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Media posts for Made for Love.


‘Made For Love’ was Renewed For Second Season On HBO Max

Alissa Nutting, who wrote the book the TV show is based on is joining Christina Lee to showrun the second season.

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Sarunas J. Jackson, who was a guest star on the first season is now a series regular for Season 2. He plays Jay, a co-worker of Hazel from the Twin Sands bowling alley 

Angela Lin is recurring is playing Dr. Hau, a medical research doctor who works in The Hub and is responsible for overseeing Herbert’s cancer treatment.  

Chris Diamantopoulos is recurring as Agent Hank Walsh, a debonair, zealous FBI Agent tasked with uncovering the hidden truths of The Hub.  

Paula Abdul is a guest star playing as Anydoors, an AI hologram assistant.

Dan Bakkedahl, Noma Dumezweni and Caleb Foote are also series regulars in season two.

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I love this show so much, but I'm disappointed in HBOMAX. They barely promoted this. Seriously, the only reason I found out about its return is because I googled it myself last week after waiting patiently for word. Meanwhile, I knew all about the return of The Flight Attendant (another show I enjoy) and several others that were promoted on repeat.

This forum is so quiet; that makes me sad. I don't have social media, so maybe it gets talked up more there. I hope so. This is definitely my favorite show right now and the main reason I decided to stick with HBOMAX.

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