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I loved this episode! I like that they finally mentioned the doubles and that it's a group effort to bring Mando to life. My favorite part was seeing Pedro in ADR, and him holding a pillow in place of Baby Yoda. 😆 I was wondering why he was also screaming into it, and according to a guy from Empire magazine on twitter, Pedro did it to make his voice raspy. I always assumed they did something to his voice in post-production to make his voice sound that way, but maybe not! I'm sure they still add a helmet effect, but maybe the deep raspiness really is all Pedro.


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I liked hearing about the original plans for Carl Weathers/Greef Karga, and how he wasn't supposed to be around past Chapter 3... and that he was supposed to have a whole different physical appearance (alien) than what we know now (human).


I liked that they made a point of showing Pedro in the full Mando armor on the day he had to shoot the scene in which his face was revealed.  They never addressed the fact that he was away from the set for a lot of the time (I'm sure they didn't want to draw attention to that), so they made it sound as though he was there on the set more than he actually was!  lol


I laughed out loud at Pedro's anecdote about how he walked out of the make-up trailer on the set of Mando, and ended up injuring himself and getting 7 stitches.  I mean... poor guy.... but he brought up a good point about how he didn't get hurt in all of those insane situations he was in for other jobs, but just exiting the make-up trailer on the Mando set was enough to send him to the hospital!

The scenes with Pedro recording his dialogue were interesting (I enjoy seeing how that all works), and the pillow was hilarious!


I think that Pedro and Gina genuinely like each other and get along.  I can picture them staying friends after this series ends (which, hopefully, won't be for a long time).  Pedro is always very engaging in group interviews, or anytime he is interviewed along with someone else he worked with.  He seems to really be a team player, and he develops a natural camaraderie and chemistry with almost everyone he works with (or it comes across that way on camera).  He is generous in complimenting them on their work, or mentioning other projects they've done, etc.  In other words, Pedro seems to want to make sure the other people he works with are able to shine and get the recognition he feels they deserve, and he is quick to be modest and self-deprecating, calling himself a "dork" or saying that he was a "mess" when the helmet came off or whatever.


While I appreciate what both Lateef and Brendan have brought to the physicality and movement of Mando/Din -- and it is not insignificant -- at the end of the day, Pedro Pascal IS Mando to me.  He is the one I most closely associate with playing Mando.  Pedro is the headlining name on the show.  Pedro's voice is pivotal to the role of Mando at this point.  And now we have seen Pedro-as-Mando's face too. 

It's not that I want Brendan and Lateef to work less, but... there might come a time when we see Pedro's face even more often on the show -- particularly in scenes where Mando is not in a physical battle, but is just sitting around in the cockpit of the ship or talking to someone or whatever -- which is what I hope will happen.  While the action scenes are fun, I connect more with voices and faces, and that's what interests me more than 'who is performing this elaborate stunt in this scene, in this episode.'  When Darth Vader is onscreen in a movie, I am not thinking about how there are 3 different men representing his voice, face and body.  I'm only thinking about the iconic voice of James Earl Jones and that's what I associate with Vader.

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Really enjoyed this episode. Loved the stuff about Greedy/Carl Weathers and how he was supposed to be killed off in 103.

Gina is really cool and I love Cars so it was nice to see her talk about her character and just acting in general.

Loved the story she told about not getting a scene/dialogue and beating herself up over it and Carl Weathers was just "we've all been there" 😄

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