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Reza Farahan

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Reza has never been particularly likeable, and the comment was made on the show (I forget who it was) that he and MJ have always been s***stirring and revealing other folks business, but this was so far beyond mere gossip that I feel nothing but contempt for him. I don't know why he has been somewhat of the 'voice' of the show, but it would be much better without him. I'd even rather see Asa back than to continue with him. He strikes me as sleazy, underhanded, totally untrustworthy and not worth the effort it takes to dislike him.

There's still a lot about the show I do like, surprisingly Golnesa, who has at least evolved away from violence and seems to have a solid relationship with her parents, and I'd like to see if MJ's new focus as a mom gives her a different perspective for all her other relationships, and I LOVE the food porn. Mike needs to go, he is more grotesque every day. Shervin seemed pretty good at first, but now he and Mike are almost interchangeable - and not it a good way. Destiney and her wigs have no purpose that I can see. So, get a couple of the original core cast, give more emphasis to their family relationships and add some newbies who are not just caricatures.  

I've watched the new show Family Karma (I think is the name) and believe it could be really enjoyable if Bravo would only STOP with the requisite s***stirring and just let the people be as they are - there were some really interesting family dynamics that Shahs could take a lesson from. Unfortunately, they are also already setting up for a feud between two families - no thanks.

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Did the clown car that exploded in Reeza's house extend to the closets, or does he shop exclusively from The RealReal? 

Jebus, those are some fugly clothes that he wears!



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