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Guest Judges: Keepers, Creepers & Sweepers

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Seems we don't have a Guest Judges thread, so here it is, just in time to say goodbye to Misty Copeland.  She's been a good influence on Nigel and Mary's critiques. She's back to rehearsals for American Ballet theatre.  I'm wondering if TPTB got her on the show to try to win over the established dance community who haven't had a lot of respect for this show in the past (possibly a bit of snobbery on their part, but likely a lot of legitimate criticism as well).  She's BALLET! and from a well established company, so nay-sayers would be trash talking her if they trash talked the show.  No?  I assume there must be psychological resons behind these kind of decisions. I could be wrong. 


Anyway, here is her DancePlug exit interview. 


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She (Tara) was useless.  And annoying.  Nearly every guest judge is useless.  And annoying.  It especially pisses me off when the guest judge gushes over a clear favorite who hasn't even done so well that evening.  That is not supposed to be the point.  Judge, already!


Then again, for many seasons, I hoped beyond hope that the rotating judge would make Nigel and Mary up their game.  Misty did that this season.  Mary and Nigel are ten levels above their recent past, for me.  It greatly improves the show. 


I support bringing back Dan Karaty.  I also wonder how Sonya would do as a guest judge next year.  She sure seems a lot nicer than Mia ever was.

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