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61st Street In The Media

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The show will premiere on AMC April 10, with the first 2 episodes streaming on AMC+ and ALLBLK. It looks like Tosin Cole is not the star like I initially thought, Courtney Vance is (which makes sense given how prominently he was featured in the trailer). Poor Tosin looks to be relegated to supporting player based on the press release http://www.thefutoncritic.com/news/2022/02/02/amc-networks-unveils-premiere-date-for-thrilling-new-drama-61st-street-starring-emmy-winner-courtney-b-vance-ahead-of-series-world-premiere-at-sxsw-556413/20220202amc02/

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61st Street, an 8 episode drama debuts Sunday, April 10 at 10pm ET/PT on AMC, with the first two episodes streaming on AMC+ and ALLBLK. New episodes will roll out weekly, on Sundays, and be available one week early on AMC+ and ALLBLK.

61st Street is envisioned as a two-season close-ended event with 8 episodes per season.

61st Street is set in present-day Chicago, this drama series follows Moses Johnson, a promising high school athlete, who is swept up into the infamously corrupt Chicago criminal justice system. Labeled by the police as a gang member, Moses soon finds himself in the eye of the storm as police and prosecutors seek a swift resolution for the death of an African American suspect named Rufus and Police Officer Michael Rossi during a drug bust that goes horribly wrong. With Moses on the run and branded as a cop killer, is being arrested even on the table? This is a timely examination of the institutional racism plaguing cities nationwide and plumbs the depths of systemic abuse happening in some of America's most vulnerable communities.

Courtney B. Vance plays Franklin Roberts, the workaholic Chicago public defender in the twilight of his career serving at the busiest courthouse in America. After promising his wife Martha that he would retire to spend more time with their seventeen-year-old autistic son, David, as well as recently being diagnosed with an aggressive form of cancer, Franklin realizes Moses Johnson is the case of a lifetime, one that can upend the entire Chicago judicial system, challenging institutional racism and endemic corruption at its very heart.

Aunjanue Ellis plays Martha Roberts, the wife of Franklin Roberts and a former stay-at-home mom to their autistic son, David. Martha is torn between her burgeoning career in politics and the growing needs of her family. Martha is a candidate running for alderwoman in Chicago’s 5th Ward, against a challenging opponent, but she would never compromise her principles to win. Martha is very skilled at telling the voting public that her drive and ambition will be placed at their service. With "police reform" becoming the hot button focus of the political landscape, her campaign is becoming deeply influenced by the events surrounding the Moses Johnson police investigation. 

Tosin Cole plays Moses Johnson a a high school track star from Chicago’s South Side. Athletic, smart, savvy, funny and a seriously gifted runner. Moses' future is all mapped out, he is 24 hours away from leaving home to take up an athletic scholarship at a prestigious college in New Hampshire, when he happens to be in the wrong place, at the wrong time, and has an encounter with the Chicago Police Department that ends with them labeling him a gang member involved in the death of a white police officer and being accused of his murder.

Bentley Green will portray Joshua Johnson, younger brother of Moses. Joshua is in the middle of trying to figure out how he can become the man of the house now that his older brother is leaving for college. Moses' arrest changes both of their lives forever.

Andrene Ward-Hammond plays Norma, a cleaning lady at the local courthouse and a single mother dedicated to her two boys, Moses and Joshua. Her world turns upside down when Moses is accused of murder. Her children's father, a deadbeat member of the gang, "The Nation", is serving a prison sentence for gang related activities. 

Jerod Haynes plays Big Phil, a kind, hardworking and loving man who walks into Norma Johnson's life just when she needs him most. She has to wonder whether maybe he’s too good to be true – and maybe she’s right.

Holt McCallany will play Lieutenant Brannigan, a calculating and ruthless Chicago police lieutenant running a hard, dirty squad. He believes in keeping peace on the streets by force, no matter the cost. It seems that he and Franklin Roberts have a turbulent history.

Mark O’Brien  plays Johnny Logan, a legacy Chicago police officer. When a murder occurs on the streets during a drug bust gone wrong, he’s forced to question his commitment to the department while examining his own morality.

Patrick Mulvey plays Michael Rossi, a police officer killed when a drug raid goes wrong. 
Kevin Tre’von Patterson plays Rufus, an African American suspect killed when a drug raid goes wrong. 

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