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S02.E08: Survived Much Worse

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2 minutes ago, Chicago Redshirt said:

How much would be different if the writers wanted to do this episode without Sophie? They'd have to make Jake talk to himself and maybe they would make him be the one Ryan snuggled up to.

This is another issue. Pull any of the other characters out of this episode - Alice, Ryan, Mary, Luke, Safiyah, Ocean, Tatiana, even Julia - and you have a different episode. But you could pull either Jacob or Sophie from this episode and not change a thing about the plot. 

That's a sign of a character in trouble. 

6 minutes ago, Chicago Redshirt said:

It just seems ridiculous that Mary is being portrayed as a bigger bad-ass than Sophie right now. Which one, despite just being a spoiled socialite with no training, managed to outfight or outfox two Batman villains and a train assassin, rescue Batwoman, drive the Batmobile such that she evaded the cops, and help synthesize a cure for a plague Alice caused? 


And also, yes, this.

At this point, almost everyone on the show is being portrayed as a bigger bad-ass than Sophie is - including seeming spoiled socialites Evan/Wolf Spider and Mary.

On its own, that's not a huge issue - not everyone needs to be a bad-ass. But it is a problem given that Sophie is supposed to be a bad-ass. 

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I'm wondering if Kate is going to follow the Barbara Gordon route (yes, I know, she was Batgirl rather than Batwoman) and turn her into the show's version of Oracle. It would give her a reason to stick around but keep Ryan in place as Batwoman.

Do Desert Roses grow in petrol (as well as lady blood)? The way all those fields went up in seconds suggested they have to!

I might have liked the episode better if I could see a damn thing. I know Batman is "the dark knight", but maybe turn the brightness up a little?


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