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  1. Of course, Jill or Davy could be the ones ending up getting really sick. The Delta variant is supposed to be as contagious as chickenpox, so if one gets it, everyone in the bus will too, but it's hard to say how sick any one person would be. Jill and David might prop up the kids and tell them to sing (and infect new people), but they might not be able to do it themselves. A family of 15 landing in a rural hospital would be bad as these hospitals are having surges of new Covid patients and might not have room for 15 new cases at once. However, I was sure they'd get sick from swimmin
  2. Food, laundry, showers, beds, restaurant trip, sightseeing, and shopping. Don't underestimate Jill's grift. (Think Cousin Eddie in Christmas Vacation, except Eddie wasn't mean like Jill is.)
  3. If they don't bring it into Arkansas, they may end up coming out with it. I'll be shocked if the whole family doesn't end up seriously ill and stuck in that bus before this trip is over.
  4. Arkansas, huh? I wonder if Jill plans to surprise the residents at the TTH. I'm sure Meech and JB would be overjoyed to see the stink bus rolling into their driveway just in time for dinner.
  5. The idea is that Jill won't have to buy her another pair of shoes for the next four years. Whether or not she can walk in them is irrelevant.
  6. And then there's the useless Hunk. Rather than working to support his many children, he parades them around looking ragged and malnourished so he and Not-Best Mama can keep their grift going.
  7. Her face and neck look like they are stuck on the wrong body. Jill is such a pathetic loser. Her children look like war refugees while she tries to pass as a twenty-year-old beauty queen at a country fair.
  8. The older ones and the younger ones really are dressed for different seasons. The younger girls are apt to do heathen things like run and jump that might show a bit of leg. Anyway, Jill probably likes to see them suffer in unseasonable, ill-fitting clothes to make sure the modesty lessons stick. As for photoshopping, I'll bet Jill shaved a few pounds off her girth too. Her vanity knows no limits.
  9. Her neck lost an inch of rolls. She touched up her nose and her chin too. She always does that.
  10. He's probably sitting on a bench nearby eating a hot dog and drinking a coke. Jill sure went heavy with the filters on her denim photo. Her hair looks like it just burst into orange flames.
  11. There's water, and the Rods are dressed for swimming! They probably haven't had any showers in the last week, so here's a chance to get wet.
  12. Abby's dress appears to have the proper support. The bridesmaids, left on their own to find undergarments, failed. The contrast between the bride and the bridal party highlights the the problem.
  13. Speaking of garlic, the Gilroy Garlic Festival ends tomorrow. Too bad Amy and Chris didn't get there this year. Amy could roll around in the stuff.
  14. And eat whatever she puts in front of me without asking what it is.
  15. At her anniversary celebration? Looking at the decor and the giant knife by her plate, I'm guessing MEAT. It's really hard to tell from the photo, but it's lovely to see her with her own full plate of food.
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