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Perps, Victims, and Everyone In-Between: Memorable CI Guest Stars...

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With some talk in the Mothership thread of memorable actors who had popped in and out over time, I figure such a topic was merited here, too.


Do you have a favorite or even less favorite but still memorable guest star?


I know many have mentioned Whoopi Goldberg for her role in "To The Bone". And I agree. She was majorly creepy and even sort of made a fool of poor Logan at the end.


And it may have been when CI was getting a bit too personal, but I do still give props to John Glover's odd, altered, later crazy Dr. Declan Gage. The actor played the guy to the hilt. Ditto Roy Scheider. I wasn't fond of the whole Goren/Ford family angle, but Roy Scheider nailed the charismatic serial killer bit. (I think it was one of his final roles, too.)


And the late Chris Penn was suitably nasty as the incestuous chef/daddy/killer in "Death Roe". Hard to believe it was the same actor who played awkward Willard in the original Footloose.


Finally, Doris Roberts did pretty well in her dramatic role as Lady Harrington in "Privileged".


Who were some guest actors who stood out in your opinion?

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I still can't believe the same actress who played Sister Olivia was Becky the Hooker in "Smothered". Susan Misner must be a great actress! Carrie Preston, whom you have mentioned before, @GHScorpiosRule , is another good actress. Her turn in "Magnificat" as the Andrea Yates-like mom was so sad yet chilling.

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Dude who played that serial killer and later turned up as Captain Hannah in the 10th and final season.


Ah, right. Jay O. Sanders. The only CI captain, by the way, who never made it into the main credits. (He just got an "Also Starring" credit before the guest stars. Wonder why?)

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I'm sorry, who?


Doris was the character's name. She was the sister of the perp in "The Posthumous Collection" who told G/E how she and her sisters used to abuse the crap out of their brother.

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And the cool thing is, Stephen Colbert actually seemed to do a very credible job at acting, @BigDfromLA! Then again, it has been said his Comedy Central self is an act, too, as he is supposed to be actually himself once he takes the reins from David Letterman next year, so he must be more proficient at acting than I thought.


As for Jay Mohr, he certainly got the Charlie Sheen-esque riff down pat, matching the "Tiger Blood/Winning!" batshit crazy phase, anyway.

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OMG! I knew the actor died and in such a horrible way, but I had no idea he was the actor who played Keith (the kid who had the hots for his older teacher)!

Wow.  :-\  Too sad and, yeah, an odd and awful way to go!

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On 6/20/2016 at 1:34 PM, cooksdelight said:

"Danielle!!! Danielle!!! We're going to have a baby!!!"

I had no idea that was the same actor. RIP

My listings online actually, sort of ironically, have "Tru Love" airing at 4:00 a.m. tonight/tomorrow. Obviously too late/early for rational functional humans but if there is anyone up then, there you go!

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