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S01.E09: Who the Hell Is B?

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Awwwwm, I loved that Victor came out to Felix. That was a huge step for him. Felix's reaction was very sweet and it was obvious he wanted to say the right thing and then just went with his honest reaction.

Like Felix, I like to know in advance if I'm going to a no shoe house so that I can plan my sock situation accordingly. I grew up in a no shoe house so I'm totally fine with it but I will definitely wear cuter socks if I know anyone is going to see them.

I can't imagine how humiliating it was for Lake to have to just stand there while her mom passive aggressively told her she's stupid and will have to get by on her looks, let alone how much more humiliating it was for Lake to know that Felix heard every word too.

Felix was really brave to show Lake his mom's hoarding. That is a source of shame for both hoarders and their families so I'm sure it took a lot for him to let Lake in. And even after all that, she still wouldn't go to the dance with him? Way harsh, Tai. I was glad that Felix finally stood up for himself and told her that it was over. If I'm not good enough for you to be seen with in public then BYE.

Damn, as soon as Veronica and Mia's dad said they left the Billy Joel concert early and he handed her a bottle of water, I knew she was pregnant. Poor Mia. That was a lot of information for one night.

Like I said in a previous episode thread, if Armando can't forgive Isabel and trust her again, their marriage is never going to work. The fact that he immediately makes assumptions and accuses her when anything looks the tiniest bit similar to what happened in Texas shows that he has done neither.

Even worse, Armando and Isabel seem to think that their kids are either deaf or stupid. Kids know when you're fighting even when you don't do it in front of them. They know when you're mad at each other even if you don't say anything. And THEY CAN HEAR YOU YELLING AT EACH OTHER. As Victor pointed out, they seem fine letting the kids get overwhelmed with their constant fighting. My sister was really little when my parents started fighting, despite the fact that they thought we didn't know a thing. Kids know so stop insulting their intelligence by acting like they don't have eyes or ears. They can feel the tension even if you don't say a word.

Oh, Pilar. Just because you find a letter doesn't mean you should open it and read it. So rude! But definitely something a little sister would do.

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On 6/22/2020 at 9:33 AM, ElectricBoogaloo said:

Awwwwm, I loved that Victor came out to Felix. That was a huge step for him. Felix's reaction was very sweet and it was obvious he wanted to say the right thing and then just went with his honest reaction.

Felix is a great friend and dude. 

“I can’t live in the shadows Lake, I’m pale enough as it is!” 🤣🤣🤣 That dude is funny.

I am glad he stood up for himself with Lake. I’ve been giving Lake lots of chances but Felix deserves better. 

Benji feels guilty because he attracted to Victor too!!! Duh!

Armando shouldn’t speak to his wife that way. Maybe they should go to marriage counseling (with their priest or a secular therapist)- because it’s clear he still doesn’t trust her. 


So Armando ASSAULTED HIS BOSS and was fired. He should be happy he wasn’t arrested.  They didn’t move to get away from Roger but because the Dad lost his job.

Violence is not the answer, but I don’t understand the desire to attack the person your partner cheated on you with. 

Poor Mia- learning your Dad is getting married and you’re getting a sibling all at once is a lot. Of course she has issues after her Mom ABANDONED her. I believe her Dad loves her but he’s not very emotionally aware. He probably feels because he has given her a nice life full of material things (and security) that makes up for her Mom being gone. Of course I’m not blaming him for what his wife did- but he could be a wee bit more sensitive considering.  

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