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Tradecraft: Media for In from the Cold

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In from the Cold is a Spy Thriller TV Series coming to Netflix that will be eight, hour-long episodes all released on the same day. Filming took place in Madrid, Spain.


In From the Cold is about a single mother named Jenny Franklin (Margarita Levieva) who is living with her daughter in Cherry Hill, New Jersey. Jenny Franklin was once a Secret Agent, Super Spy, Assassin for the Russian KGB known as "The Whisperer". Jenny Franklin was also the only human subject to have survived a classified KGB experimental "Yaroslav Program" that has granted her special abilities. During a European vacation with her daughter, Becca, Jenny Franklin, is kidnapped. 


Cillian O’Sullivan plays CIA Agent Chauncey, who forces Jenny Franklin to return to her old life as a chemically enhanced Deadly Assassin to catch an Assassin that has the exact same skill set and techniques that Jenny Franklin used to employ. CIA Agent Chauncey may have sought out someone with The Whisperer's skills for his own personal agenda.

In from the Cold Cast:

Margarita Levieva as Jenny Franklin

Cillian O’Sullivan as Chauncey


Lydia Fleming as Becca, A talented, teenage, competitive figure skater, who, like every teenager, is wrestling with her own sense of identity. Little does she know that her own mother is a secret super spy.


Charles Brice as Chris, A gifted computer hacker who, despite his best efforts, is conscripted into working as Chauncey Lew’s right-hand man, and becomes his moral compass when the rogue CIA agent is baited and blinded by vengeance.


Alyona Khmelnitskaya as Svetlana Petrova, A former KGB field operative turned SVR instructor and handler in the early-1990’s. Her own broken dreams and cultish devotion to “Old Russia” are what fuel a maniacal obsession with ensuring that her young protégée, Anya, is willing to sacrifice everything for her country.

Stasya Miloslavskaya as Anya Petrova (The Whisperer), A promising young, Russian Intelligence agent, who is precariously caught between her domineering mentor trying to keep her bound to the lies of the Soviet past, and the liberating promise of the “New Russia” that seems so very possible in the early-1990’s.

Lola Mae Loughran as Maddie Davis

Amanda Bright as Ladonna Davis


José Luis García Pérez as Felipe Calero, is involved with the right-wing nationalist group "Los Jinetes", who are preparing to do a terrorist act.


María Romero as Lidia Orsorio

Anastasia Martin as Faina Orlov

Jeremy Ang Jones as SuYin

Anatoly Chugunov as SVR Tech

Anna Jobarteh as Claire Reed


Mat Cruz as Tomás Alonso

Jade-Eleena Dregorius as Zoya Kotova

Alexandra Prokhorova as Gaia Morozova

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