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S02.E08: Un-Cross My Toes

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Dr. Ebonie, Dr. Brad, and Dr. Sarah have their hands full with three extreme and challenging cases, including crossed toes, unknown masses, and even a ruptured Achilles, and they each try to make sure their patients will walk normally again.

Airs 3/17.

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Aaannnd here comes Dr. Ebonie and her amputation saw! Although from what I could see, those weird 'toes' weren't doing anybody any good. That poor woman- there's a show called 'My Legs Won't Stop Growing' which is about a variant of that condition, except instead of just one leg growing, the show featured folks whose entire bottom halves were much bigger than normal. Anyway, Courtney's foot and ankle looked much better, and how lucky is she to have met a guy who really does seem to love her for what's inside (although she was very pretty, too).

Why do I have a suspicion that Dr. Brad may not be capable of the really involved surgeries? Dr. Sara seemed to have him in the OR just for brute strength to get that Achilles tendon suture tied.

I get that a guy like the one with the Frito-looking toenails might have not gotten treatment, since he looked kind of homeless. But I do wonder why so many of these patients seem to have met a series of highly incompetent doctors, who don't know what these (fairly common, really) conditions are, and have no clue how to treat them. And then the patients don't bother getting a second opinion, which seems irrational, considering how much pain most of them are in. 

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