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S01.E02: Goodies

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The press descends upon the domestic lives of the astronauts. Shepard and Gordo wilt under the limelight while Glenn thrives. Glenn secures a deal with Life Magazine that grants exclusive access to all seven astronauts in return for life-altering compensation. By the time the astronauts arrive in Florida to begin work, even Shepard has come to understand the power they now hold.

Dropping Friday, October 9, 2020, on Disney+.

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I liked this episode more than the first one. Patrick Fischler is great and its nice to see Danny Strong on screen again. So far Gordo and Trudy are the most interesting characters - at the moment John Glenn is sanctimonious and Alan Shepard is an ass. Hopefully they'll start fleshing out all the characters soon. 

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I'm enjoying this show. A little disappointing that not many people seem to be watching it, and the couple of reviews I saw weren't that great. It has more sex in it than I was expecting from a Nat. Geo show! lol I had no idea that Shepard was such a philanderer, and I guess Gordo had an affair as well? Is that why his wife left him? I just assumed she had left because he was never around, but then the reporter mentioned a woman. I feel kinda weird talking about them as if they're just characters, instead of real people. I saw the movie a long time ago, but I don't really remember much about it. I visited my parents, and we watched the first two episodes together. They both enjoyed it too. 

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20 hours ago, pezgirl7 said:

had no idea that Shepard was such a philanderer, and I guess Gordo had an affair as well?

I put this in spoilers, I am not sure it counts as it is history, but wanted to be safe.


I read Astronaut Wives (and watched the show) which tells the same story, but from the wives view, and  I think all the guys had affairs, except John Glenn of course. Shepard was one of the worst though. The girls that would come to the motel in Florida were called "cape cookies"


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