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America --Welcome to Hooterville USA---a town that never sees rain or snow.  Frazzled NYC lawyer buys a ramshackle farm much to his socialite wife, Lisa's dismay but she agrees to give it six months and they will move back to NYC and if she isn't happy they  will move back to the Big Apple.  She's useless in the kitchen, making hotcakes that look and {probably taste} like rubber.  I always wondered why Oliver didn't die of hunger.When she realizes Oliver is so happy she agrees to stay on an intermediate anmoj time; meanwhile she attempts to cook and clean, something she is woefully inept at.  However she does it all while wearing elaborate nightwear and great jewelry, while Oliver must be the only farmer in USA who farms while wearing dress pants, white oxford shirt, ties and vests. And what woman doesn't wear a leopard coat when shopping at Sam Drucker's General Store?  The electricity between them is so real you can feel it 

The fellow citizens of Hooterwille are just what you'd expect--even down to Arnold the Talking Pig whom everyone can understand except--you guess it--Oliver.

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Thanks for starting this show thread!   I think Green Acres coming as it did in the late 60s, seemed to miss being noticed at the time for its rural-based surrealism.  It wasn't just Arnold the pig, the "son" of the Ziffels, who would get drafted among other adventures, but one character would come up with a nonsensical word or phrase and everyone Oliver would run into would casually repeat it.  Not to mention Lisa's square eggs, and the episode which opens with her asking Oliver about all the names floating in space above their bedroom (the shows' opening credits).  Certainly this show had an influence down the line to the rural weirdness of Larry, Darryl and Darryl of Newhart, and Hank Yarbo of Corner Gas.    Great show.

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