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S01.E09: It's Not the Waking, It's the Rising

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A girl who you suspect was pushed off of a roof wakes up from a coma, whispers that she was deliberately pushed, and no one thinks, "Hey, maybe we should have someone in her hospital room 24/7 so she can tell us who tried to kill her"? Great work by everyone on that front.

I'm sorry, but a dance video wouldn't be enough to get people to suddenly buy tickets to a student performance. And I was laughing at Selena telling Monique that they'd had cancellations. Just about every show I've ever bought tickets for had a very strict no cancellation policy, meaning you don't have to actually go to the show but you aren't getting a refund if you just decide for some reason (attempted murder) that you don't feel like going anymore.

And what was with the terrible way they shot the video? Don't have everyone stand around while you have three people shooting the dancers on their phones! That would ruin every shot because there would be randos in the background! And why have everyone wear black and then not turn the lights in the studio all the way up? Ugh, little things like that really annoy me.

As soon as June's mom avoided meeting Ramon, I knew that he was going to turn out to be June's bio father.

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One moment I liked in this episode was Shane confronting Matteo when he showed up at the video shoot. Just because Bette's dating him now does not erase the fact that they way they all met was Matteo and his dipshit friends using the F word with Shane. I don't think that just because Bette had dinner at his mom's house means that he suddenly had a personality change and is now cured of throwing around homophobic slurs like that.

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7 hours ago, ElectricBoogaloo said:

One moment I liked in this episode was Shane confronting Matteo when he showed up at the video shoot.

I am really glad they had that moment, Matteo's transformation from homophobic jerk trying to start fights with teenagers at a bar to salt of the earth nice guy love interest seemed really off putting so I am glad that they actually haven't forgotten about how he started out. Its not even like he has seemingly dropped the homophobia, he brushed off Shane being justifiably pissed at him with a laugh and only apologized through gritted teeth when Bette insisted he do it to keep the peace. 

In fact, while this episode was as cliché and messy as the whole show is, there were a lot of individual scenes and threads that I liked. I am glad that June and her mom made up and that her mom is trying to be supportive, I like the whole subplot of Nabil and Caleb bonding, as cliché as it is, and while the idea that a YouTube video would save their school is ridiculous, the dancing was good and this show is always at its best when people are dancing and not talking.  

So it was totally Ramon who pushed Cassie right? 

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