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Yeah I agree. Pink Sneakers is interesting because I wonder who she works for or why she is killing off these guys. But after the last attempted murder they definitely know what she looks like now.

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I want to say Julio's the jerk Federal agent that was trying to get Angie to admit she was banging Greg Knox, but I'm not certain of that...


Back to our girl Pinky, who's managed to stay a homicidal enigma for five straight episodes...we still don't know who she's working for, or what her full marching orders are.  It appears that she is/was going after various drug lords to either start a gang war or destabilize said gangs in some way (both of which would likely have the same result--someone could sweep in and take over), but the show's actually been deliberately vague with her up to this point.  Since Ruiz survived her assassination attempt, though, the question becomes whether they'll finally start going after her or if she'll actually manage to walk off into the sunset (and with the show already picked up for a second season, I'd say the odds are even either way).

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