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S01.E01: Meet the Lord

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A young slave living in the Kansas territory in 1856, has a fateful run-in with abolitionist John Brown, who "frees" him, nicknames him "Onion," and welcomes him into his ragtag army.


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So I'm apparently alone here but starting this for my holiday weekend binge. Mostly I'm just enjoying how well the show captured the tone of the book, which especially in the first part feels like they took a roughly based story of John Brown and threw it into a Huckleberry Finn blender. Ethan Hawk is better in this than I would have expected.

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I'm through episodes 1 and 2. Af first I wasn't sure, but now I"m on a binge. Ethan Hawk is very good in the role and the actor who plays Onion is excellent. I'm wondering how long he can keep passing as a girl. 

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