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S01.E07: Grandma Loves Nora

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Wally's story was amusing. I like the lesbian friend.

Nora and Edmund worked out okay, but I was really not enjoying her war against Edmund for Grandma's affections. She's very close to the line of being too much for me. It's like a lot of Seth Rogan characters-- funny until it goes too far. I know that going too far is what a lot of people LIKE about this kind of humor. But for me, sometimes there's a little bit more of the too much than I can enjoy. I don't mind SOME fuckery. Just... Nora is VERY close to being too much for me.

I did like seeing her be competent at the presentation. Taking the entire tray of goodies with her when she left was goofy in a way I can deal with, especially since the funders seemed to find it amusing. I liked that they were portrayed as serious but not totally dead inside, with enough sparkle in their eyes to make them feel like decent characters and not just cardboard antagonists.

How did Edmund ever get the original grant for an app when he was THAT bad at pitching, and also didn't have ANY ideas? I was relieved that he actually did give Nora credit, and didn't just take her idea and then plan to keep all the money. He not only told the panel that she was instrumental to the development, but he also told her THEY (not just he) would make millions.

Grandma continues to be perfect.

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Ahhh, the pitfalls of selfies. The important lesson here is: pay attention, newbies! Zoom in and check out every detail before you post! But I loved Wally's gym buddy Janeane helping him with instagram.

I was really surprised that Edmund not only gave credit to Nora for her help with the app but told the investors that he wanted her in on the deal (even before she swooped in to help him with his presentation, he was already saying that "we" were going to make a lot of money from the app). I assumed he was just going to use her idea and maybe give her a slightly nicer than usual Christmas present.

I love how much the grandmother loves Nora, yet doesn't hesitate to throw away her terrible dumplings right in front of her.

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