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S01.E15: Happy Bert Day

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They really found a goldmine in Albert Tsai.

~ ~ purplemouth

They really did, didn't they?  I'd love some back story on the decision to adopt Bert.  Or, is Bert Jackie's biological son adopted by Pete?  If that's the case it adds to the bramble-ness of the family tree.

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Or, is Bert Jackie's biological son adopted by Pete?

Well, he's said "I'm from China!" a time or two, so if so Jackie was living in China at the time. (I'm pretty sure he was adopted by both of them.)

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(also posted on TWoP)

So glad I caught Happy Burt's Day on repeat! I already love that guy and this episode was fun, even as it was more focused on adult drama ( to be fair, they all nailed the storylines! )

Burt had at least three costume changes and was generally cool. Warren was sweetly dorky with his wanting to be friends with Hilary's crush. 

As for the party, I felt so bad for the poor fire eater, as I was supposed to, but really? Once may be funny, but twice? Anyhow, that of course the wine moms were not cool was no surprise, but I was hoping for Kate to invite Jackie over to sit instead of waiting until the bitches to start ragging on Jackie to stand up for Jackie.

Speaking of "nasty, and not in the good way", what the heck did Diane do once they got to the hospital? That cop could've wanted to come in and make sure Pete was okay. So glad Diane had the outcome she did. I now will be on the look out for when I can use "it tastes like vanilla...and wool!"

I am glad that the wives get along, bumps and all. It's nice to see relatively angst-free families, because everyday life can throw weird crap at you that can cause all sorts of drama that has nothing to do with who's sexing who. (Though, we need more Russ Bradley Morrison! Maybe a bit more Meg, too.)

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 The truth is both Diane and Jackie are so full of themselves or think they are the best that they do very vindictive things. Here with Diane because the world revolves around her she feels she can cut in line. Trick police officers into thinking someone is having a heart attack and of course said herself: "That's Doctor!" With Jackie, she thinks she knows best about her way of life and that everyone should cater to her or like her no matter what. Despite wives 1 and 2 being complete opposites personality wise they are both the same. They feel the world needs to revolve around them while Kate just tries to go with the flow or enjoy life and doesn't want to be too serious but at the same time not too demanding either. 

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