I wasn’t there to protect you the way a parent should.
Lois: You were tonight.
Gen. Lane: Couldn’t let ‘em hurt my grandson. Or my little girl.


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Episode 1.10 —

Clark: Is it possible?
Jor-El: It is possible, yes. 
Clark: How could you never tell me?
Jor-El: There wasn’t the need.
Clark: The need? For me to know I’ve had a brother here my entire life? One who wants to restore Krypton using some technology created by my mother? There wasn’t the need?


Jonathan: Look, all I’m saying is going your whole life thinking that you’re the only one left in your family, and then finding out that you had a brother that you never knew about and that you could see your mom? That would affect anyone.
Lois: Yeah, it would. But the difference between Edge and your dad is that he has a family: the three of us, right here. We’re his family. And no matter what happens, we always will be.


Clark: They found Donavan. (looks around at the military personnel on his from lawn) Huh. I guess I’ll, uh —
Lois: Go out the back?
Clark: Go out the back, yeah.

Lana: He’s here.
Lois: Everything okay?
Lana: Oh, I know you’re used to all this, but it’s a little surreal to see Superman in real life. I’m just so used to watching him on TV.
Lois: Yeah, it can be a little weird. Come on. Follow me.


Lois: This isn’t your resonsibility.
Lana: Then whose is it? I’m the one who stood by while Kyle rallied the town to Edge’s side. I mean, it was me who signed up my own friends to Edge’s Executive Program.
Lois: Lana —
Lana: This is my town, and at every critical juncture I’ve failed it. So don’t tell me this isn’t my responsibility. Not when I stand here about to lose everything.


Clark: I don’t like this.
Lois: I don’t like it either, but it’s her choice and we have to respect it.
Clark: I know, but it’s Lana. She’s one of my closest friends.
Lois: Which is why you should say something; even if it’s as you [Superman], it’ll mean a lot.


Clark (to Lana, as Superman): I wanted to thank you. It’s very brave.
Lana: I wouldn’t be so sure. My heart is racing a million miles an hour.
Clark: Yeah, I, um, I know.
Lana: Right. (chuckles) Sorry. 
Clark: You know, you don’t have to do this. There’s always another way.
Lana: I don’t think you really believe that. Also, did Superman just lie to me?
Clark: It’s not lying, I’m just, uh… I’m just an optimist.
Lana: I guess that’s what makes you a hero.
Clark: You’re the hero right now, Lana.


Edge: That’s your family coming, Kal. Your real people, your real heritage. Make a choice. Us or them?
Clark: There is no us or them.


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Episode 1.11 —

Lois: You’ve been a really big help, Clark. If you want, I can probably talk to Perry about you getting a beat of your own, local politics or something.
Clark: Oh. Um… no. That’s - it’s okay. I’d rather be here.
Lois: For the story or the company?
Clark: Uh… (laughs) I feel like that’s a trick question.


Lois (to Superman): What would you say to the people of the world when asked what you stand for?
Clark: I’d like to think everything good and decent. Truth, justice…
Lois: The American way?
Clark: I think someone’s just trying to get me to admit I was raised here.


Janet: Okay, listen, I’m not talking to you as your producer. I’m talking to you as one of your best friends. And I am telling you…
Lois: Janet.
Janet: There is some serious chemistry happening…
Lois: Listen to me.
Janet: And you need to bring your A game if you wanna go out with the world’s most eligible bachelor.
Lois: I am not interested, okay? I’m in love with someone else. (off Janet’s surprised look) Clark from the paper. We’ve been dating a couple of months. I know he’s dorky, but I love him.
Janet: Right, the guy with the glasses. He’s so sweet.
Lois: Yeah.
Janet: Well, that’s great, Lois. I — I had no idea you were in love.
Lois: That’s because I haven’t told anyone yet, not even him.
Janet (noticing Clark looking at them): Hey, random Superman question. He wouldn’t happen to have super-hearing?
(Lois slowly turns around to see Superman smiling at her.)
Lois (whispers): Can we just go?
Janet: Yeah, yeah.


Lois: I’m nervous.
Clark: I didn’t think you got nervous.
Lois: Well, it’s your mom, Clark. What if she doesn’t like me?
Clark (laughs): That’s not possible.
Lois: Maybe you haven’t seen the reader mail section of the newspaper, but trust me, it’s very possible.


(After learning she’s likely pregnant with twin boys)
Lois: This is what I get for wanting a girl.

Lois: Babe, do you think this is because of Superman?
Clark: My father assured me everything’s gonna be fine.
Lois: He also didn’t know we were having twins, and that is a pretty big curveball.
Clark: Hey, it’s gonna be okay, I promise.
Lois: Yeah, says the guy who doesn’t have to give birth to two babies at the same time.


