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  1. How cool was that for me! Clara and I share a (partial) birthday! January 4th! (NOT the same year, as I am old - nope, no tmi...leave it at that) But Ryan is easy on the eyes and exactly what I would have expected (and really liked) for 'ethnically ambiguous'. I am hoping they make it! I was surprised at the (geez, I've forgotten their names - was it Virginia and Eric?) couple getting off to such a PDA start....I don't know what to think of that, but am interested enough in these two to keep watching, but, unfortunately, I do not have as much hope as I have for Ryan and Clara. I shudder to think of how many couples I will be wrong about - but then, I did like Bennett/Amelia and JAustin, so perhaps there is hope for me.
  2. Oh, the look in poor Miles' eyes when karen iterated for the bazilliointh time that things have to 'fill' natural and she wants to get there, But NEVER says one damn word on camera about finding him attractive/enticing/sexy/desirable! He looks so disappointed. I would even go so far as to say this is the first time I have seen the look in his eyes that says he has realized, in spite of her statements to the contrary, that karen does not want him, never did, never will. I now believe she has only been spouting the hopeful crap to do what she believes is necessary to fulfill the contract until she can be shuck of him on DDay. Really pissed me off that all (or nearly all) the previews were negative suggestions of breakups/abandonments! At that time, we had just gotten hit with a SUPERVIRUS! People, especially 'couples' who hadn't even known each other 30 days prior, were freaked out! Lots of people acted on impulse! I would have felt better about TPTB if they had shown previews of the so-called 'experts' checking with the couples with some helpful tools for working through their very natural 'flight or fight' impulses. Interesting to see Bennett (as much as I LOVE him and Amelia) wearing his nightshirt tucked into his cut-offs during their monthaversary segment- guy is definitely NOT a clotheshorse! Also noticed Amelia during her TH had a shorter (just shoulder length) nicely styled/more professional 'do', which tells me that TH was likely filmed after she was in residency and that she is also smart enough to know that (unfair as it is) appearances DO matter. Wamani just keep giving off the lovin' vibes...noticed, however, that when Woody said he wanted a house, Amani did NOT jump on his rather prolific clothing expenditures as something he might need to cut back on so they could get their house. Just another PTB red herring I suspect. I have read earlier where Amani's voice has grated on some folks, but I just haven't felt that. I've found it rather mellow, chill, and indicative of the sort of woman who does not let the actions/words of others interfere with her equanimity...good on her...and, also, good for Woody for having a bride who doesn't glom on things to ratchet a discussion up to an argument. Can't make heads or tails of HenrinA - are they just screwing with us, or have they really NOT yet figured out that they will never have enough of an understanding of each other to make any inroads into a successful relationship... Ditto with Boliva! She is a contradiction in motion and he seems to have his signals crossed - if she likes him so much when they are off camera, why not just decide between the two of them that the OFFC time will be what they base their decisions on? If he likes her so much (as the videos would seem to suggest) why can he NOT (at least for her sake, just a little bit) TUNE DOWN THE FRICKIN SARCASM!!! They're adults & such things should not be that difficult of a decision between two people who are on the same wavelength! I have seen somewhere (I have no clue where) that 3 couples stay together and until now I have presumed Miles/Karen would be one of the successes, and from what I have read elsewhere, that does seem to be the case - but - why the hell would Miles stay with someone who has given every indication of just stringing him along....so maybe my presumption is (again) wrong. ...unless there is one heck of a surprise coming up. With this show, who knows. Totally agree....she seemed to be determined to out-Bennett Bennett. Can't be done. And IMO, it diminished her from the start.
  3. Well shit! i only just realized there is NO MORE Couples Cam! I don't even know when/if it is coming back. If so, please let it be WITHOUT JOTIS!!! And WITH Wamani and Bamelia!
  4. Count me in as one who would be totally on board! They could hardly do any worse that the 'experts'! I' d even like to hear from some of the 'failures' from previous seasons to see how they are doing now and what the MAFSTPTB coulda/woulda/shoulda been done to lessen their pain/humiliation(Mindy/zackass)/let them escape as soon as it became apparent that the other spouse was not in it to win it (sorry for the sarcasm). Real marriages, yup. Real-life-here's-the-tough/lies/fake-stuff-and-we're-here-to-not-exactly-really/really/honestly-help-you-stuff....not so much. Fire 'the experts' Use, if you must, some psychobabble algorithm to match the contestants, THEN have a panel of previous season successfuls AND failures to guide the contestants through the 8 weeks/whatever it'll be to forever/or divorce day. They could hardly do any worse.
