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S01.E11: Switzerland

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Aaron bolsters his case with newfound information from Marie but finds himself torn between two worlds when Cassius suspects Aaron is a snitch and seeks retribution. Foster struggles to lay low during his last two weeks before retirement, but Safiya turns up the heat, confiscating religious texts to stop the drug trade.

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Oh shit.

Marie and Darius thought he was guilty. I don't know if I could get over that, if I was Aaron. I guess, Marie trying to help him anyway is something. But still... that hurts.

I thought Darius was recording the conversation he had with the liar, but I guess not. Maybe it wouldn't have been admissable anyway.

I thought Jamal's visitor was his son at first. I knew he was saying good-bye, even before the hand holding, but I didn't realize it was his lover until that point. I wish they hadn't gone out of their way to slander his sister, though. She's not even a character on the show, and they made her more one dimensional than anyone who is. Uncool.

I realized Jamal was going to try to kill Cassius a second before Aaron called his name on the yard. SHUT UP AARON!! Making Cassius turn around really put Jamal at a disadvantage. Well-meaning, but a mistake.

Of course the one guard who tried to break it up got killed. Cowards are cowards for a reason.

This was a really painful episode.

The voice over at the end could have used more revisions. People die for their families all the time.

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