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  1. Easyspreestep

    S04.E09: That Ain't Me

    I really enjoy the relationship between Tommy and Ghost, the fact that Tommy comes in high and head buts Ghost with no repercussions. I really loved when Ghost kicked him out but only until he was sober. Family. I mean Ghost stole money and killed Tommy's money man and Tommy let it go. These two are the definition of ride or die
  2. Easyspreestep

    Dear White People

    I know it's possible, but let's be real Reggie and men like him know that it is not likely to happen that is why they choose the mate they do. Reggie and men like him are "woke" unless the wokeness involves a dark skin women and then insert excuse here. Notice how Joelle has his back always in all aspects but Sam wants nothing to do with him unless it's something she is interested in. How is Reggie so into Sam, but has not shared anything with her but their wokeness? He goes to Joelle for comfort, fun, shared activities, and wokeness, but won't give her the time of day. He knows she likes him and he enjoys her company, because he opens up to her and shares his life with her, but wont date her?
  3. Easyspreestep

    Dear White People

    Thank you sooooo much, I was thinking the exact same thing when Reggie was waxing poetic about wanting dark skin children while pinning after the bi-racial woman who has never given him the time of day. It's funny how black men demand black women be there for them, but look for others the first chance they get. I'm so over Reggie and his black, stay woke self. I'm also annoyed that no one in the group brought that up to him even as a joke, like how you gonna have dark skin kids with Sam?
  4. I think the underlying tension and why Tamar was so upset was because daddy diddn't show up because Trina was not a STAR!! if The Braxtons group had made it big, I guarantee you daddy Braxton would have shown up. Just like he started to come around because of the TV show. Some of the unspoken tension that the ladies probably didn't want to say on camera.
  5. Easyspreestep

    Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta

    The PR Princess kills me Stebie can't see her/his daughter cause he has been mean to the unborn child, but she wants child support. Just give me money and go away. Check out how relived PRP was when the test said Stevie was the father. lol Rasheeda, wants Kirk to fight for their marriage, AKA she doesn't want to leave she just wants Kirk to beg and plead etc. Just say that lol, stop pretending your going to file for divorce.
  6. Easyspreestep

    S07.E20: Reunion Part 2

    Ericka also dealt with the situation right away. When Dorit gave her the underwear she told her to stop. Ericka did not bring this back up again until HK. It was because Dorit wanted to know why Ericka has been distant towards her. Ericka let it go but would not become friendly with Dorit. I see nothing wrong with that and I see nothing wrong with explaining to Dorit why she would not be close to her. Ericka actually didn't hold on to it and we saw proof of this all season, she complimented Dorit, showed up to her events and had mulitple conversations with her. This is why Dorit was shocked at Ericka reason for not wanting to get close to her, she didn't realize that over it did not mean they would be friends. Over it for Ericka meant cordial, and over it for Dorit meant friends.
  7. Easyspreestep


    I felt bad for Grace when she was trying to inform the woman about Mack and her threw religion in her face. I saw how Grace was trying to reconcile her religion and not being able to forgive Mack. I think in Sophia's baptism she found a way. Holding on to all that anger is not good for her. I love the fact that Pastor Greenleaf is finally fighting back, love Lady Mae saying we don't need to wait, we have waited long enough. I'm intrigued by Pastor Sister Sister dad and his son having a bigger role. I want to know more. I was also amused by the comedic Pastor and have never been to a sermon based in comedy, sounds like fun.
  8. Easyspreestep

    S07.E16: Big Buddha Brawl

    Erica was fine with it, she just would not get close to Dorit because of it. Erica said exactly that on the junk boat. She told Dorit she would never be close to her because of the way Dorit handled pantygate. We have seen no evidence of Erica treating Dorit poorly all season, in fact Erica has been very cordial at events. Dorit wanted more and Erica explained to her why she would never get more out of Erica.
  9. Easyspreestep

    S07.E16: Big Buddha Brawl

    This did not happen Erika sat with her legs closed and a napkin over her legs, in fact the only reason it came up was because the beloved Lisa VP picked up the napkin and proceed to pretend to go up Ericka's skirt. Let's not look for reasons to blame Ericka for PK looking up her skirt. To say that she sat with her legs open, when the tape does not show that at all is unfair.
  10. Easyspreestep

    S07.E16: Big Buddha Brawl

    I don't think Erica was holding on to pantygate only she kept Dorit at arms length. Erica told Dorit this episode that she would never be close to her because of pantygate. Erica has been very cordial to Dorit but has not let her in because of their initial meeting. I see nothing wrong with forgiving, but not forgetting. the reason this argument dissolved was because Dorit did not apologize, if she had just said sorry on the boat it would have been over. If she would have started the conversation after Eden said there was tension with I'm sorry this would not have gone as far. By the time Dorit was actually ready to apologize Erica was extremely extra with demanding her husband apologize. I have to say that I'm so tired of women blaming women for men's reactions, it is not Erica's fault that this man stared at her private parts. Really? no men are responsible for their actions, her man could have and should have turned his head. PK also didn't need to talk about Erica in the manner in which he did. Women tend to dislike other women who own their sexuality. Erica can choose when she wants to show her body and who she wants to show her body to. If she wants to show her body on stage that's her right. All this anger over Erica accidently flashing PK as if she sat with her legs open, all the video shows her with her legs closed and at times with a napkin over her legs. If that's not taking proper precautions I don't know what is. No I don't think wearing longer dresses are the answer.
  11. Easyspreestep