  5. Well, this part of the audience has seen and loved watching season 10 JAustin and their charming 'Hurd Family' plus Rex geekiness, so I see no reason why a season 11 WAmani wouldn't be a big hit on Couples Cam...or even/especially paired with a surprise 'staying married' couple from the current season. But then, I can see some under the surface stuff that makes me think Miles/Karen could stay together and be a fun addition, especially if WAmani were there ( as they are MUCH more believable marriage coaches than the so-called 'experts') since the guys are already good friends and Amani is SO totally chill/cool/gorgeous/etcetera, etcetera, etcetera - whatever-superlative-applies, that they could have their own special little subset of CCAM - and give me a MUCH needed break from JOtis. It was interesting to me that during the Thai massage, Karen seemingly had NO problem touching Miles - I think she may well need a 'right time, right place', kind of atmosphere to be comfortable enough to lower her inhibitions/barriers and enjoy herself and her husband. Sorry Doug (bcuz I find him a lot more genuine than the spouse-who-will-do-anything-for-the-camera.) As for the current cast of Couples Cam, I am still cheering for Shawniece/Jepthe (even if he IS a chauvinistic jerk a LOT of the time) - there is something so painfully real about their marriage that I think it may well be what more than a few truly arranged couples (which is not unheard of in current society) experience/struggle with today before they find the commonality that leads them to a basis for respect and, eventually, love. Then again, I've always been a hopeless romantic....AAshley, loved seeing you, hope to see more...Banielle - get a grip, you have the capacity to charm us all, just put aside the crap...KKristine - you are lovely, just keep on keepin' on, Please more Stef/AJ (particularly for this one of us who can actually see value in a childless marriage -and no, I am NOT wringing my hands and crying every freaking minute because I never popped one out! And NO I do not at all feel that I do not have a rich life!) - they are so cool together - there MUST be something other than covid-times, home-based competitions for two such likeable people to be entertaining.. Deonna/Greg - Happy, happy, joy, joy!
  6. Did I miss it? Was some reason given why JOtis would pass up ANY opportunity to be in front of the cameras ESPECIALLY for a season finale of Couples Cam? Not that I want them on any more often than the other couples - but it was sure refreshing without her overbearing presence. And also refreshing to see how the other couples integrate/mingle/whatever one does as they connect on-line. And double especially with ANOTHER baby-on-the-way announcement! I really want to see Couples Cam back - and the sooner the better! I wonder of TPTB are sifting through any other couples, especially one or two I could think of from the current season, as a possible addition to the mix - I have found it more interesting when we did not have exactly the same couples to watch every week...and it would help keep things more interesting during our apparently protracted recovery from covid.
  7. Oh YUK Bennett with the nose picking thing! However, I'm pretty sure I did see a bit of it in an earlier episode but wasn't quite sure I had because I never thought any of these adults would do something like that on camera.... he REALLY is quite uninhibited! I did think they were goofing on production in most of that segment. Charming? Seriously? But, I did really really like the singers Bennett brought in for Amelia's surprise - the voices were lovely. At first I was afraid of the turn the lyrics might take, but they stayed sweet and romantic and I would have liked to have heard the whole thing. I think it's totally lovely that Bennett thought to give Amelia such a romantic gift - I know I'd love it if it were for me. I may not have any 'thing' to show for it, but the memory will last forever. And the tofu with Thai peanut sauce looked delish - until I remembered the nose-picking thing. That one will stay with me forever. Karen's gift to Miles of the Thai massage nearly blew me away - not only was it very intimate, it was quite sensual - whoddathunk she had it in her! Ironic it should come right after Miles sounded off to Woody about the lack of intimacy in his marriage. She seems to have such difficulty articulating her needs that perhaps this was the best way she could come up with to indicate her intentions and attraction to him. I think Miles was a very happy camper! Bolivia was painful to watch - but I agree with Brett - that was not my idea of trivia. Probably because I was a big fan of the Trivial Pursuit game and what they were doing was not my idea of it. Shortest Bible verse? Yup. Who said 'the end justifies the means'? Yup (Machiavelli, among others, but coming up with his name was the one that won the game for me and my partner - hubs was so dismayed that I finally pulled that one out that he asked for the first name! True story). I have to watch again as multitasking made me miss most of CHenry and Wamani, both of which I wanted to see. I only recall Amani saying or indicating something that the reason she is not jumping in whole hog is because she doesn't want this to be a flash in the pan that quickly fades - or something like that. All I remember of CHenry was some smiling - but don't recall if it lasted or even if it was both of them.
