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Welcome to The Handmaid’s Tale board. You have two new mods with you this season!  @Whimsy and @Scarlett45 are here to make sure the rules are being followed, this board runs smoothly and are enjoyable for all!  

There was a pretty long hiatus between episodes, so it’s easy to forget the rules. Here are some basic rules that are going to start being strictly enforced. 

  1. Episode threads are for talking about that specific episode ONLY. If you wish to reply to a poster, and your reply is focused not on the specific episode at hand, quoting the original poster and stating “Taking my reply to “the appropriate thread.” is a great way to keep the conversation going but not derail the topic. 
  2. Previews are posted in the episode threads. The only discussion that should happen prior to the episode airing is speculation or observations about what is in the previews. Book talk, previous episode talk and general discussion will be removed. Thread will be locked until the episode airs if these rules can’t be followed. 
  3. The book talk and spoiler rule still applies. Please see below* to familiarize yourself with it.  
  4. It’s ok to snark about the shows and characters. Just remember to be civil to your fellow posters!
  5. No Political talk- I understand the subjects discussed in this show can bring up strong emotions, but the Politics Policy still applies. 


*Book Talk:

All book talk is fine in the Palimpsest: Novel vs. Show thread and the Blessed Be: Questions from Non-Book Readers, Answers from Book Readers thread (basically, any thread tagged with the green "Book Talk" tag).

A little book talk is fine in other threads if it's relevant to the discussion, as long as it's spoiler-tagged. If a mention of something from the book turns into an actual discussion of the book, please move it over to one of the book threads rather than fill a non-book thread with spoiler tags. Thank you!


Thanks everyone!  We look forward to being with you on this crazy ride that is THT. 

- Whimsy & Scarlett45

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There are a lot of threads discussing different aspects of The Handmaid's Tale.  It's easy to start talking generally in the wrong places (ie, episode threads), so I thought it may be good to have a pinned post that directs our lovely posters to the right place, depending on what you would like to discuss.  Especially since threads can get pushed way down if there's not a lot of discussion.

I know some topics may seem to blend into others, so just make sure you are posting where it makes most sense. 

As always, if you have any questions, please contact your mods @Whimsy & @Scarlett45

Here are the threads with a short description if the name isn't obvious

Let us know if there are any other threads you think we should add!

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Is it possible to have a general discussion thread where all episodes can be referenced and discussed?

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17 hours ago, EllaWycliffe said:

Is it possible to have a general discussion thread where all episodes can be referenced and discussed?

Unfortunately, this was not recommended.  There are many places on the board to talk about many different aspects of THT.  

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