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  1. It's interesting that in the photo of Janessa and Sophia?, they are "waiting for their food." However, there are no napkins, glasses, or silverware on the table. Tables are usually set before guests come in. I hope those two thin kids got something to eat. It wasn't going to cost Jill anything.
  2. I think the "us" are the two Not-Nuries and the two younger kids. Maybe the picture with the New, Improved David holding Nemo was when he returned to pick everyone up. The cruise and dinner day must have set Nathan back a few hundred dollars. Jill and her ailing leg probably dragged everyone into a few gift shops too. She can't resist.
  3. The cruise and dinner were the same day, it seems. They're wearing the same clothes. So Nurie and Jill were in so much pain they had to be wheeled onto the boat. That solved Jill's problem, but Nurie had to sit. That couldn't have been comfortable. Jill is so worried about Nurie's pain "there," but they still had to go to a restaurant. No mention of wheelchairs, so Jill and Nurie must have managed to walk in. Jill loves to eat at nice restaurants, so her knee probably felt much better by then. I doubt Nurie felt any better. That must have been a long, painful, exhausting day
  4. Isn't St. Austine/Augustine the city where Jill let her kids trespass and climb the walls of the historic fort? Now she's demanding wheelchair service on a boat trip there. She's like a bad wind that blows in and inflicts as much damage as possible.
  5. Jill: I was bored, so I decided Nurie and Nathan should treat us all to a cruise. I suggested we ask for wheelchairs since she and I both "injured." Nurie hesitated, but I decided for her. I took wonderful pictures. Nurie and Nathan took us out for lunch too! Jill writes her own snark. She's going to put us out of business if she keeps this up.
  6. Jill would sell one of her kids if it would get her on TV (not on the evening news, however).
  7. It's not working for Jill either, or she wouldn't be photoshopping her torso to look thinner. @Picture It. Sicily , Poor Janessa. From what I've heard, Plexus does not taste good. Eating the stuff must be an act of desperation.
  8. Whatever MacArthur says they are. That's why Jer says "Christians holding to absolute standards." He intentionally left out "only" in front of Christians and "my/our" in front of absolute standards. Jeremy is a hypocrite. He'd love to persecute anyone who doesn't believe what he thinks. Jerk.
  9. Jill would go nuts if she could get Tim married to a daughter in a TV family! I don't see any advantage for the young woman and her family unless being trapped in a fundie prison with Jill as a warden is a good thing. What about the Dingus woman who was splashing water around with Tim in the dirty culvert? Maybe a whole half of a cow will help Ms. Dingus buy her way back in the running if that's what she wants. I really don't see anything positive Tim and his family bring to the table.
  10. Is Jill still with Nurthan? If so, she needs to go home. Who knows what's going on with the finishing of the upstairs attic? Who know if Joy Baptist is planning a coup against pushy grifter Jill? Jill needs to be there to supervise. Go home, Jill. It's time Nathan and Nurie had a chance to meet their son.
  11. The Lover's Knot tiara doesn't have the high-low look of The Girls of Great Britain and Ireland . However, Esther's is too simple to be a true replica of either. Hers has a simple corona virus spike pattern that's quite the fashion at large indoor weddings with few vaccinated guests and ever fewer wearing masks.
  12. Jeremy appears to be wearing spats in the wood chopping photo. Walmart sells them, so Jeremy may be onto something new. I think the coffee and donut sessions are to introduce young men to the right Jesus. Coffee, donuts, an expensive pen, and a notebook are necessary. A few people seem to be asleep or about to be.
  13. A least they kept the guest list under control and fed everyone a full meal. This was not a Duggar wedding.
  14. The tiara is a knockoff of the one Queen Elizabeth often wears. It's called The Girls of Great Britain and Ireland and was a wedding gift. I'm surprised the bride didn't go for one of Diana's favorites. That suit is sad. Maybe he gained weight from the time he ordered and altered it to the time he wore it. I give them credit for holding the reception inside instead of serving ice cream in a parking lot.
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