  8. Holy crap! I tuned into Lifetime at about 2PM (Eastern) and MAFS was already on and in the first (I think) honeymoon episode! I'm in hog heaven! I'm seeing things I'd forgotten or missed the first time around. Like Bennett responding to a question by saying that he and Amelia had 'smooched' but no 'hanky-panky' yet. I'm really glad to see these reruns as I am sure I heard in one episode either Bennett or Amelia saying something about either not wanting to or not being comfortable discussing their sex life with others, and for the most part, they have stuck to that. I do recall it was Bennett who admitted in a TH that, after Amelia had gone out of her way to get him ginger for his tea when he was ill (interesting as ginger is good for stomach upsets, which is often a part of Covid symptoms) things did get very cozy/intimate between them and finally said that , yes, they had sex. I'm lovin' on Woody/Amani more and more - he's very flirty, even overtly sexual, but she matches him move for move and NEVER hesitates to speak her mind - but it's always done in such a gentle and (almost) fun way (pee in the shower? Seriously? Who discusses THAT so early on!?!) that I see a really happy/truly involved with each other future for them. I think the secret is that each of them is so comfortable with who they are individually that they are equally comfortable expressing themselves to each other. I think I even have to give them the edge over Bamelia, who are still my faves (in large part because of their spontaneous lack of inhibition), but Wamani fit into a more conventional-non-wacky lifestyle that is still free-spirited and much more in keeping with my idea of a 'perfect union' - I love them both.
  9. I wondered the same about Bennett's illness - and given the time frame as this season seems to have started when NOLA was having less than summery temps, and given the HUGE influx of tourists to NOLA (been there, done that LOVED IT!!!!) Bennett may very well have had one of those very early cases that often happen before anyone really knows that there is a serious something to worry about.
  10. I went back to the match-up episode just to see if it could shed some (albeit production driven) light on a couple of things. One thing that really jumped out was some early life info they gave on Bennett - specifically how his mom wrote the plays and on stage he played the part of Bennett and his mom played the part of Bennett's mom in whatever plot she had written, so even as a little kid he was in a way 'performing' his own life - maybe that's why it may look as if his participation in MAFS is just another performance. I still don't get that vibe from him, but I can see how others do. Another thing he was specifically asked (which was only shown when the terrible three were selling their choices) was if he had the flexibility to move if his partner's situation required it. He did not appear at all unreceptive to that possibility and his body language, facial expressions and voice did not, to me, show any deception or waffling. One other thing that came up was with Miles - he was talking about himself and indicated that since his career has him interacting with kids so much, he does sometimes have a rather lighthearted approach/attitude, but has shown the dedication and effort to make solid career path preparation and choices and do what he needed to enhance his ability to be successful. I just didn't feel very convinced by their reasons for putting Karen with him - none of them had the level of sincerity or enthusiasm they had expressed for some of the others. I did note that Karen gave off a much congenial/upbeat vibe during the pre-match segments of her. I wanted to smack Cal for dismissing Henry's preference for women with a smaller frame - they all admitted to knowing how 'reserved' Henry is, so they ( especially sociologist Pepper) should also have realized that he may have felt the way he stated it was enough for the experts to pick up on. I'm shallow enough to have spoken up during a selection process and given both age and height as deal breakers (him older and taller) because deviation these two details have always bothered me and I'm sure I've lost out on some potentially great relationships because of it. If someone has to ask you if their height or age bothers you, that vibe has already been given and the hurdle is up.
