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S02.E16: Decisions

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When Spencer hears that South Crenshaw may turn into a magnet school, he and his friends decide to do something about it, but he might have bigger problems to worry about. Billy makes a decision about his future that surprises everyone. Layla is focused on trying to get Coop a tour for the summer but isn’t having much luck, so she comes up with a different strategy that makes everyone happy. Asher has an opportunity to spend the summer with his mom but isn’t sure if he should go. Meanwhile, Olivia struggles with what she will do over the summer and Jordan makes a Hail Mary in his personal life.

Airdate: 03/09/2020

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This was good and pretty positive until they had to go to all their cliffhangers at the end.  I should have known from the part in the press release about Spencer having "bigger problems" that his shoulder was still messed up, but I forgot I had read that.  I wonder if the nerve problems would have happened anyway, or if that came from pushing too hard.  It's interesting though that they totally flip their premise by having him (hopefully) play for South Crenshaw again, with Billy coaching.  I guess they figured the audience would be invested in everybody in the Beverly circle too after two years, so they could still have their stories without Spencer necessarily being at their school.  If Billy actually does coach there (which is not a given considering what happened after they made Corey the coach), they can have lots of drama with him coaching against his son. 

I was afraid Olivia was in trouble because she was still putting everyone else ahead of her.  I hope she will be able to get help and not go into a complete downward spiral after her relapse.  They've already shown flashbacks of her addiction, and I'm afraid they would make the storyline too much like Layla spinning out of control (with a different cause, of course).  Maybe it could have been different if her sponsor ever returned a phone call.  It's one thing to not be there to answer immediately, but she doesn't seem to even check her voice mail.

I'm glad that Jordan's "Hail Mary" was just declaring his feelings and not a proposal or something.  But this isn't high school on One Tree Hill, so that didn't happen.  However, they really did not need to bring in someone we've never seen before out of nowhere to become the latest threat on Coop's life.  Oh, and Preach told Coop to stay away, so she doesn't know!  (As if he didn't have other visitors who could warn her.)  They need to just let this go already.  And what was with the speech?  Was Tyrone's sister taking a Shakespeare class somewhere before she conveniently popped up?  That was stupid.  I suppose it could have been worse if they'd given Tyrone an identical twin played by the same actor.  (And as I typed that, I just remembered that there really was a storyline like that on Star, LOL.)

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This episode was good up until the cliffhangers. I don’t know how the doctors missed Spencer’s nerve damage but him not telling anyone is going to make things worse. Hope he gets the help he needs (maybe he’s just having a panic attack). Billy at Crenshaw should be interesting. 

Tyrone’s sister is just as annoying as he was. He murdered people and now she’s going to be vengeful on everyone just because. No thanks.

Poor Olivia. Maybe she should get a better sponsor. 

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