Clark: My sons are not bargaining chips.


Kyle: Listen, I just — I wanted to apologize to you, you know, for the way I’ve treated you this whole time.
Lois: It’s okay, Kyle.
Kyle: No. No, it’s not. Look, I was wrong about — about damn near everything, but… mostly, I was wrong about you. You’re good people, Lois, and I’m real happy you’re part of this town.
Lois: Thank you.


Clark (to Lois): I’m sorry. We needed more time. He was right.

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John Diggle: Come on, he's Superman. I've fought beside him. He's the best we have. Oliver would've said that. Hell, they all would've. 

Sam: This is not an easy decision for me to make.

John Diggle: What? Exhausting every option to save the life of an ally, a hero? That should be an easy one. 

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Episode 1.12 —

Edge: Not even Superman is strong enough to resist the will of Zod.


Lois: Boys, he’s gonna be okay.
Jonathan: Mom… Edge just took off with him.
Lois: I know.
Jordan: He said we’ll never see him again.
Lois: Yeah, I know honey, and I know how scary that sounds. I know it doesn’t seem like it right now, but your dad has been in worse spots than this, and he always gets through them. I’ve been dealing with this for 20 years. Trust me. Your dad will fight through this, and he will win.


(Kyle talking about his Kryptonian possession)
Kyle: Mine came and went.
Lois: What was that like?
Kyle: Um… like I was losing myself. Yeah, I couldn’t remember things, couldn’t picture my family. And it hurt, you know, trying to push through, and then… I’d see their faces. And this darkness came over me.
Lois: But you could fight back?
Kyle: Yeah, some. But there was this overwhelming sense that… my family would just be better off if I just… let go. And I almost did.
Lois: But you did fight, Kyle.


Lois (to John Henry Irons): I have told you repeatedly that this world is different from yours, that our Superman is different from the monster who destroyed your Earth, that he would never turn on humanity. And you’ve asked me just as often how I know that for sure. I’ve never really answered that question, but I’m going to now. The reason I know how much Superman loves humanity is that he’s not just someone I report on. He is everything to me. He is the love of my life, the father of my sons. John, Superman is my husband.


Jonathan: Do you know who I am?
John Henry Irons: I have a pretty good idea.
Jonathan: My name’s Jonathan. Jonathan Kent. When you were at the DOD, your RV was parked at our farm. I saw a lot of videos about you there. I saw what happened to my mom. I saw who my dad was. I saw a lot about you too. I saw about your daughter, Natalie. You seemed like a really good dad. But I just want you to know… this guy you’re about to kill… he’s a really good dad too.
John Henry Irons: I wish there was another way, son.
Jonathan: There’s always another way.


Lois: I know the feeling you’re feeling. It is the actual, literal worst.


Jonathan (to John Henry Irons): Thank you. And, I never said sorry about hitting you with the truck. No hard feelings.

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Episode 1.13 —

Clark: I spoke with your grandfather. The DOD’s gonna stick around town a little longer than they planned.
Jonathan: Until you guys find Leslie Larr or…
Clark: That, and they’re shutting down the mines.
Jordan: Why?
Lois: Gonna get all the X-Kryptonite out so no one else gets hurt.
Jordan: So no one else gets powers, you mean.
Lois: Also true.


Sam: It’s over, but we have loose ends to tie up.
John Irons: We got Edge and Larr.
Clark: I think it’s safe to say we can finally move on.
Sam tosses necklace at John Irons.
John Irons: 7734.
Sam: I had those weapons built for the wrong reasons.
Clark: What are you saying?
Sam: I was wrong to think you could be a threat to the world. I’m gonna take that kryptonite and those weapons, bury them in concrete, and sink them to the bottom of the ocean.
Clark: What about Edge? Larr?
Sam: We’ll keep enough to guard them appropriately, but there will no longer be enough to supply an army.
Clark: I don’t know what to say Sam.
Sam: Eh, you don’t have to say anything. Just know you, Lois, the boys — you don’t have to worry anymore.


Jordan: You are a rule-breaker.
Sarah: Me?
Jordan: Yeah.
Sarah: You’ve missed more days than any other kid at school.
Jordan: I have a weak immune system!


