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S18.E07: The Battles Part 2

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Premieres March 30, 2020


The battle rounds continue as the coaches enlist music industry powerhouses the Jonas Brothers, Dua Lipa, Ella Mai and Bebe Rexha to prepare the artists to go head-to-head in hope of advancing to the knockouts; each coach has one steal and one save.


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I'm annoyed that Blake defaulted back to his early season tendency of picking the country artist over a non-country artist regardless of what actually happened in the battle. Yes, Cam bought into the performance and gave a much better go of it that what you might have expected. But, Kailey was the much more interesting artist of the two and I think would've really had some versatility in the the wide range of songs she could've sung going forward. Clearly, now Cam is going to go back to a steady diet of 80s/90/early aughts country songs that won't stretch him much as an artist. He's the only country male for miles and miles around, so that still might be the right (if somewhat boring) recipe to make a pretty far run this season.

Anders was the quintessential Voice afterthought. His Blind Audition came off like an afterthought, he outsung Tate by a fair margin...and yet there was almost no doubt in my mind that Nick was always going to pick the "4th JoBro" over him. Blake's guy that lost out to Toneisha was a similar case. For a lot of the song, I actually preferred what he was bringing performance wise to the duet. Toneisha, ymmv of course...but I thought she kind of played the actual performance a little safe (but she probably knew she had it in the bag as long as she stayed upright and completed the song without forgetting any lyrics)...

Right now the four way save battle is Michael the community theatre kid from Nick's team, TMH, the 50 year old rocker from Team Blake, Nelson from Team John, and TBD from Team Kelly.

The teams are left as follows:

Blake: Joei, Cam, Levi, TMH (Blake's save), Toneisha, w/ Todd Tilghman left to battle Jon Mullins

Kelly: Anaya, CammWess (Kelly's steal), Micah, w/ Jules, Mandi Thomas, Megan Danielle, Samantha, Sara, & Tayler all left to battle

John: Darious, Joana (John's steal), Mandi Castillo, Mike, Nelson (John's save), w/ Brittney, Cedrice, Thunderstorm, & Zan left to battle

Nick: Allegra, Michael (Nick's save), Roderick, Tate, w/ Arei, Jacob, Kevin, & Samuel left to battle

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I didn't think there were any really standout performances in this episode, though there weren't any really bad ones either.  

I would also have much rather seen Kailey picked over Cam.  I think she also deserved the steal more than Camwess.  

I can't really complain much about the remaining coaches decisions.  While Anders does have greater vocal range than Tate, I found the later to be much more  intense and absorbing as a performer and can't complain too much about Nick's choice on that one.

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4 hours ago, PhD-Purgatory15 said:

I'm annoyed that Blake defaulted back to his early season tendency of picking the country artist over a non-country artist regardless of what actually happened in the battle.

Blake knows his country fans will keep him in the game with a country artist. Remember Red and how far he got? Yeah, that's why.

I think the duet that stuck out for me is Kelly's Micah and sorry, can't remember her name. Has Kelly used her saved? Because if not I think she should have here.

I was hoping the battles would be over with this episode :-(

I forgot to say, I hope Nick sticks around after this season because he is a really good guy and great coach.

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Since they have been showing 6 battles each episode and there are 8 more to go, does that mean we're going to get montages?  I thought it was great that they didn't do that for the blinds and would really like it if they didn't do it for the battles.  They could easily show all of them if they would cut out all the extraneous crap.   I mean, since we're going to see the actual battle anyway, do we REALLY need to see the stage rehearsal?

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