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  1. Talk about facetuning or whatever. Josh looks movie-star handsome in that wedding photo. He never looked like that.
  2. That's a photo gone bad. Josh has black mold creeping up his neck and chin. Lolli? WTF?
  3. I hope David really is fixing the home kid warehouse between meals and snacks. That's physical labor, after all, and David could use the exercise. Send one of the female waifs out. Better for business that way.
  4. I wore Pendleton in college in the '60's (when I could afford it), and I love this jacket. Plaid is back in style, so the jacket would work now. The lines of the plaid match perfectly too. I reject so much now because of sloppy cutting and sewing. That's management cost cutting not the workers' fault.
  5. All those women in tight pants and short dresses! God just hates immodesty! How can Jill stand to be in the presence of these women? God must give a pass to ladies who sell Plexus.
  6. Does poor Mac have a denim skirt on over her slacks? I'm surprised she's allowed to participate in what is obviously a "boys'" sport.
  7. Jill gifted her offspring with the long, pointy chin and the gummy smile. David pitched in the big ears and the tooth gap. Something for everyone!
  8. How does that blouse work? Is it a bunched-up tunic with a belt under it? There are not enough filters in the world to make me look good with all those layers of fabric around my middle, especially when paired with a short, too tight jacket. Speak of which, Meri's head looks tiny on top of all that bulk. Maybe not the best choice for her either.
  9. Hurry folks. The dresses appear to be sold out in blue, and limited and on sale in green. Bright red is still available. It's 100% polyester, and the skirt and bodice are fully lined up to the high neck in polyester (sweats while typing this). Adult sizes retail for $88.00. All that polyester doesn't come cheap.
  10. That flagstone flooring would make me turn around and walk out, especially if that's a kitchen or entertainment area. It's cold, hard, rough, and probably a chore to clean. I live in a cold climate, so that would not be a choice I'd consider. And my feet hurt just looking at it.
  11. Yes. A reasonable god would tell her to do her best to remain here and take care of the six children she has. An unreasonable god would tell her to carry on producing an army of christian warriors whatever the consequences. I guess we'll eventually see what the priorities are.
  12. A burger is definitely missing. What a mystery. The blue dress is a good color and fits her correctly. However, it's made of thin rayon--and there's a lot of it. Since Jill doesn't iron, that dress is going to look very sad after its first washing. It might shrink too. Care instructions are to hand wash and lay flat to dry, so that's one more chore for a busy mom. However, it is nursing friendly. Retail: 49.99.
  13. If her uterus had departed this life, she'd be wearing black. Jill looks like a drag queen in that photo, except drag queens look more put together. She's going to make an interesting grandmother to Nurie's blessings. Solid Rock is an evangelical church (not sure that's what the building in the photo is). Wonder if the Rods are on the road again.
  14. These were probably three shirts from WalMart that totaled $11, but God told her not to buy them! I would have enjoyed hearing that conversation. If I overspend or buy something ugly, it's on me. I bet the voice Teri hears in her head sounds just like Stevie's.
  15. I thought it was one of those disturbing bug-eyed animal photos that used to be popular on greeting cards. Where is that picture? There's so much strange-looking stuff in the background.
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