Clark: One last time — where’s the Eradicator?
Edge: I told you it’s of no use to you.
Clark: If you don’t wanna tell me, fine. We have everything else, including Leslie. She’s locked up now, same as you. Stopped her before she could break you out. I don’t know what the plan was, but it wasn’t a good one.
Edge: It’s called loyalty, something you know nothing about.
Clark: I am loyal to the people of this world who accepted me.
Edge (laughs): Accepted you? They fear you. They always will, and they should. 
Clark: You’re wrong.
Edge: You should be a god, but you became a slave to them. Don’t you ever wonder who you might’ve been if you hadn’t landed here, been raised by simple farmers? 
Clark: I’d be nothing like you.
Edge: We both know that’s not true. You fight against your real nature every day. 
Clark: You don’t know me.
Edge: I know the power surging through you. I know how every moment you make a choice to hold yourself back, because that’s the only way we can walk amongst humans without killing them, isn’t it? It’s all about control. But didn’t it feel good to lose it just once?
Clark: Goodbye Tal. (walks away)
Edge: I can see it in your eyes, brother. You felt it. You are just like me!


Jordan: How’d you find this place?
Sarah: I used to come here with my abuelita. She’d tell me stories about my family. We’re originally from Mexico, but we’ve been in Smallville for generations, so. You know, half the time I wouldn’t even know which one of her stories were true, but it always just made me feel like I had somewhere to belong.
Jordan: I never really felt like I belonged anywhere… to be honest until I met you.
Sarah: Jordan —
Jordan: I know, I know, I know, whatever, but it’s — look all I’m saying is that it only really takes one person to change your whole life, just to make you feel safe. And you have Jon, and you have your family, and you have me. And that’s never going away.


Jonathan: Hey, sorry. I just got home and heard voices, so… So, you really built this thing from scratch, huh? Pretty amazing.
John Irons: You’re a gear head?
Jonathan: I don’t know what I am. (pauses) Always been an athlete, you know, so…
John Irons: Me too. You know, you can be more than one thing.


Clark (walking into the barn): Jonathan! Why aren’t you in school?


Lois: We need to talk.
Clark: Yeah, we do. Jon skipped class.
Lois: What? Go upstairs. I will deal with you later. (Jonathan leaves the room) We can talk about him after we talk about what I wanna talk about. You told my dad to keep 7734? (Jonathan pauses at the stairs)
Clark: I did, I did, I should have talked to you first.
Lois (without turning around): Jonathan, upstairs!


Lois (about Jordan): Not enough to skip school, this one has to go get arrested.
Clark: If they’re both acting out, we’ll give them a punishment.
Lois (sighs): I’ll drive.
Clark: Lois, about the other thing?
Lois: What? I’m right. You’re wrong. 
Clark: I understand why you would think that.
Lois: Do you know what it was like when my dad gave John Henry Irons the go-ahead to fire the missile?
Clark: I’m sorry.
Lois: Then why risk it happening again?
Clark: I told you, because it’s —
Lois: Because it’s the right thing to do. What does that even mean anymore, Clark? I lied to Chrissy today to protect our family. I broke my sacred role as a journalist.
Clark: We both play fast a loose with journalistic integrity from time to time.
Lois: When it comes to keeping your secret, not the stories we investigate. 
Clark: Yeah, but Edge is brother. He’s Kryptonian. This story is different.
Lois: Why should I be okay with the military having the secret code to kill my husband, given the countless psychos who want you dead? It just feels like a really bad idea.
Clark: Lois, will you please just listen —
Lois: No, there’s nothing you can say that I wanna hear, and now I’m angry, and I feel sorry for yelling at you, but I also have to stay angry so that I can scare the hell out of Jordan. So why don’t you just stay here, and let’s both take a moment to think, and then we can talk about this later after I bail our son out of jail.


Lois: Just because she let you two go with a warning doesn’t mean it didn’t happen.
Jordan: Mom —
Lois: Don’t talk yet.


Lois: You okay?
Lana: I don’t know what I am right now. I feel so many things.
Lois: Mostly anger, right?
Lana: So much anger. Have you ever noticed —
Lois: — how punchable the mayor’s face is? Yeah I have.


Lois: Clark, you are wrong.
Clark: Lois, we have to have a plan.
Lois: Why? Because your mind is corruptible? We have proof now. Your heart is stronger than your mind.
Clark: No, you don’t understand.
Lois: Clark, I’m all about backup plans, but this one comes with major risks, and for a reason you’ve proven isn’t a threat.
Clark (sighs): That’s not entirely true.
Lois: What are you talking about?
Clark: My dad taught me control. I have been controlling my powers every second of every day for almost 40 years, but when Zod took over, for the first time, I felt what it was like to let go. To really let go.
Lois: Clark, those were Zod’s emotions, not yours.
Clark: I know, but I felt it. It was me. And I’m not saying I want this to be true, I wish it wasn’t… but it felt good. It felt really, really, good. And that feeling worries me. If there’s even the slightest chance that I could be manipulated again with that desire to let go… the world needs a way to stop me.
Lois: I don’t think that will ever happen.
Clark: Lois…
Lois: But, on the off chance I’m wrong, and if this will make you feel better, then fine. Let’s have a fail-safe, but there is no way in hell I’m trusting the DOD with this.
Clark: Then we just have to find someone we can.


