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The Book vs The Show

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This is only barely related to the Watch Discworld series. Barely.

No Colon or Nobby and all the rest of the Watch are the literal polar opposites of their book characters. 

  • Cheery is almost as tall as Carrot and clean-shaven.
  • Sybil is young, slender-ish, kinda hot, and well-armed, running a revolution against the Guilds. SHe also joins the Watch.
  • Angua is the tiniest cast member and incapable of controlling her little furry problem. 
  • Detritus is sensitive, smart and gets killed by a couple arrows.

Vimes apparently uses Angua's makeup artist, who graduated from the "No Such Thing as Too Much Smoky Eye" School of eye makeup. Angua seems to have made VantaBlack into an eyeliner. There are times I don't mind Vimes's casting and times the actor mugs like a mo-fo.

The Archchancellor of UU is now also Bloody Stupid Johnson. Vetinari is female. built like a linebacker and somehow boring as hell. DEATH is... ugh. Just..flippant? and slangy? 

Carrot's still pretty much... Carrot. 

It's like they heard someone talk about the series while half asleep and got bits and pieces they glued together into whateverTF this is.

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