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S01.E06: The Dark in the Dark

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That murderdoll assassin - fluctuating between creepy and cartoonish - doesn't really fit in. And the head of the assassin's guild looks like Priti Patel, which is terrifying.

They've completely lost me on the plot.

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The biggest problem, I think, is this show just doesn't know what it wants to be. Is it a steampunk police procedural? A satire? A comedy fantasy? It's trying to be everything and ends up as nothing. The writers also seem to occasionally loose the plot, literally. If it does get a 2nd season, they should just go whole hog completely away from the books and establish it as an entirely self contained thing.

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"THAT IS NOT MY COW!"* Or Summoning Darkness. Or really, terribly like anything Sir PTerry would have written. Carrot would never tolerate police brutality, he would patiently explain to the prisoner exactly the sort of things he wasn't allowed to do until the prisoner was so convinced he was about to be horrifically tortured that he failed to realise Carrot was absolutely sincere about following the rules. He also has no interest in being King (even going so far as to bury the evidence that he might be), not excited at the prospect.

And even if I didn't dislike the way they've abandoned book canon, there was way too much people standing around talking (I half expected Syndrome to turn up and say "You got me monologuing!") when they should have been killing them. Yes, we know that Vimes and Lady Sybil won't be killed (especially not in the middle of an episode in the middle of the series) but they should have been dead long before Cheery turned up. It's almost like they got the budget for 8 episodes and are determined to use it even if they only have enough plot for 6!

* Book readers will get what I mean

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