Chrissy: Wasn’t expecting to see you.
Lois: I owe you an apology.
Chrissy: Kinda busy, Lois.
Lois: You were right. I lied. My dad is hiding something, and I can’t betray his trust.
Chrissy: This story is bigger than you or your dad. We have a responsibility to the people. This town is falling apart.
Lois: Believe me, I know. People are tearing each other down, looking for someone to blame, and if we do nothing we are as responsible for its downfall as anyone else.
Chrissy (sarcastically): If only there was something we could do.
Lois: I can’t write this story. I’m too close to it to be objective… But you can.


Lois: Do you have any idea how much trouble you’re in? You can’t just skip school. I don’t care if you’re mooning over Sarah Cushing or coming home to build robots with John Henry.
Jordan: Mooning?
Jonathan: It’s a warsuit.
Clark: Look, guys, you’ve been through a lot. You wanna blow off some steam, I get it. But there are rules, and you do not disrespect your teachers by ignoring the work they put into your classes.
Jonathan (mumbles): We’re sorry.
Jordan (mumbles): Really sorry.
Clark: You wanna try saying that a little more convincingly, please?
Jonathan: I’m sorry.
Jordan: I’m sorry.
Clark: Thank you. Now things are finally calming down, so when you’re done being grounded, you guys can go back to being normal teenagers. And believe me, small towns are actually a lot of fun.


Lois smiles at Clark after the boys leave.
Clark: What?
Lois:”Small towns are a lot of fun.” 
Clark: Just trying to give them something to look forward to. 
Lois: Sounds vaguely provocative.
Clark: Oh, does it? And you’re still not sold on small towns?
Lois: I’m sold on my small town guy.
Clark: I can live with that.

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Episode 1.14 —

Sam: Too many of those questions lead back to our family and the very secrets that keep you safe.
Lois: Is that really what this is about? 
Sam: Are you questioning my motives? Which is it Lois? Am I protecting the world or protecting our family? ‘Cause I never seem to get it right with you.


Lana: So, what brings you to Smallville?
ClarK: Oh, you know, I grew up here.
Lana: Oh, you did?
Clark: Yeah, yeah. Loved it. Really. You know, great town, better people. Met my best friend here.
Lana: Well, he must be very lucky.
Clark: She. She. And believe me, I’m the lucky one. Although it kinda feels like she’s been avoiding me lately.
Lana: I know. I’m sorry Clark. It’s just that every time I see you, I’m reminded of all that I’m losing.
Clark: Maybe it’s a sign you should stay.


Sharon Powell: This is a letter from the Department of Defense, signed by that man right there, and in it, he says that my son’s death is under investigation. 
Sam: That’s true, Mrs. Powell. We’re still in the process of gathering facts about how Derek died.
Sharon Powell: He died because of what Morgan Edge did. That is how he died! You have known for months, and you didn’t bother saying anything to me.
Lois: Sharon, I know how difficult this has been for you.
Sharon Powell: You have no idea what’s it’s like to lose a child. The guilt a mother feels, the thinking over and over again what I could have done differently.
Lois: I’m so sorry.
Sharon Powell: Please, tell me what Morgan Edge did to my son. I need to know the truth.


Clark: Tal-Rho, no one else needs to get hurt.
Leslie Larr: There is no Tal-Rho anymore.


[Jordan and Jonathan watching the tv as Leslie Larr flies up behind Lois on camera]
Jordan: Jon.
Jonathan: This is how she died.


Lois [to Janet, after narrowly escaping an on-camera death by laser-eyes]: Are you still rolling?
Janet: I may have blacked out for that last part, but yes.


Teen: Can you, like, tell us what’s happening with Morgan Edge?
Sam: Do I look like someone who gives classified intel to drunk teenagers?


Jonathan: So how’d you find us?
Sam: I run the DOD. You think I can’t track down my own grandsons?


Clark: Lois.
Lois: What happened? Where are the boys? [off Clark’s look] Where are the boys?!
Clark: Edge took Jordan.
Lois: No.
Clark: I tried following him. I was too late.
Lois: No, go find him.
Clark: Lois, Lois, I looked everywhere. He’s gone. He’s gone.
Lois [sobbing]: What are we gonna do?
Clark [holding Lois]: I don’t know. I don’t know.

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