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Bill Compton: Sookeh is Mahn!

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Yeah, it's not the actor's fault. Bill is just one of those characters whose personality tends to be whatever the writers need it to be for whatever story arc they have in mind. I stopped caring what Bill thought about anything, because I lost any expectation of his character development mattering in the next season. Nowadays, I like him with Jessica, and I like him mangling Sookie's name, but other than that I don't really have any use for him. And that anvil they set up, about whether or not he's a different person because of the blood transfusion? No. Just fucking no.

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I've always liked Bill since the episode in the first season when the town of Bon Temps welcomed him in their town meeting. He was so genuinely charming and funny, busting some vampire myths and telling them first-person stories about their ancestors. When they presented him with a picture of his family he cried, which I can't see any of the other vamps doing.

The scene in a later episode when Nan Flanigan recruited him for some Authority dirty work was also classic Bill. He had just fed on a human he'd glamored and took the time to heal the punctures and suggest the victim take addditional food supplements to make up for the blood loss. Also not something other vamps would bother to do.

When the Authority had him and Eric more or less captive, Bill came up with two brilliant plans, one apparently off the top of his head: the idea to destroy the Tru Blood supply was his, and the plan to eliminate all competition for Lillith's blood was also his. Both worked a bit too well.

There was all that research to come up with a way for vamps to daywalk. Didn't work out quite the way it should have, but no one else had tried. And even though he threatened the hell out of his captive scientist he let him go and even paid him handsomely for his efforts.

Finally, he did save all the vamps from getting fried, almost at the expense of his own life.

Sure, he's not a casually violent asshole like Eric, but if I had to depend on a vampire to do the right thing on a long-term basis I'd pick Bill.

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I like Bill - especially when he's not with Sookie.  I really like that he was a good husband and father, and then devastated when he lost his ability to be with his family. 

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