  11. Poor Miles....he tries to explain to Karen the sort of intimacy conversations they need to have, but when it's her turn to contribute, she shut down. I got the feeling she did not expect him to make such a reasonable request - and she had NO idea, or perhaps desire, to enter into a conversation that could open the door to more intimacy. She could have asked for some hand-holding, or walking arm-in-arm, or any number of things, but she chose to shut down. In the pre-wedding episode where she 'confessed' to production about 'accidentally" (I didn't believe it then, don't believe it now) but I do believe Karen could have asked a friend to find out about her intended groom and give her the intel - her experience with a man who had a baby-mama when he was supposedly with only her makes me think she is deeply suspicious of male motives and will do just about anything to keep herself out of pain. Armani and Woody are my tied-for-first couple (with Amelia and Bennett of the dirty socks). They have such a down-to-earth-this-IS-a-real-marriage attitude/commonality that I think they each also have the deep care for the other to be able to listen, really listen, even when something happens that rocks them. I think they are going to be all right. I had SO much sympathy for Olivia (whom I REALLY don't like) when Brett engaged in non-stop sarcasm. I can take a little - but relentless jokes/sarcasm are a total buzz kill and I blew off one very (otherwise) promising-to-be-forever relationship (at a time when I was adrift and quite vulnerable) because he JUST COULDN'T STOP with the sarcasm/joking/juvenile (i.e. superficial and therefore disrespectful of me) mindset. I was scared, but never regretted it. I hope Olivia has the sense to free herself from a man with attitudes that show how very little he cares for her. I don't care why Brett does it - it's a crap way to treat another person and he definitely knows better. I don't know what to think of Henry and Christina except that as an introvert, I can sympathize with him and simultaneously wish he would make MORE of an effort, yet understand completely how HORRIBLY DIFFICULT it can be to even just look someone in the eye - much less create an interpersonal relationship with them. First she gets the bitch edit, now she gets the sympathy edit - smacks of MAFS manipulation.
  12. I can't speak to most of your dislike of Bennett and Amelia, but we definitely saw Amelia slack-lining in one of the pre-wedding episodes. Bennett seems to have been raised in an atmosphere of creativity in performance arts, so IMO that being a part of his personality is no surprise. I'm no fan of the dirty socks (or lack of an adequate supply of clean ones) but other than the color, I can't really see a problem with his nightshirt - I wear only comfy things to bed as I feel it maximizes my rest/sound sleep, and would hope everyone does the same. In my neighborhood, I've seen as many his-n-hers golf outfits as yoga as jogging as fishing... which I believe totally depends on each couple's style. I think Bennett and Amelia are an excellent match - my only fear is that the degree of structure/regimentation demanded by Amelia's profession - particularly when she is in the internship/residency/speciality selection stages - will put a crimp on her sense of freedom and expression which I am certain Bennett would notice and perhaps have difficulty accepting.
  13. My brain may be engaging in wishful-cabin-fever-induced-thinking, but I could swear that during the 'matchmaking' episode, Bennett was specifically asked if he would be willing to relocate, and he indicated if the circumstances warranted it, he would. This struck me because I've never heard/seen it asked of any other potential spouse and it made me wonder at the time if this was a tipoff that potential candidates had been decided upon prior to the interviews - or - that they really to ask that question of everyone and only now have had someone who could be in that exact situation. I really have to re-watch that episode. This season, more than any other, I've been smelling a rat-of-a-deliberate set-up-plot-device for some, or even all, of the couples, which is grossly unfair to their chances of success.
  14. I am so angry with this show for several reasons - but top of the list is I really don't feel I can trust much of what I just saw. Little inconsequential contrivances don't bother me - it's still just a TV program. But, the Beth/Jamie story line smacks of a set up from the get-go. Suddenly there is major whining about homesickness and idiotic expressions of caring about nothing about returning to 'the carolinas'. Then all the romping about and visiting without benefit of masks or any type of social distancing - very typical of the current don't-give-a-shit-nobody's-gonna-tell-me-what-to-do-hoaxer segment of our population. Then, supposedly reality sets in, and Beth/Jamie blithely go about exposing their exposure to hundreds of other folks - all without a single brain cell between them. Did they call anyone they visited with a warning of possible exposure? Did they modify ANY of their actions so as not to be a danger to others? What happens if Deonna turns up pregnant and has been infected by the deadly duo? But then, I'm watching (in preview after preview as well as the actual segment) B/J in bed, bemoaning their sickly situation and just as soon as I yelled "What the hell did you expect, assholes!" it also occurred to me (bcuz there are times when I am a little slow on the uptake) that the whole thing smacked of fakery. Faking symptoms, faking the testing, faking the results, all for the sake of providing their share of sympathy-evoking fake drama, and securing a lovely paycheck. A whole new facet of being a hoaxer. If they are indeed pulling a scam, they are beyond disgusting. I have to watch it again, bcuz I just can't remember hearing any mention of possible exposure from anyone else they visited on their stupid trip. And I need to see a goodly bit of what went on with the other couples. Until then, I need to get my temper in check before I do serious damage to either my TV or remote.
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