    S07.E16: Big Buddha Brawl

    Erica had no intention of flashing anyone, and said that she was ashamed that it happened. Erica also said she would have forgotten about it if Dorit had not gone around to the women and then gave her underwear in front of everyone. Dorit did all those things to humiliate Erica, so she can miss me with her "that was not my intention" crap. If she had no intention of hurting Erica she would have apologized when Ellyn and Kyle both told her she hurt Erica's feelings. Dorit could have gone to Erica and said, I'm hearing that I was incentive and that was not my intention. I know you may not think so but others have told me that it was hurtful. I mean Dorit walked around telling the story to everyone, while absolving PK of everything. Really so this grown man could not control himself? Is that so (in my fake Dorit accent) well her accent is fake to so oh well
  12. Easyspreestep

    S09.E07: Model Behavior

    I think Phadera wants Kandi to know that she is not interested in being friends but that they can be civil. Kandi only knows two levels ride or die or nothing. you don't have to be friends to be cordial. Also Kandi has no reason at this point to even get angry at anything her baby daddy says cause everyone knows he has not tried to take care of Riley. what is there to be upset about? Why does she even care what he says or thinks? Kandi should be indifferent to Block at this point. the way he has treated her daughter is horrible and I would not allow that man to control any of my emotions. that's if she was over him. Kandi is over Phadrea and she cant even be bothered to be concerned when she hears someone may have tried to blow up her office so I know she has the in-difference gene lol
  13. Easyspreestep

    S09.E07: Model Behavior

    Todd would have known not to bring the stuff in the house if Kandi and Phadera were real friends, in fact Apollo would not have asked. To me Kandi never saw the friendship as real and Phadera did. I understand that Phadera didn't like NeNe, but both Nene and Phadera stated that when Nene called she stated that she understood that they were not friends but she was reaching out because she knew what Phadera was going through was real (as in not for the show) and she wanted to support her. There is nothing wrong with that. There is also nothing wrong with people putting their differences aside because they are in need, and guess what if Kandi would have been there for her friend she would not have needed NeNe ear or support. It was Kandi's absence that created the need for NeNe. As for Phadera dragging Todd's name through the mudd we the viewers are just finding out likely what Phadera knew about Todd all along. The hiding of the assets which meant the Fed's making extra trips to her house to look for said assets. The hanging out at strip clubs with this man till all hours of the morning. Todd and Kandi pretend to care about Apollo and his kids but if Todd really cared he would not have been hanging out with Apollo at strip clubs watching him spend thousands of dollars. Todd should have been encouraging Apollo to spend as much time with the kids while he could instead of encouraging to hang out all night. Todd and Kandi spent all that time trying to convince Phadera to take kids to see Apollo when he was locked up, but spent no time (on camera) trying to get him to spend what little time he had left with his kids. Also all that money Todd watch Apollo spend on strippers he could have asked him for the money, because he knew that Phadera would be the sole provider for those kids for the next 8 years. Why not take that stress off of her, I mean Apollo was using the money to party and not take care of his kids. Todd was willing to hide other assest why not take the 5 grand and be done with it. That I feel is the reason Phadera held the money back.
  14. Easyspreestep

    S09.E07: Model Behavior

    Yes in Public, but privately she could have made it clear that even if she and Phadera were no longer on good terms, should would not allow Todd to disrespect Phadera that way. I mean I have ex friends that I would never do something to willfully hurt them and Kandi allowing that stuff in the house was a willful act of meanness. Then both Todd and Kandi get upset because they think Phadrea called the Feds, so it's ok to hurt me, but it's not ok for me to hit back. (we all know that Phadrea didn't call the Feds), but Kandi and crew had no right to get upset if she did.
  15. Easyspreestep

    S09.E07: Model Behavior

    See I looked at it this way Phadrea was hurting and NeNe reached out. Kinda like girl I know we have had our differences in the past, but this is real and if you need anything let me know. NeNe nor Pharea have said that Phadrea bore her soul or that NeNe was a constant just that she made the effort. The effort is what Phardrea and most people agree that Kandi didn't put in. It really does not take much cause we have all been there. I'll put it this way love is love and when you love someone you put up with stuff that from the outside makes you look super stupid. How could she not know the criminal would return to his criminal ways. I know she loved him and even if he had returned she was not going to send him away because he was still her man. She did take steeps to insulate herself legally but she still wanted him. How many times have we said or heard our friends say I wish person x would leave so this relationship could be over . Raises hand ever so slightly. You want to be done with this no good man but you don't want to be the one to end it. Phadrea saw prison as the end of it all where she could heal without worrying if Apollo was with another woman or strip clubs or coming in at all hours. She waited for that time so she could move on with her life. Kandi's no good ass put her ex friends business on front street for no reason, cause from what we know about Kandi's past she has been there. I mean her baby daddy can still make her dumb as cry. She is still not over him cause if she was none of this would phase her. I don't see her crying over Phadrea's situation, and for the fact that Todd felt comfortable enough to hide Apollo's stuff in her house meant that she was never Phadrea's friend, because Todd would not have cross that line if she was.