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S01.E02: Episode 2

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More badassness from Elliot.

Looks like Teddy Pendergast but fights like Jason Bourne.  After surviving a fight to the death with a meat cleaver-wielding assassin, his handler shows up and it turns out Elliot is a UC or undercover cop.

You'd think a cop wouldn't let his guard down and give that meat cleaver guy a chance to disarm him of his gun.

For that matter, it's one thing to establish and maintain his cover but he's leaving a lot of bodies, including a couple of dead ones.

Ed kills Jack, Finn's driver, making it look like he slit his wrist.  So he doesn't want Jack talking to Sean.

Elliot has to prove he's fit or he'll be pulled out of UC, throwing away 2 years of the UC life.  So he goes to a psychiatrist who asks him about how well he's sleeping, if he still thinks of his wife or his son -- before he went undercover, his wife and son were killed, though they don't say how.

Victoria Chung, the handler, convinces her boss to let Elliot stay UC because he's just gotten noticed by Sean for brining Jack the driver back singlehandedly.


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I guess the show really wanted an excuse to blow up a bunch of shit because DAMN, the went all out on Darren's family. It looks like his dad got away though, so I'm expecting him to try to do something reckless and huge like blowing up Sean's car.

It looks like Billy is the Fredo of the family - reckless and unreliable but as eager as a puppy dog to be part of the family business. He's somehow convinced himself that he is an asset rather than a liability.

I can't wait to see what was on those Polaroids that Luan gave to Ed.

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