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  1. Yep. Poor organizer was in tears. Working with mentally ill people requires both compassion and detachment. The organizer needs to develop a very thick skin to continue in this job if these people are representative of her clients.
  2. Kaylee, grab the food and attention while you can. Best Mama's list of favorites changes by the day. That's what narcissists do. Does Jill's hilarious, outdated eye makeup get heavier the more persecuted she feels? I hope so. Please continue.
  3. I'm glad little Sofia has unburdened herself of all her sins. She must have had a lot at age four. The poor child always looks like her next stop is an ad for St. Jude Hospital--very thin, sallow complexion, and sparse hair.
  4. The reflective sunglasses on these hot guys are a hoot. Probably came from a dollar store.
  5. A summary will do. Some images could burn out pixels in my TV, I think.
  6. I'm sure it was a morality tale production at a local church. Parents and siblings in the audience. No masks, no distancing, coffee and cake gathering after. Jill is not too familiar with professional theater or the other arts, as evidenced by her tacky home decorating ideas and general lack of knowledge about anything that doesn't showcase her.
  7. Are these radio programs and presenters real? 3:00 pm - Crimson River Baptist Broadcast with Denver Burnside (30m) I feel as if we're being trolled.
  8. I've had several biopsies done. The cervix is numbed and the biopsy itself doesn't hurt, but there a lot of pressure and it's uncomfortable. I'm sure you'll do fine. Angela likes drama. I'm surprised the doctor is participating in this show. The painful part is Angela's constant whining about giving Michael a child. There's not going to be a Baby Michael from Angela. Technology has its limits. I'm not sure there's going to be a real wedding, but Angela has a dress, of course. It looks interesting with the black bra, but how is it going to work without one? Stay tuned.
  9. Why does Jill wear leggings under her dress? Is she delusional enough to think she's so hot some man might be defrauded by looking at her legs? If so, I guess the Hulk will defend her honor if he can make the effort to pull himself up from the dinner table. Poor Nurie sure fell off the most valuable list pretty fast. Easy come, easy go. I'd stand in line for a cure rather than to sign up to have some nutjob evangelical science denier cough virus on me. I didn't even get the joke in the cartoon until I read her comment.
  10. The Rodkids probably got less anesthesia to save money, but they also experienced exhilaration for the first time. I hope they can remember the feeling of being carefree 'cause their lives are designed to promote misery.
  11. Here's the Sunday schedule for the radio programs: https://wvgvradio.com/listen-in/program-guide/. The station operates out of West Virginia, and the programs are mostly 10-15 minutes. My favorite in the lineup is the 5:00 program: Patterns for Christian Living with Mark Biter.
  12. As I mentioned the first time this topic came around, British Princess Eugenie intentionally chose a wedding dress for her very public wedding that let her scar from the surgery show. It's a symbol of success not a flaw. Kody lives in a patriarchal fantasyland, and so do his brainwashed wives. He's a jerk, and he can't always hide it on camera.
  13. How much time and money did that spend on that quack? Snake oil comes with a big price tag, and I think they had to travel to get to the appointments. They were hoping that uncomfortable brace thing and all those hours of exercise would "fix" the problem. Apparently, it did not. They could have saved some money by taking a more conventional approach, but that would be too normal for them. This family is so strange. They can't afford necessities like cars with unbroken windows, yet they buy and furnish mcmansions. They always seem just one step ahead of the law, but about money, not polygamy as Kody whines. Hair Doofus must think he's the smartest businessman who ever lived. I'm sure some of this is editing, but the producers probably have plenty to work with in these oddballs.
  14. @doodlebug , I posted before I saw the end of your post. Since the King James version is the only version God approves of, citing it is God's word. I wonder how many men in the congregation became worried to hear about this sin they didn't even know they were committing.
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