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S13.W7 (E30-34)

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16 hours ago, misgabi13 said:

I was thinking the same thing!  Chunks of caramelized macadamia may have hidden the slight graininess.

I was thinking she shouldn't have put any ground nuts in the ice cream mixture.  Make a smooth, delicious vanilla ice cream, then fold the caramelized nuts into it. Of course there was probably no vanilla in the box, but I would think the basic creme anglaise would be a good base for tasty nuts.  Oh well.  I knew Tom was a goner when he announced his plan to focus on his labor intensive dessert.  He wasn't a strong enough savory cook, imo, to take for granted that he would get to the dessert round.  Seeya, Tom.  I laughed that Andy was happy when Eric said his dish didn't look like a squirrel, since he didn't see a squirrel lol.  I didn't either.   I am happy that Maja was the one who made it back.  She definitely earned it.  

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I spent the entire episode thinking Maja's dessert was made with "gelatin wax," which my brain for some reason took to mean "regular gelatin," the kind you use to set bavarois and things like that, so I couldn't figure out why she kept mentioning it like it was the centerpiece of her dish and how she was gonna use it in several elements. I mean, there's only so much use you can get out of gelatin, right? Anyway, my apologies to all Australians.

Congrats to Maja!!! She was a real dark horse this week! Extremely well deserved return, and I'm very excited to see how she fares from now on with all her newly acquired experience and skills.

On 6/3/2021 at 9:02 AM, dippydee said:

I understand the personal meaning to him and the cultural And heritage issues he’s dealing with (taking Indian food to primary school back in day used to get some looks) but he’s been cooking this food all season so I’m not sure why it was suddenly a “story”.

I agree, it was a bit strange. Maybe it was the fact that he spoke Mandarin, which he hasn't done before, I think, and would be quite significant in terms of representation, plus how he struck a nerve with Melissa, so they just made it into a thing. Still, glad the stronger cooks outlasted him this time.

I bear Wynona no ill will, so I was happy to see her make it to the end alongside the other female contestant and leave on a high note, with a dish that wasn't criticized but just lost out to a superior one.

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Depending on when it was filmed - could be an indirect reference to Stop Asian Hate (not sure how much force it got in Australia, though). I didn't mind Mel's emotions. It clearly didn't affect her judgment at the end of the day, which is what matters in the context of the competition.

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