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S01.E08: Ray of F**king Sunshine

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Tyler and Kinsey feel torn when they figure out why Nina is acting strangely. Bode meets Rufus and Ellie's house guest. Dodge zeroes in on the Omega Key.

Dropping on Friday, February 7, 2020.

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And, wow - I was very impressed with Darby Stanchfield/Nina - I thought she did a fantastic job in this episode. She's been great throughout, but I thought she really brought it here.

And I am also impressed with the attention to detail - the wallpaper in the master bedroom is incredible, and the set decoration throughout the house is amazing (if a bit ridiculous, but then, it's a show after all!).

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I couldn't decide if Dodge was actually male or female.  But since the male version looks like another person that others knew (Lucas) I was thinking Dodge was woman disguised as young Lucas.  But then I thought maybe he led dad and friends astray by posing as Lucas.  Then I thought, really? why am I overthinking this so much?  😛   Dodge is probably neither and actually some malevolent being/demon/evil spirit/something else.  

I feel bad for the mom's and kids' catch 22 - drinking mom sees and remembers magic, and believes.  But, obviously, being sober is best over all.  

I see that unburying Kinsey's fear in the real world was foreshadowing finding the omega key in dad's ashes.  (So, now does that mean if Tyler were to die, we'd find full books in his brain - the history of England and that Jane Austin book? 😄 )

Poor Erin, locked in her own head!  I hope they can free her.

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Did his dad put the key in his brain, using the key that leads you into someone's mind? 

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