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  1. If SAFSteph and AJ weren't already my favorite couple, this would have clinched it. It was all in Steph's reaction to AJ's medical news - she immediately swung into 'we can make this work' mode without any hyperbole or making it sound like she was going to great lengths to support him and/or being really put out because of him. It could well have been a reenactment of the actual exchange, but I don't think either of them is a good enough actor to pull off such a totally spot on emotional committment. SAFSteph's demeanor never wavered from placing AJ's medical needs, comfort, and anxiety abatem
  2. I don't understand why Johnny would think anything is going to turn out differently when HE immediately reverted to type and jumped on the very first deal breaker possible - instead of following the 'experts' (and I use the term very loosely) advice and actually try to change his own behaviors and/or mindset. Either that, or he needs to get a female-version clone of himself so he can continue to hide in his tiny cocoon. They were the one couple of all that I had real hopes for. FWIW, my dry skin does not permit a full shower everyday - the water sluicing over me does a real number on my n
  3. I see a great deal of difference between dillon running around telling people vishal is giving out blow jobs and someone who has been victimized by the anti-lgbtq bloc. dillon is his own worst enemy. He has no filter. He will never stop until someone beats the snot out of him when he runs his mouth too often to the wrong people. Being born to money and privilege can not protect him from accountability to whomever (how subjectively it may be) he gives offense. As far as the show is concerned, all he ever had to do was sincerely (HAH!) apologize to Vishal and STOP RUNNING HIS MOUTH! Be
  4. I really hate that little snot fucker dillon. He is determined to make himself the central 'character' and he has the absolute least value/appeal of any of them - next to bali. I think I need to start surfing away from the show as soon as he opens his self-righteous pie-hole and try to come back to see the people who are genuine and worth watching. I think Bravo put him on because 1) he is gay and 2) to add contrived drama to the show. No. 1) Amrit is 1000% better than dillon any day. As are his interactions with his parents and Nani. 2) The everyday interactions of all th
  5. Quoting myself because I think now that I've done Amrit a bit of an injustice. I still think he's a bit of a player, but in the sense of being a flirt rather than a serial cheater - and it's all because of this last epi. I just don't see anything fake in the scene with his Nani and the rest of the family supporting both of them as Amrit gave his Nani the (what must have been confusing and disturbing to her) truth about not just his orientation, but that he has a chosen partner as well. I'm impressed. I've tried to find something in that scene that didn't ring true, but couldn't. Major kudos to
  6. I was very disappointed in the outcome, partly because from the start of the episode it was clearly the designated 'gabe' show. I haven't liked him from the first episode, didn't know anything about any allegations then, don't know any particulars now, and - as far as this show is concerned - don't care. I just never cared for the guy. IRL, I have at times worked with men who have turned out to be abusers - (not of me) - most of them were very appropriate in public/when someone could be watching - but later proven to be complete assholes/predators behind closed doors. They seemed to take
  7. I did not know that! Wow! I can't help but wonder how it was served. Knowing what I now know of the people here, it must have been as cheaply and simply as possible - ironic that such prep showcases the protein to it's best advantage. Makes me wonder HOW these self-righteous Mainers finally discovered how lovely a dish lobster makes!
  8. No, you're not being grumpy at all. I was looking forward to there being an actual elimination instead of a hype-fake-suspense-driven-announcement. I would have chosen Dawn over Gabe simply because her food, as another poster referred to and as the judges actually said, makes they happy! Gabe seems to have cooked some really good food, but his delivery just seems (to me) flat and somewhat mechanical. Lately, I don't get to travel as much as I would like, but one of my prime reasons for venturing out to other cultures is the FOOD! I have learned more about Southern US (New Orleans) England
  9. Yup...I've lived in Maine since 1998, which was about the only time I ever saw a lobster roll for less than 15.00 (American or Canadian. And since I live within 2 hours of the New Brunswick border crossing, I hate to say that I've only had one Maine Lobster roll that equals what I've had in Canada in terms of taste, presentation and price. Sad, that. Side note - my DH's father, who was born in 1919 often told us how when he was a kid growing up on the coast of Maine, lobster were regarded as garbage bottom feeders and thrown away or used as bait for more desirable seafood. Funny how things ch
  10. I see/acknowledge the point about the aunties as being more valuable as the authentic moms/wives they are...but I have a sense that these women, who have been so outspoken for as long as I've been watching this show, have a far more secure sense of self worth than those on any of the other shows and would NOT devolve into the horrors of bicki gunvalson or teresa jooodicheeee or ANY of the bitchard sisters....or, for that matter, any of the famehoos I used to watch. I find the 'aunties' refreshing and want more of them.
  11. I still plan to rewatch all of this season because new stuff keeps coming up and it seems to put other stuff in context. Dillon annoys the crap out of me - he's a self-important little snot who loves to run his mouth at the expense of other people and I have a feeling that any 'adversity' he has suffered socially is directly attributable to his big mouth and lack of boundaries more than anything else. I don't feel that either dillon or his know-it-all older brother deserved any apology, they were definitely totally insincere in their comments to and about Vishal. Anisha really needs
  12. I watched as much as I could tolerate of POScrhris's ranting BS - IMO, totally self-serving - and even those points he may have made about the duplicitous of others - he is STILL using whatever/whenever he can to make himself into some sort of misunderstood good guy. I know, as do many others, that a lot of what we see during the season is production driven....but I will absolutely NOT let those shenanigans be an EXCUSE/JUSTIFICATION for all the relentless shit POSchris pulled this season. What dumberthandirtPaige chose to play along with is on her (who dresses is such ill-fitting, sexually s
  13. Finally saw the entire episode, Ryan & Clara, my season-long faves remain so...soooooooo touching when he looked her in the eye and said those three words she's been wanting, although I am convinced that, wanting/needing privacy as much as they do for all the important stuff, it actually happened well before the reunion. Her look was toned down, softer colors, gone with the garish red lipstick...and Ryan looked a LOT more relaxed....I actually like the guy, simply because, to me, he just doesn't seem to have a phoney bone in his cute, mustachioed, fedora hatted, body...and it looks like Cl
  14. I saw a preview I just can't believe - POSchris claiming during the reunion episode that he and Paige are in 'counseling'! Why the fuck would she agree to that unless she is as brainwashed as I have seen in other 'evangelically' indoctrinated women where I live. At this point, I don't know who to blame more - Chris or the fucking- fake -"christian" church the stupid woman had been raised to believe in; or paige for being so spineless as to buy into it over and over again as she gets both fucked and fucked over. If it weren't for the fact that I need to actually hear her say she has agreed to t
  15. Before I had seen this new topic, I had posted in the finale part 2 about POSchris and DUMBASSHITpaige. My opinion stands, as of this point, unaltered.
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